• Nightly Roundup #92

    I can't believe I've made it through this many Nightly Roundups without burning out.  They do tend to be much less verbose than when I first started, but the whole idea is to compile as much straightforward news as possible without an hour of reading.

    (That's totally not an excuse, nope!)

    Have some news!

    Season One Viewing Order List

    Duplex Fields over on Deviant Art has dug into each episode and pulled out a corrected viewing order. With Season Two coming up, and the inevitable 30 marathons in the next week and a half, this might be something to check out! You can find it at the Deviant Art page below.

    FiM Revised Order

    My Little Pony: Light and Dark RPG

    A small video displaying the My Little Pony: Light and Dark RPG has popped up. For those interested, check it out here.

    There is also a Deviant Art page to check out for more information on it here!

    Censorship or something?!
    I'm sure some of you will find something to enjoy here!

    Plasma Speaker Upgraded

    The other night, I posted a plasma speaker thingy that played the fluttershy's song. Apparently he has upgraded the hell out of it. You can find it below!

    Pony Swag Pops up on "Geekdad"

    Pony Swag is slowly taking over the music section of the internet, one website at a time!

    Check out wired's "Geekdad" for another non brony discovering the fandom through music.

    Brony Meetups

    Nanu Desky Con:
    What: NDK Brony Meetup
    When: 11:30 (in the morning) on Saturday 10, 2011
    Where: In FRONT of the Starbucks/Trading Post @ Marriott, Denver Tech Center
    For More Info: Contact me by email at rjozzie@comcast.net with the subject line "NDK Brony Meetup" or on Deviant Art at http://SpiritofthwWolf.deviantart.com/ with the same subject line.

    **Please Note: A convention badge/day pass or a Marriott room key will be required by convention and hotel staff to be on the convention floor at the hotel. A limited number of badges/day passes for the convention will be available at the convention day-of.**

    More Welovefine Brony Shirts!

    Welovefine has expanded their inventory to include even more pony stuff. Check them out below.

    Nightmare Moon

    Spanish TRIXIE?!

    Below you can find a good amount of Boast Busters in Spanish.


    "I love the Whole Show" Project Final Run

    For those following the Discovery Channel commercial parody "We Love the Whole Show", the final update is under way. If you are curious about it, check out the video here!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Colgate Custom
    Big Mac Custom
    Rainbow Dash Suit
    Colgate Plushie
    Fluttershy Plushie

    Equestria Daily News

    I got nothin!

    Fic report for Wednesday, September 07, 2011
    • Fics received today: 15
    • Fics that received Feedback today: 15
    • Fics still awaiting feedback: 13
    • Fics approved: 6
    • Total new fics scheduled for posting: 9
    • Total fic updates in queue for posting: 10
    • Fics sent back for revision and/or proofreading: 11


    1. Oh, my. Those Celestia and Luna shirts are FANCY.

    2. I JUST watched the censor bleeps one and came here to see it on the Nightly Roundup. :D

    3. The voices are better in English. ._.

    4. wait, I only just noticed that the worker pony in the background in boast busters is the one on the best night evar!

    5. Why you hating on the Trixie Spanish voice Seth? That's probably the most similar voice in that entire clip.

    6. Ah more over priced shirts.

    7. @chinlamp

      Trixie's voice is magical, that's not trixie.

    8. As a spaniard who had just heard the spanish dub I must say: MY EARS! THEY BURN! BURN!!!!

    9. First Time I've been awake for one of these.
      That's amazing.

    10. I remember the censor bleeps videos from a few months ago. Didn't know they weren't on EQD before.

    11. Ohh my Gosh, the suit! I WANT ONE!

    12. @Sethisto

      Agreed. There really is something really enticing about Trixie's voice... it's just awesome. Plus, she has about the best color combination, a cool Cutie Mark, an awesome mane and tail, plus a cool hat and cape.

      She's also hot shit. How can you NOT liker her!?

      Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to buy some pony t-shirts, as I just found out that YOU CAN SHIP AND BUY THEM ONLINE! *facedesk*

    13. I feel like all of the characters in the Spanish dub are all voiced by the same person; they all sound so similar!

    14. As an Spanish I'd like to apologize for having such a hideous and horrible language and accent no one likes it.

      That was sarcasm.

      That's how spanish people sound, and that's exactly the voice Trixie would have if she was born in Spain. Don't expect me to apologize for not every culture in the world having the same accent and way of speaking. Instead, deal with it.

      Also, lol the suit. Why does it have Elvis' hair?

    15. Owait... not snails, he sounds different.

    16. Is it sad that I wake up at 4am to read ponies before going to school?

    17. @George L.
      but I'd at least expect a couple dialects or something, just like the characters in the English version have different accents

    18. Yay news!

      Props to the brony who attempted to re-order the episodes. It's fairly close to how I have them ordered in my head. However, I'm sure there will be those who disagree with it. Sadly, unless Hasbro themselves comes out with an official timeline, this will rank up there with other fandom arguments (cello/ double bass) that will never be truly resolved.

