• Sibsy Stops By the EQD IRC

    Sibsy, a Senior Storyboard Artist from FiM  recently stopped by in the EQD IRC and answered a whole bunch of questions for everyone to go crazy over.  Nothing too spoilerific, but there are some really neat insights into the animation process.

    You can find the entire thing after the break!

    (Feel free to yell at me if anything needs to be deleted Sibsy! I didn't see anything dangerous though.)

    And thanks to Sketchy Sounds for the logs!

     Sibsy: So, like, I know a lot about the production of film and TV 
    shows, but not so much animation. And if the music thing doesn't work, I
     wanna record dialogue.
    <Pizzicato> Sibsy: And I've wondered...do they record dialogue first, then animate, or vice versa?
    <Sibsy> yea pizz...scripts first, then voices
    <Sibsy> I was talking to my friend...she's an animator on the show
    <Sibsy> and apparently someone said that she should watch all those blooper videos
    <Sibsy> to "learn from them"
    <Sibsy> and it's like...do you know how much TIME we have to make these shows?!
    <Sibsy> not much.
    <HotCocoa> Sibsy: less than a couple weeks per episode in man-hours, right?
    <Sibsy> ugh.  we're on a TV budget
    <Sibsy> yea like a month
    <Sibsy> we have a month to board
    <Sibsy> I know...believe me, we don't like mistakes either, but it happens
     Sibsy: that's something I've been wanting to grill you and Jayson 
    about, is the start-to-finish episode process.
    <Sibsy> sure
    <Sibsy> what do you wanna know that you don't?
    <Sibsy> I like that we're allowed to be wacky w/ the characters...especially Pinkie
    <Sibsy> at first PP and RD were my faves
    <Sibsy> like WAY back in season one
    <Sibsy> but TS is my fave
    <Sibsy> in the studio...they say I'm a mix between TS and RD
    <Sibsy> I'm TS, because I'm always right, but no one listens to me
    <Sibsy> and RD cause I'm always ready to fight ;)
    <Sibsy> I think what I'm most excited about season 2
    <Sibsy> is the music
    <TuxOtaku> Sibsy, no spoilers...but can we get a little hint as to some upcoming pop culture nods or references?
    <Sibsy> pop culture refs?
    <Sibsy> lol
    <Sibsy> ummmm
     Sibsy, like with the yakity sax stuff or the pepe lepew hop, the back 
    to the future reference in Feeling Pinkie Keen....that kind of stuff
    <Sibsy> I can only tell from the episodes I've worked on, there wasn't much
    <Sibsy> I don't always have time to watch the other animatics
     we used to take time to watch everyones as they finished...but it just 
    takes too much time out of the day, so we stopped
    <Sibsy> another funny thing about the CMC song
    <Sibsy> I remember when my friend was boarded that sequence
    <Sibsy> there was a good version of the song, and the one in the show
    <Sibsy> and I would NEVER listen to the show version cause i hated it :P
    <@Ali1017> I would love to hear the good version though.
    <Sibsy> it's sooooo much better Ali
    <Topshot> haha I heard it broke daniel's heart to make her sing so bad
    <Sibsy> he's awesome
    <Sibsy> it broke MY heart when I found out there were using the crappy version!!
     So... do we get to see more of Luna in Season 2? Or will she just make a
     brief appearance in one episode then vanish until the next season?
    <Sibsy> you'll see more of her, dont worry.
    <HotCocoa> Sibsy probably doesn't know anything that Jayson doesn't know :P
    <Sibsy> yea me and Jay are friends
    <HotCocoa> Jayson has no idea what Hasbro is doing with the soundtrack
    <Sibsy> none of us know much about that sort of thing
    <Sibsy> we never even know when they air stuff
    <Sibsy> I must say..the extended intro is much nicer
    <Sibsy> I have both versions of the CMC on my car mix ;)
    <JanusII> I'd love to have the honest singing version, haha
    <Sibsy> I wish I could share it, believe me!!!
    <Sibsy> once our stuff goes to layout, we don't see it
    <Sibsy> till a rough cut is done in animation
    <Nashy> Do you watch the end result, i.e. the show?
    <Sibsy> heck yes nashy
    <Sibsy> we wanna see how everything looks and is timed out
    <Sibsy> there's a lot of things when I see them, where I'm like, "aw man that's not the right timing!"
    <Sibsy> I got saddled with SO much Fluttershy and CMC in season one
    <Sibsy> I started hating Fluttershy
    <Hicrodonma> Blasphemy!
    <Sibsy> nah, I love ponies!
    <Leika> How can you hate Fluttershy?!
