• Nightly Roundup #69

    It's totally morning Luna. This site doesn't allow an actual nightly roundup.

    Have some news!

    Chicagoland Brony Meetup Writeup

    Tsuken from the Chicagoland brony meet a while back sent me a writeup for everyone to delve into. You can find it here!

    More Spiderses

    Still lacks the video/background music though!

    Spiderses Dramatic Reading Part 1 / Part 2

    Good Old Games Pony Contest

    A group of bronies over on the GoG site are holding a contest for 2 free games. You can find all information about it in their forum thread here!

    Modnation Racing 

     A group over in Modnation Racers is looking for a bunch of people for weekly races and various other brony events.  They have started up an official meeting thread on ponychan.  You can find that here!

    German Brony Meetup 

    The bronies over at ponyboard.de will be holding a meetup at gamescom in Cologne on Saturday.  If you are out there in Germany, or close to it, this might be something to head over to!

    Vancouver Brony Meetup

    Another meetup is goin down in Vancouver! Have some very useful copypaste!

    PNE Vancouver Brony Gathering

    Location: The Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, BC, Canada, meeting at Callister Park. Google map: http://oat.nu/0oe7a

    Contact: [email protected] or the RBDNet group linked below (or just @bronymike on that site)

    Date: Monday, August 22, meeting at park from 9-11. Entry to PNE is free from 9-12, hangout within PNE will likely go on all day.

    Website (Optional): http://rainbowdash.net/group/vancouverbronies

    Additional Information: We will be meeting at the benches in the northeast section of the park and any updates and information will be posted to the VancouverBronies group on Rainbow Dash Network. Initial meetup will take place from 9-11 at the park, and then we'll move to the Exhibition at 11 so we've got plenty of time to get in before free entry ends at noon. To park at the place is apparently 20 bucks, though, so maybe try to take the bus if you're hoping to keep it as cheap as possible. There are some places to eat in the park. Should be fun stuff!

    Japanese FiM Fandub Youtube Channel 

    A bunch of stuff is being translated into japanese at Ogatamon's Youtube Channel, and she is currently holding a vote for the next scene.  Head on over there if you are interested!

    Another Achievement Hunter Brony Sighting

    One of the new guys on Achievement Hunter is touting around a 20% cooler shirt.  You can find it in the video here!

    TF2 My Little Pony Mod Main Website

    This is something I've actually been waiting for having just installed TF2.  Someone named Littleman has set up a hub for all of the TF2 mods out there.  Now go ponify the hell out of it!

    TF2 Mod Site 

    Another Pony Webcomic! 

    It is now a requirement to have ponies in your web comic at least once.

    Precious Comic recently did a full panel dedicated to it.  You can find it here!

    Dwarf Fortress Pony Mod

    A relatively extensive FiM mod has been created for Dwarf Fortress.  Apparently it has been around for a while.  You can find all of the information about it, as well as a download link, here!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    WolfishSpirit (Charms and things)
    Princess Celestia Blind Bag

    Equestria Daily News

    I declare Tuesday, August 16, to be Pinkie Pie day!

    Update Queue
    Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel (Update Story 2 Part 2!)
    Diamond Dogs Podcast (Update Episode 7!)
    The Eversleep (Update Parts 6!)
    Equestria Hockey League (Update Part 4!)
    Mentar the Magnificent Merchant of Magical Mixtures (Update Episode 4!)
    Seven Ponies (Update Part 4!)
    When Trey Came to Town (Update Part 6!)

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