      Poor Spike, having a name that can be bleeped for humorous effect.

      I'm still amazed over that plasma speaker. Not only on how cool it is, but over the fact that somebody in the past was the first to say, "Hey, I bet I can make plasma play music!" What makes a person decide to try to do that?

      And more cool shirts that I find very cool, but I will lack the guts to ever wear in public. Le sigh.

    19. @Mike

      I hear every pony with a different voice and tone, probably it's just that you're not used to hearing spanish speaking. For example, I hear the different voices both in english and spanish, but all french and german I hear sounds to me the same.

    20. @George L. En serio? no tiene nada que ver con que el español sea una lengua hermosa o no. La actuación es simplemente horrible, todas las voces suenan igual y eso no es nada nuevo, pocas traducciones alcanzan o superan a las voces originales (mas que todo películas de Disney)y por eso es que buscamos los originales. Sinceramente preferirias ver la segunda temporada con las voces en español o con las originales?

    21. @Vinny
      woow, you wake up at 4 for school? I'm actually impressed. I wish I could be like that

    22. Yeah, at almost a hundred Nightly Roundups now. That's almost a hundred nights of doing this, oof.

      The censorship video had me giggling.
      "I've never *beep!* a baby dragon before!"
      "A chance to *beep!* the Wonderbolts!"
      Fluttershy! Rainbow Dash! What a thing to say!

      Of course he upgraded the plasma speaker now that he knows we might be watching and paying attention more. ;) It's still rather cool of course. Science!

      Almost everyone likes Pony Swag, so no surprise it popping up in more places. Especially with it's quality. Only so much fan-made material has quite the quality it has.

      Hah, Nyan Dash shirt, nice. And a Luna shirt! Jeez, they just keep adding to my wishlist of shirts I still need to purchase!

      Spanish Trixie... oh my. lol With that voice she kinda reminds me of an angry hotel maid. Lmao. I kinda liked Spanish Dash's "Boo". Made me giggle.

      Oh wow... the maker of the Dash suit is selling it. Wonder why. They seemed to really enjoy playing as Dash in it. Also, interesting Ebay instead of a couple other places to sell it. But it might go for even more on there. Over a grand and still not hit it's reserve. lol

    23. When you have never taken Spanish lessons, and know half of what they were saying, your living too close to the border.

      I live too close to the border.

    24. @Roundshades

      Nadie ha dicho que el español sea o no una lengua hermosa, eso es una opinion. Y a mi las voces me suenan todas distintas, a lo mejor es que tengo alguna clase de superoído o simplemente estoy loco.
      O a lo mejor es que de verdad todos los españoles suenan igual. Porque si nuestros dobladores, que supuestamente tienen un registro más variado, suenan todos igual, el resto de los españoles tambien sonarán igual. Los españoles nos pasamos las conversaciones mirandonos los labios unos a otros para saber quien habla. De hecho, los españoles que tienen voces diferentes son marginados y considerados parias, forman ghettos en los bordes de las ciudades y viven de los restos de los ciudadanos normales que tienen todos las voces iguales y visten con los mismos monos de trabajo grises.

    25. *Snap*
      Well, I've nothing better to do than peruse the news, since 'On a Cross and Arrow' part 10 just pulls me to my Blogger account...

    26. What? HEY!

      What happened to the media archive???

    27. @Pony In Chief
      Fixed now.
      I blame Twilight and her spell, personally.

    28. that timeline is indeed more along the lines of what i was thinking myself...and you know what..ive been stweing on it for a few weeks

      what would be 20% cooler would be to ask LF what order SHE thinks they should have been in....and follow that im sure she has a hell of an opinion on it!!!!!....wonder if someone could ask her...

    29. That censor beeps vid is SO OLD, lol. I downloaded that probably a month and a half ago.

    30. @Vinny

      It depends…. What time do you go to school? For me, class starts at 8am, so I wake up at 5am to come here for 30 minutes. Then, I finish homework assignments that I didn't do.

    31. "I've never f**ed a baby Dragon before." At that moment, I nearly choked on my sandwich. That was just too good.

      And Dash is not tomboyish at all, Rarity lacks elegance, etc... I'm not sure if I want to hear how Pinkie and Fluttershy sound.
      I'm not going to say it's reeeaaally a bad dub, but it's way worse than the original. It lacks soul.

