• Nightly Roundup #24


    Because I'm out of new Triiiiiixieeeee


    Oregon Brony Meetup

    A meetup happened the other day over in Oregon.  Looks like they had a ton of fun there based on the pictures!  You can find the gallery here!

    Rainbow Dash Randomly Pops Up On Destructoid

    Honestly this isn't really pony related other than the completely out of nowhere Rainbow Dash with a Wii cutie mark at the bottom of the article.  Hell they don't even mention her.  It doesn't matter though, because just being there speaks volumes when your as awesome as "The Dash".  You can find the article here!

    Six Gun Galaxy Plugs Pony

    Ponies in a western? How RANDOM.  Apparently this prompt only shows up after your first play, and if you haven't recruited any allies.  It's still a pretty funny insert though. The guy that emailed me confirmed that he worked on the game, and it was intended.  You can find it here!

    Pony Emblem Hack Seeks Spriters

    Someone is hacking Fire Emblem for the GBA and attempting to convert everything to pony.  He needs some help though.  Have some copy paste!
    • Spriters to make the custom animations. I'll further explain what I need to those interested. The sprites not only include character portraits and animations, but also small units icon, items, "chibisied" portraits, etc.
    • A story developer to help me with the main plot and fix typos.
    • (Optional) Music composer. Although I'm not planning to add custom custom MIDIs to the game, I can do so if someone wishes to lend a hand there.
    He also included a sample youtube video with some of the text swaps and modifications he has already completed. You can find that here

    If you are interested in helping out, you can email him here!

    Delponies Webcast

    Another streaming/radio style channel is up!  It looks like it covers pretty much everything from videos and music, to fanfiction readings.  

    You can find the tinychat channel here!

     Webcomic: Gingers Bread Posts Tons of Pony!

    A while ago, I linked a web comic called Gingers Bread, the same way I always do when one plugs pony in some way.   Apparently this one has had a ton of equine goodness, so the artist behind it decided to compile all pony related content into a tumblr for everyone.  You can find that here!


    If I get thrown into jail for all of these embeds, I'll be sure to spread friendship throughout the prison system.  You have my word!

    Fanfiction and Ebooks Article 

    Looks like even E-book websites are susceptible to our massive collection of fanfiction.  Teleread recently created this article on E-books based on My Little Pony.  It's pretty interesting, if anything for the pony references.  You can find it here!

    MLP Fighting Game Starts a Website Up!

    That Fighting game from a while back has set up a website  You can find the new site here!

    Equestria Daily News

    Cereal eats hay irl.

    Phoe still collects beanie babies.

    I didn't make any of that up, honest.

    Tekaramity watches reruns of I Dream of Genie. 

    And that is all for the news tonight! That was early wasn't it?

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