• Nightly Roundup #122

    I labeled this as "Sparklydash" on my source list for drawfriend earlier, and spent a good 45 seconds stumped when I couldn't find the TwilightxDash image to go with it. 

    Have some news!

    Equestria Daily News

    See that pumpkin?  It's awesome. 

    I'm running a pumpkin event a bit closer to Halloween, so save your stuff for that!

    I also want to do a Halloween banner thing, since me and Cereal totally lack the time to make banners these days.   Let me know if you guys would be interested in something like that in comments!

    Rainbow Dash Invades Russia

    That city looks so clean aside from the graffiti. I need to go to Russia some time.

    Meetups / Groups / Guilds Looking for More

    Austria/Vienna Meetup Group



    Apparently this one comes with free wristbands!

    Runescape Guild

    Game: Runescape
    Server: All
    Guild Name: =+= Ponies =+=
    Contact: Dickfeynman
    Requirements: None

    Ultima Online Guild 

    Over on the Inporylem private shard, a new guild has popped up.  Toss a message to Trixie on IRC: irc.stratics.net #ipy to join! 

    Rainbow Dash Case Mod

    I'm actually building a computer soon. Maybe I should cut out some Trixie on the side? Or maybe I'll just toss a picture of her up there... That would be much easier.

    Have a gallery for more images of it!

    Chile Brony Podcast

    For all the spanish speaking bronies out there, another podcast has popped up! check it out here.

    GIANT Chalk Ponies

    Taking it up a notch, a group from Carnegie Mellon decided to ponify the entire walkway at their campus. Check out the album for more!

    Everfree Forest Weekly Writing Extravaganza

    The Everfree Forest forum is running a fanfic event for the week. Their topic:

    Two ponies switch places, minds, and bodies! Who will it be? What will happen? How is it fixed?

    Check out the post here for more information!

    Fallout: New Vegas AppleVictor and Pinkie Man

    For those of you out there who haven't already completely filled Fallout to the brim with pony weapons and voiceovers, another mod has popped up that replaces the screen on Victor with Applejack. It's subtle, but that's what the nightly roundup is for! check out the demonstration of it here.

    BronyCon Jayson Thiessen QnA Video

    It took a while for it to pop up apparently, but someone has finally uploaded the video of Jayson answering questions for all of us at Bronycon. Check it out below, and if you need clarification due to the sound being difficult to hear things through, hit up the script for it!

    New Recolor Ponies Popping Up In Stores

    Source : Carly
    The next wave of recolor ponies is slowly creeping its way into stores around the USA. For those that just gotta catch em' all, you might want to call your nearby targets/TRU's.

    Ebay / March Stuff
    Sea Pony Lyra
    Velvet Remedy
    Phone Cases
    Rainbow Dash Oil Painting
    Derpy Blindbag

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