• Nightly Roundup #27




    News time!

    Swedish Subtitles for FiM

    Another subtitler/translator (What is the real name for this?) is working on Swedish subtitles for Friendship is Magic!  You can find them here!

    Newbie Artist Training Grounds Alumni Group

    The Alumni Group over on Deviant Art is continuing the Artist Training Grounds event Phoe ran here a few weeks ago.  Instead of happening every night, it happens once a week instead, so it's a bit more manageable. 

    You can find the website for it (And round 1) Here!

    Another Pony Podcast!

    Honestly, the more podcasts the better.  I need something to do with my new roller-blades that I don't have time to use!

    You can find the cast here!

    Strategy RPG Pony Game In Progress

    Another crazy pony project is currently in progress!  This one emulates all of those overly addicting grid based strategy games (Like Disgaea or Fire Emblem).

    It's still in really early alpha (He just started it a few days ago in fact!), but it looks like he is making some good progress so far.  Apparently it's his year long school project, meaning he will probably see this one to the end! Go check it out at the ponychan thread!  

    Black and White Audiobook

    For those of you who didn't read Black and White, Scorch Mechanic has released an audio book version of it, available on Youtube, as well as a downloadable mp3 in the description.  You can find it link here!

    Metrocon Brony Writeup 

    A Convention recently went down in Tampa, Florida focusing primarily on anime.  Apparently a whole mess of pony merch was available, and a couple of people were running around dressed up like various characters from the show.

    It's pretty cool to see it spreading to more than just websites and internet hangouts

    I'm still disappointed at the lack of Trixie cosplay.  I mean... cape and wizard hat... you can't beat that! 

    You can find a link to the writeup here!

    Drinks on Da House Special Deluxe Edition

    Another version with even more songs is available for the Drinks on the House album.

    This guy sure does bust out a lot of revisions and updates!  You can find it here!

    My Little Pwnage Team Aiming for the Call of Duty $1,000,000 Tournament

    Over in Australia, a group of 4 going by the name of My Little Pwnage is aiming to take on the Australian division for the right to compete in the Call of DutyXP competition for the million dollar prize.  Go wish them luck on steam!

    Rainbow Dash Tank

    More World of Tanks news for you all to feast upon!  A brony going by the name of...PinkiePie... has created a Rainbow Dash skin pack for the game! You can find the forum post and all downloads/instructions here!

    Equestria Daily News

    SmittyG over on DA is creating pony versions of Cereal and Phoe, but I can't think of a good color scheme for mine!  Feel free to suggest something in the comments! 

    And that is it for the nightly news!  Off to schedule tomorrow morning and hopefully fall asleep!

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