      @George L.
      El problema no es que las voces suenen iguales entre sí, que suenan distintas.
      El problema es que no les imprimen a los personajes la personalidad que deberían tener. Se quedan bastante planos... ·_·

    33. Haha, I love the nyanbow dash shirt, and that NMM one is awesome. I think I'm gonna buy one. :P

    34. I think Trixie was awesome in this Spanish lol, she really sounds just as she should, obnoxious.
      I´ve always enjoyed some Spaniard TV shows, and I guess I got used to the differences in their voices, and I also understand their slang. At first they may seem pretty similar, but is just that the ear is not used to the accent. I found the Spain dubbing fun to watch, Twi was great too, AJ and RD weren´t that good though, so is not the best ever, but I´ve heard worst Spaniard dubs.

    35. I thought Trixie en español was actually pretty good - she sounds to me like how you might portray an egomaniacal flamenco dancer. :P Twilight was my favorite there, just because of how similar it sounded. The only I didn't like was Dash, that one seemed too different for me.

    36. @Fadri

      Ahí ya no te voy a decir que no, reconozco que el doblaje no le hace justicia a los conceptos y personalidad que hay tras los personajes, pero lo que estan diciendo, y lo que yo estoy tratando de refutar, es que las voces suenan todas iguales y que el doblaje, en general, es malo, lo cual no es cierto. No es cierto, ¿verdad? ¿¡verdad!? T.T

    37. "Censorship or something?!"
      *scroll down a bit*
      "Sorry, this page is filtered"

    38. The Rainbow Dash Suit.. Is.. For Sale.

      I'm Winning This.

    39. I missed the Bleeping ponies video. It works so awfully well >_> Damn.

      Also, Trixie in Spanish might be the only good voice in the whole damn thing. The rest of the voices are just terrible, and I'm a spaniard! Cartoon Network royally buttfucks the spanish dub again -____- I was expecting Spike to have the voice of Ash Ketchum in Spanish. Sadly not.

    40. Uh, Seth? Wasn't it Phoe who posted the first plasma speaker video?

    41. @Octavia From talking to the suit owner, I understand that she has so many suits she simply has to sell a few off to have some room in her home for herself.

      Besides, she's done/is doing suits of most of the rest of the cast (she's mentioned Big Mac, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity thus far), so it's not like she'll be ponyless.

      But yes. I think it's a shame that she's selling Dashie off.

    42. En serio? Mas vale que Mexico no sean flojos y agan su propio doblage.

    43. Oh yes, the lady selling the Dash suit hss said that she will do custom Pony-suits for anyone willing to pay. She has contact information elsewhere (on DeviantArt, among other places) for those interested.

    44. Someday there will be censorbeeps for censorbeeps.

    45. @Sigil
      ya lo hicieron
      una prueba: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/02/fim-opening-in-other-languages.html tambien habia un episodio, pero no tengo su link.

    46. OMG! The Dash fursuit is being sold? I can't believe that! Equally amazing that it's up to 36 hundred atm, that's pretty gnarly. I don't think it's a shame she's selling it, that's what a lot of good fursuit makers dream of, but just surprising to see it go. Hopefully it'll get sold to a good home.

    47. Up to $3600? Wow. And last night when I first saw it the price tag was $700.

      Dash may be 20% more awesome, but she's also 500% more valuable than she was just a few hours ago!

    48. The viewing order is okay, but I think I'll go by the Pony Cronology map.

      Censors are funny! :P

      Wow, that plasma speaker is clearer.

    49. I already started rewatching the series for the third time in countdown to the new season... I got to episode 11 so I guess I can't use the view order list. D:

    50. In that Spanish video it sounds like one old woman voiced the entire cast lol.

    51. Dear god cussing ponies turned me on.

    52. ... sorry, I enjoy Spanish movies and theater, but when it comes to dubbing... I just can't wrap my head around it. To be fair though, I always enjoy more the original voices.

    53. Eugh, both the latin american and spanish dubs are TERRIBLE. It's such a shame I won't be able to watch this with my niece because I will be CRINGING the entire time.

      I wonder if enough angry letters to the latin american branch of Habsro could make them reconsider the direction of their dubbing towards something that at least tries to follow the example laid out by the original.

    54. Dash saying, "boo," in spanish was just hilarious

    55. @pony in chief
      how can u snap when we have hooves??

    56. Ooooh Spanish Pony dub? Me gusta!

      And that Rainbow Dash suit... okay. I am a competent enough seamstress if I may say so, and I'm obviously in the wrong business if I'm not making these to sell. $3600 with days yet to spare on bidding, good goddess! @_@

    57. Silly Seth, it's supposed to be "Nan Desu Kan", not "Nanu Desky Con". XP

      Also, I do have to agree with you on the Spanish version of Trixie... she's just not the same!

    58. Seth, its ok to have an excuse. You've done more than any other brony to keep this community going, and we love you for it. Always remember that the brony community will support you if you decide you want a short break from this. I think Phoe and Cerial could handle Equestria Daily for a few days. Just keep this in mind, and you're really awesome!