    <Leika> D:
    <Sibsy> well Leika
    <Sibsy> my first episode was dragonshy
    <Sibsy> and it's like HOLY CRAP STOP WHINING!
    <HotCocoa> Only Jayson has said he's just a little burnt out because he's with the ENTIRE PROCESS from beginning to end
    <Sibsy> oh we're all burnt out
    <Sibsy> but Jay is still there..haha..I'm working on some comics right now ;)
    <SillyNilly|Sketch> Sibsy, strange question here but what is your favorite fruit? :3
    <Sibsy> fave fruit...ummm
    <Sibsy> strawberries
    <HotCocoa> Sibsy: you guys only did two episodes though, right?
    <HotCocoa> Sibsy: or do you board the Top Draw episodes too?
    <Sibsy> no hot cocoa
    <Sibsy> I worked on Dragonshy
    <Sibsy> Bird in the Hoof
    <Sibsy> Cutie Mark period episode
    <Sibsy> the discord eps
    <Sibsy> and the staremaster
    <Westy543> [22:22:03] <Sibsy> the discord ep s 
    <Westy543> plural
    <Westy543> episodes
    <Westy543> more than one
    <Sibsy> YES
    <TheGreatPeter> Sibsy, any other season 2 eps (no need to name names)
    <Sibsy> oh yea, I worked on a bunch on season 2
    <Sibsy> I was pissed when they did that lol
    <Sibsy> we worked so hard on that discord stuff
    <Sibsy> and it got all done and it was awesome
    <Sibsy> and we had a viewing party
    <Sibsy> and then they're like, "oh we're not airing this for like 6 months" lol
     Sibsy, just wondering, did you do the Discord episodes at the end of 
    the season or were they just at a random point in production?
    <Sibsy> nope, end of season one feio
    <Mason_Trowel> It must really irk the animators to have the finished product just sitting there for months on end. ^_^
    <Sibsy> that's what I mean Mason!
    <ChJees> Sibsy: How do the studios react to the ponies in socks meme :P?
    <Sibsy> haha I'm sure only a few know
    <Sibsy> the girls you saw that cosplay, they are huge fans
    <Sibsy> I think for most people it's just a job
    <@Ali1017> Sibsy, are the necklaces going to make a comeback?
    <Sibsy> can't say Ali
    <Sibsy> is it wrong that I hate the names Lyra and Octavia? lol
    <@Octavia> Sibsy thpbpbpbpt
    <Sibsy> I LOVE berry punch
    <Sibsy> omg
    <Sibsy> in that one ep w/ her by the punch bowl
    <Sibsy> she was supposed to burp
    <Sibsy> but it never got thru
    <Sibsy> hahah
    <Sibsy> I always want to make her drunk
    <Sibsy> stupid standards! lol
    <Sibsy> I put her there on purpose
    <Sibsy> I don't usually care which bg pony I use
    <Sibsy> but in that case it was thought out.
    <Sibsy> yea that was the reason I picked her out of the designs
    <Sibsy> hee hee
    <Sibsy> as soon as I saw the grapes, I was like..she's the drinker!
    <Sibsy> I'm glad it caught on
    <Sibsy> even though it kinda got cut out haha
    <Solo> So Berry Punch wasn an intentional BG pony, then? That's interesting.
    <Sibsy> well we just have a sheet of ponies
    <Sibsy> they're all recolours with different cutie marks
    <Sibsy> (it's the most efficient way)
     but when we board, we don't usually have time to pck out which ones..we
     just kinda draw the hair to match and the layout guys fill them in
    (Regarding Lyra's slouch)
    <Sibsy> I guess the board arist just drew her that way in the board and that was that
    <Sibsy> I guess it's cause it kinda gets boring to draw them standing all the time
    <Sibsy> so we like to mix it up
    <Sibsy> sometimes we draw them with hands for jokes
    <Sibsy> we're not even really "allowed" to draw them holding stuff
    <Sibsy> only if we can't find another way
    <Sibsy> we HAVE to do it "horse like"  Laurens orders :)
    <Sibsy> especially when the writers are dumb
    <Sibsy> and don't think about that stuff when they write.
