• Nightly Roundup #86

    Fluttershy in Sandals
    I got so many entries for the Rainbow Dash guitar thing, I think I'll just compile them tomorrow into a post instead of doing it in the Nightly Roundup.

    These are surprisingly really neat.  I wasn't expecting such complex songs.

    Anyway have some news!

    Russian RP Forum

    Another roleplaying forum has popped up, primarily for Russians. You can find it here!

    Rainbow Dash Cake

    I really want cake. BroNYCon better have cake!

    FiM Brony Movie in Development

    Someone is taking our cute little ponies and turning the entire show into grimdarkyness! The foal!

    You can find the trailer here! You foals!

    Pony Font Version 1.3

    The Celestia Medium redux faunt project has been bumped up to version 1.3! You can find it here!

    Or the new website for it here!

    United Kingdom FiM Time Change

    Over in the UK, FiM was recently dropped to 7AM for a few weeks, it sounds like it was bumped back up to 3PM. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but for those over there it's probably a bit easier to catch it (And support it!).

    Georgia Fall Game Jam Meetup

    A game jam event is planned in Georgia on September 23-25. Have some copypaste!

    SPSU is happy to host the upcoming Georgia Fall Game Jam 2011; this is
    our sixth jam in three years. We will have another great time for
    people to come together and design and develop games in a 48 hour
    period. In coordination with UGA, GA Tech, SCAD, AIA, and other GA
    universities, we had 150+ attendees at our most recent GGJ 2011 in
    January (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3NlPIS7qiM for a video
    from the jam).

    We'll start on Friday, Sept 23, and go through Sunday, Sept 25.
    Please see http://games.spsu.edu/gamejam/ for more details and learn
    how to participate.

    Adventure Time Ponies Again

    I'm pretty sure whoever is on the team for this Mathematical thing is a brony. Their second episode dropped even more pony references. You can find it here!

    USA/Mexico Border Brony Facebook Group

    If you are in the USA/Mexico Border, there is yet another facebook group specifically for you! Find it here!

    Ponies on Glee

    Rainbow Dash randomly popped up in the Glee photo gallery thingy on foxflash.com. I have no clue if this is significant in any way, but there you go!

    Ponymon TCG Set #3

    The third set to the crazy pokemon trading card game ponies is out, you can find it here!

    Church of Bronyism Facebook Page

    Just in case your facebook isn't already maxed out with pony groups, another one has popped up! You can find it here!

    San Antonio Meet Up

    For those over in San Antonio, a meetup is coming up on Saturday at 5PM. Check out the page for it here!

    Equestria Daily News


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