• Live Hub Stream Stress Test From Brony State

    Season Two is right around the corner, and a lot of us don't have the option of watching it on the actual channel.  Bronystate is hoping to set up a stream for everyone each morning when the official episode airs.

    The stress test will happen today at 4:00 PM EST.  If you are on, please give it a shot! I'm sure each season two episode will explode if season one was any indication.  We used to fill up livestream/justin.tv rooms by the dozens.

    You can find the channel for it here!

    They also have their normal weekly broadcast the next day. You can find it after the break! 

    Begins approx. @ 2:00 PM EST Friday

    Friday: Starts @ 7 PM EST (12AM GMT)

    Saturday: Starts @ 2PM EST (7PM GMT)

    Content Warning: Nudity, Sex, Violence, Gore

    Green isn’t your Color

    Lottery drawn and next week's movies selected.
    This Week’s lottery takes place on Saturday

    Applebuck Season

    Content Warning: Nudity, Sexual Content and Violence

    Occurs from end-of-show to whenever. Special requests accepted from both Ponychan thread and chat.

    *Showing order is subject to change. Official showing order will be given in Thursday's update