    <Sibsy> we're like GEEEZUS
    <Northern_Lights> "HUMAN POSES AUUUUUGH"
    <Sibsy> YES she hates them :)
    <HotCocoa> As far as I'm aware, she doesn't mind humanization, she just doesn't want human-like things in the show
    <Sibsy> yea
    <Sibsy> it's tricky ...I mean, we DO do it once in a while
    <Sibsy> that's why I like the magic ponies, it's easier
    <feio345> Apple Bloom using a pencil was pretty inspired
    <Sibsy> that was me feio
    <Sibsy> I made AB do that
    <Sibsy> cause again...I got the script and was like WTF
    <Sibsy> and Cherilee with the pointer in her mouth
    <Sibsy> the'yre like...she has to hold it AND talk
    <Sibsy> well, how the hell does that work
    <Solo> There are a few times where they have held things in their hooves as though they were hands, though
    <Sibsy> yea there are solo
    <Sibsy> we can't get around it
    <Sibsy> that scene w/ Fluttershy pouring the birdseed in the chair
    <Sibsy> I TOTALLY thought that was going to get nixed when I did it
    <Sibsy> but it stayed!
    <Sibsy> I wanted it to look like a talk show shot
    <Sibsy> and that part where the bird licks the birdseed with the tongue
    <Sibsy> that was SUPPOSED to be road runner gag
    <Sibsy> but again, the timing wasn't right.
    <Sibsy> I wanted that roadrunner sound effect
    <Sibsy> I don't get the saddles.  I think it's just to sell toys.
    <Sibsy> more accessories!
    <Solo> She gives Spike rides on her back all the time, but never while she wears a saddle.
    <Sibsy> I know eh?  unreal.
    <@Ali1017> Why is toy Celestia pink?
    <Sibsy> your guess is as good as mine
    <Sibsy> I don't think they're going to fix her either
    <Sibsy> I want a show accurate everything.
    <Sibsy> I only have the mcdonalds toys
    <Sibsy> no that's a lie.  I bought the party pack to get Spike.
    <Sibsy> I had someone on DA make me an AWESOME pipecleaner TS
    <Sibsy> holy shit
    <Sibsy> it's amazing
    <TheGreatPeter> ooh, the pipecleaner ponies? those own
    <Sibsy> YES
    <Sibsy> they own even more in real life TGP
    <TheGreatPeter> how large was it?
    <Sibsy> I got a big one..like 7" I guess?
    <Sibsy> it's...amazing.
    <Sibsy> I want that crazy FS plushie that girl made
    <Sibsy> that was like 100 million dollars
    <Sibsy> but I wanted a Twilight version.
    <Sibsy> it's like....how can I work on the show and have NO TOYS!
    <Sibsy> I worked on Ed edd n Edd, NO TOYS
     Sibsy, if you're willing to accept gifts for your hard work, there are 
    plenty of fans who would be DELIGHTED to get you ponies. ^_^
    <Sibsy> I could never accept that Mason
    <Sibsy> I guess I dunno, I always feel weird about stuff haha
    <@NightmareMoon> Sibsy, you'd have bronies lining up JUST TO GIVE YOU FREE STUFF.
    <Squeetastic> FREE STUFF
    <Sibsy> LOL that's cause they're crazy
    <Sibsy> the girl who made me the pipecleaner toy did it for free
    <Sibsy> and I was like fuck that
    <Sibsy> I drew her her OC pony and sent it :)
    <JackiePie> Sibsy you know what was under Edd's hat?
    <Sibsy> I don't Jackie
    <feio345> i dont  want  to know what's under Edd's hat
    <Sibsy> I don't either :)
    <Squeetastic> I told myself if I ever had the chance, I'd ask so many questions of those who brought us the ponies
    <Sibsy> haha you can ask
    <Sibsy> but I can't always answer
    <Sibsy> I'm just so excited for some new eps to start airing
    <Sibsy> it's worse when you know what they are!!!
     Sibsy this is important what is your opinion on the movie Robocop (I 
    just wanted to ask something non pony related to be different please 
    don't hate me)
    <Sibsy> I haven't seen robocop since I was a kid
    <lyude> Sibsy, any idea if they'll be a DVD?
    <Sibsy> I'm sure there will be
    <Flutterbro> Oh! Sibsy, how much is Luna in season 2? Can you answer that? D:
    <Sibsy> Flutter, she's in enough that SHOULD keep fans happy
    <Sibsy> I'm still a kid at heart.
     I have worked hard to give myself very little in the way of 
    preconceived ideas regarding characters, that way I won't be upset if 
    they "didn't do something the way I wanted".
    <Sibsy> good call Mason
    <feio345> SO ANYWAY sibsy who's the best pony
    <Sibsy> TWILIGHT
    <Xiagu> Sibsy is the best pony
    <feio345> noted!
    <Sibsy> duh.
    <Topshot> sibsy: what's your favorite beer
    <Xiagu> also ^^^
    <Sibsy> Becks
    <TheGreatPeter> it's official: Twilight best pony
    <Squeetastic> What's your favorite non mane pony?
