• PAX Stuff!

    Source: Penny Arcade
    Hey! Penny Arcade finally did a comic with Derpy Hooves.  This was during their audience suggestion thing they do each year.  Apparently an overwhelming majority asked for Derpy to be included.  Have a quote from the Penny Arcade Site:
    "The strip we made at the Create a Strip Panel, complete with a Derpy Hooves crowd request, is somewhere in transit as I write this.  When the show closes down, it’s like a disaster movie in a lot of ways; a lot of people running to escape debris which is falling in slow motion.  I think Kiko has it, but I can’t be sure; my only hope is that he made it out alive."
    Pinkie Pie paraded around Seattle too at one point, along with a bunch of PMV's showing up during various concerts.  Sounds like we are slowly taking over the convention scene!