    59. @Ponies!!!

      Blogger really in't the best methoid for sites like these anyway, it's why i hand code all my CMS from scratch, less headach on the updating even if setup is a pain

    60. I watched the censor video almost every day for a month. That and part 2 are probably the funniest things to come out of the fandom so far in my opinion. Not the best, but the funniest.

      I wish I had the courage to wear those t-shirts in public. I need more subtle pony stuff to wear, so I can be recognized by bronies but not thought of as weird to everyone else.

      Spanish was...okay. I like Trixie's voice in every language so far. I'm not a fan of the language itself (prefer french myself), so I'm probably biased on that.

      Fluttershy doll. WANT. Damn the expensiveness of it. Also, do NOT understand the nyan cat meme. I get alot of stupid memes, but this isn't one. Is it the game? I played the Nyan Cat game, I don't see why people like it.

    61. Sweeeet, NDK meetup, i was hoping for one

    62. @Ardashir

      Yeah, I saw some of the other suits too. Not sure if they were done by her as well since they looked a little different, but I figured they were. Saw the Big Mac on her dA a little while back. Though her Dash was my favorite of them. The expression and shaping was good.

    63. I sent my fan fic 3 days, did you guys get it and it's just being read by a pre-reader, or did you not get it at all? Thanks!

    64. That image.

      Brb going to lie in bed staring at the ceiling.

    65. There have been a hefty amount of season 2 shots floating around, of course ED being the slack stupid news site it is, u havent picked up on them yet huh?

      Despite all these pics...there are NONE of Luna...very disappointing

    66. Stuck all the episodes on a playlist in the revised order if anyone is interested

    67. "A chance to **** the Wonderbolts?!?!"
      I lost it there. I knew it was coming, but I still lost it."

    68. That Spanish dub was good, for a Spanish dub, that is.

      I would expect of the Mexican dub to have a little more voice similarity to its American/Canadian counterpart, given that we're basically just down south of them. Yet, we're talking about Mexico (heh, heh), and a not-so-criticizing audience (the show is still aimed at little girls in Mexico).

    69. I do not like this spanish dub... I expect the mexican spanish dub to be better. The voices just knda sounded the same for trixie and twilight :/

    70. @NekoLLX The one of Rarity. It's kinda hard to miss. I swear that thing is weapons-grade...

    71. As a Spanish myself, I didn't like the spanish dub, and all the voices sounded the same.Even Spike!
      Those T-shirts are cool, specially the Luna one. I would like to have one...

    72. And ¿what are you all complaining about? Trixie's dub is fine. The problem comes up when you compare it with the original.

      Every language is different; English being one particulary diverse offers a wide range of accents that can be found normally in a vast society like the one portrayed in MLP. Spanish problems comes up when you realize that accents are restricted to their countries (mexican and their variations, Uruguayan, Argentininan and old Spaniard (Castellan and Andaluz). We don't find people speaking in any accent native to Spain in mexico, or an Uruguayan accent on Spain. Social rules are different, you're not cool with an accent, you're mocked at.

      Also, english accents have prejudices attached to them, used on the show (redneck girl with southern accent and Classy chick with mid-atlantic accent), Spanish, however, only dictates that Spaniards say olé and like bullfights, Argentinian speak with the Y sounding like sh, and have a different way of speaking the past verb form. We can't work with that.

      It's also a factor that the dub is made from Spain, by be transmitted on Spain. I'm pretty sure their dubbing sounds fine to them (excepting those above that have stated otherwsie), try comparing the latin-american version, it's a lot better because of the sinergy of various aspects offered in the dubbing companies in here (more voice actors and an acceptable accent range).

      It also comes up when analyzing this that there may be plotholes. Why do they come up? Because spanish and english are spoken in a completely different way; spanish is chewed, (make most of our noises on the mouth and theeth) while English pronounces on the back part of the mouth. This way of speaking enables english to be spoken faster and in tones rarely found in Spanish (pinkie pie's voice is particulary difficult to mimic here in mexico, but not impossible).

      Puns are hard to conserve, but the show keeps its essence and remains funny , because there are people working on it; and thrashing their work like this is like rubbing crap on their faces, simply not fair.

      Opposite case to this comes up when Pokemon and Phineas and Ferb dubs are compared with their original (english, in pokemon's case) version; Spanish pokemon makes English pokemon make look like a steaming piece of crap with flies around it.

      The dub is not bad, it's very well executed FOR the audience it intends to reach. However, I do agree that some voices could be different, but that is up to the dubbers. (YES, SHE IS THE OBNOXIOUS LOUDMOUTH UNICORN YOU KNOW AND LOVE, she just sounds different).

      So, in that case...