    <Sibsy> Berry Punch...or whatever you've named her
    <Sibsy> I like Apple Bloom too
    <feio345> Sibsy: do you prefer Snips or Snails?
    <Sibsy> I hate them both...but I like drawing them.
    <Sibsy> because we can draw their cheeks
    <Sibsy> I LOVE sweeties voice
     Guys it would be good if you can make any questions you may have 
    meaningful and insightful. I'd like to pick through the log later and 
    submit anything of interest to EqD - so long as Sibsy is OK with me 
    doing that.
    <Sibsy> I don't know if there's anything worth posting sketchy lol
    <Sibsy> I'm just chatting :)
    <%Sketchy_Sounds> Sibsy, you'd be shocked.
    <Solo> Sibsy: What are your thoughts on Sweetie Belle getting Aretha Franklin for her cutie mark? :P
    <Sibsy> LOL solo
    <Sibsy> that is hilarious
    <@NightmareMoon> Sibsy: A lot of the fandom will freak seeing that you were in the chat with us.
    <Sibsy> I'm sure it won't be the last time
     Forgive me for repeating this question, but Sibsy, do you find it odd 
    that you are basically a celebrity just for drawing some ponies? ^_^
    <+Sibsy> I wouldn't call myself that though
    <+Sibsy> I just do my job
    <TheGreatPeter> I think you're exaggerating the "celebrity" thing
    <+Sibsy> I agree TGP :P
    <TheGreatPeter> most of the staff are just cool people who love what they do
    <+Sibsy> I'm just like you guys
    <+Sibsy> I just draw
    <+Sibsy> ponies..
    <+Sibsy> for..a living.
    <+Sibsy> :O
    <JackiePie> Sibsy yeah, I've wanted to get involved with cartoons somehow, but then I realized it would take effort.
    <+Sibsy> lol jackie
    <+Sibsy> well I always wanted to work in animation since I was a kid
    <+Sibsy> it's hard work.
    <SillyNilly|Sketch> If you had not chosen to pursue animation as a career, what else would you have done Sibsy?
    <+Sibsy> oh geez sill honestly...
    <+Sibsy> I wanted to be a pilot
    <+Sibsy> but that required brains.
    <+Sibsy> I LOVE airplanes and cars
    <TheGreatPeter> Sibsy, you're lead storyboarder, correct?
    <+Sibsy> yes TGP
    <Squeetastic> Sibsy What are your thoughts on Big Macintosh?
    <+Sibsy> he's okay
    <+Sibsy> haven't really dealt with him much in my episodes
     Sibsy, I'm curious, is being in a position like yours a relaxing work 
    environment?  casual, amusing, etc?  I imagine animators and such are 
    fun people to work around
    <+Sibsy> omg yes
    <+Sibsy> us boarders have our own room
    <+Sibsy> so we can be loud
    <%Sketchy_Sounds> OK Sibsy now I have to ask. Any amusing anecdotes you can share? :D
    <+Sibsy> oh gosh sketchy
    <+Sibsy> it's not a PG rated area...we'll leave it at that :P
    <Northern_Lights> You can be loud?  Do you guys blare music ever?  I would love to work somewhere where I could do that :P
    <+Sibsy> oh yea, we play loud music
    <+Sibsy> we shout swear
    <+Sibsy> we'd be so fired anywhere else
    <GraphiteLuck> lol.  Awesome work environment indeed.  What kinds of music go on?  Please be 90's, lol
    <+Sibsy> graphite, we listen to so much crap
    <+Sibsy> just to laugh
    <+Sibsy> I'll put on rebecca black on Fridays
    <+Sibsy> whether people wanna hear it or not
    <lyude> What kinda music generally?
    <+Sibsy> kinda depends on who starts first
    <+Sibsy> sometimes I'll put on something terrible from the 90s
    <+Sibsy> and then someone will send me something to put on next
    <+Sibsy> and it just goes on and on...SUPER random
     Sibsy: I just realized the sheer irony that this sweet children's 
    cartoon is produced by a group of crazy people in a small room, yelling 
    swearwords and listening to loud music.suddenly, it all makes sense.
    <+Sibsy> most cartoons are made that way solo ;)
    <Topshot> sibsy: what type of computer do you work on?
    <+Sibsy> pc
    <JackiePie> Sibsy does anyone like Rammstein?
    <+Sibsy> um..don't think so Jackie
    <Solo> Sibsy: I thought most cartoons were made involving more booze. Like looney tunes.
    <+Sibsy> haha solo
    <Flutterbro> the only obvious question left is, favourite band?
    <+Sibsy> it's a toss up flutter
    <+Sibsy> between The Slackers and Mad Caddies
    <Semysane> Sibsy, is there anything about the fandom that has creeped you out yet?  If so, what?
    <+Sibsy> Semy, I try to stay away from stuff that seems "off" to begin with
    <+Sibsy> I don't read the fandom stuff
    <JackiePie> Sibsy you think in the future there might be a MLP: FiM video game?
    <+Sibsy> good question Jackie...that'd be awesome!
    <Solo> Sibsy: Really? You just read the scripts?
    <+Sibsy> that's right solo
    <+Sibsy> the scripts are written WAY before we board them
     Sibsy: That seems like an awful way to do business.... how do the 
    writers know if they made a part that's hard to animate, and need to fix
    <+Sibsy> they don't solo...thats what sucks
    <+Sibsy> we have to fix their problems.
    <+Sibsy> we have to work around problems...we sit down with Jayson or Wootie in a script meeting
    <%Sketchy_Sounds> Wootie?
    <+Sibsy> James Wooton...the other director..I worked with him on the Eds too :)
    <+Sibsy> but yea..we'll sit down
    <+Sibsy> and pick out what doesn't work 
    <+Sibsy> and cut a lot of stuff for time
    <+Sibsy> and rework stuff so it WORKS
    <@Ali1017> Odd question, about Derpy in episode one, any idea why her eyes were derped for that brief moment?
    <+Sibsy> it was an accident ali
     Sibsy: I apologise if you've already answered this question, but what 
    prompted you to do storyboard art? Also why choose My little pony?
    <+Sibsy> I wanted to tell stories balloons
    <+Sibsy> visual stories
     Sibsy, did you ever work on any comics?  Can't imagine it wasn't a 
    thought in that kind of field.  Though I suppose it's what you do now 
    anyway (in a way)
    <+Sibsy> Graphite:  Darkwing Duck
    <+Sibsy> lots of disney covers
    <+Sibsy> I'm working on a Casper series right now
    <GraphiteLuck> Sibsy, that.  is.  awesome
    <+Sibsy> I know Graphite.  It blew my mind too
    <@Ali1017> Question again. What was your reaction to the unexpected fanbase that has embraced the show?
    <+Sibsy> I think it's awesome Ali
    <+Sibsy> makes me feel good about the show I work on
    <+Sibsy> we work hard on it
    <+Sibsy> so it's nice that's it's for the most part, very well recieved
     Sibsy, if you culd chance a guess, if MLP was to go on indefinitely, do
     think you could see yourself working on the show for several years?
    <+Sibsy> probably not Mason
    <+Sibsy> don't wanna draw the same thing everyday for years and years
    <MrMooMoo> Have you personally made anyone watch MLP?
    <+Sibsy> just my husband :P
    <lyude> Sibsy, have you ever met Craig Mcraken?
    <+Sibsy> I have lyude
    <lyude> What's he like?
    <+Sibsy> nice guy!
    <+Sibsy> I know Lauren more though
    <+Sibsy> she used to come to the studio 
    <Solo> Sibsy: Do you visit the Equestria Daily blog?
    <+Sibsy> everyday solo
    <MrMooMoo> No Fanfic mode?
    <+Sibsy> no fanfic mode :P
    <+Sibsy> lol
    <+Sibsy> well I leave it on cause I like see the art
    <+Sibsy> but I never read it
    <@Ali1017> @ Sibsy. With Season Two about to start, how do think the fanbase will respond to the new season?
    <+Sibsy> I think they will enjoy it the same as the first ali
    <JenJen> Sibsy: Will there be another Fluttershy rage? That was really funny...
    <+Sibsy> um...not sure JenJen
    <Solo> Sibsy: Who storyboarded the sequence where Twilight turns into a flaming Rapidash temporarily?
    <+Sibsy> my friend Scott
    <+Sibsy> he was a lead guy on Ed Edd n Eddy
    <lyude> Sibsy, what was the reason he stopped making it?
    <+Sibsy> The Eds?
    <+Sibsy> The Eds ended cause well..it was just time.  Danny wanted to move onto other projects.
     Sibsy, do you guys get to hang around other Hasbro animators (or do a 
    lot of you cross projects?)  I'm not sure it's much loved in the Brony 
    Community, but I'm really liking Transformers Prime too.
    <+Sibsy> well, the animation is done overseas for Ponies...half here half there
    <+Sibsy> and I'm not in the same room as the animators
    <+Sibsy> so I don't really see them other than at lunch time