• EqDaily Youtube video archive

    Equestria Daily has featured over 1000 videos since its inception. In Seth's own words: "That's crazy!" Crazy awesome! Sifting through them all, trying to find a specific one that slipped the mind during a daily Like/Favorite binge, or just hoping to stumble upon something nifty in the archives can certainly be cumbersome. (I can attest to this.) Why not make like Twilight Sparkle and utilize a little more...organization? Hence, the Equestria Daily Youtube video archive.

    Found here, the EqDaily Youtube channel compiles all of the videos featured on Equestria Daily and categorizes them by type - PMV, music, trailer, and so on. Also available are monthly lists containing every video featured during a specific month in reverse chronological order. (My initial idea was to employ the standard Favorites list for that, but Youtube only provides newer accounts a Favorites limit of 650. Augh! It's 2011, dudes.) Searching for a specific kind of video or trying to track a video down from a while back ought to be quicker with this in place. Moreover, it's the perfect venue for a spontaneous pony video marathon!

    Seth is leaving maintenance of the channel solely up to me for now, since I built everything from the ground up. As such, if you cannot find a specific video that you are certain was posted to the blog but has not been archived at the channel, please e-mail me at [email protected] or send a message to the EqDaily channel via Youtube. For sanity purposes, I'm armed with a formidable Excel spreadsheet to quickly double-check whatever is sent in to me. I must emphasize: please do *not* contact Seth, Cereal, or Phoe about the channel for the time being. I'm open to feedback, myself. The archive is for everyone's benefit. Have any ideas for further streamlining the place? Know of any resources that would augment the video library? Whatever the case, send all relevant questions/suggestions/diatribes to [email protected] or take advantage of the wondrous Youtube message system. Props to each of you whose videos have been featured on this site - your video(s) may literally be one of thousands, but each has definitely contributed to this incredible pony phenomenon. Thanks to all for your tips, and happy video surfing! (Update: By Celestia's beard! 500+ subs and #52 most subscribed this week! You guys rock.)

    EqDaily Youtube video archive

    **BONUS** fun[?] stats:
    • More videos were posted in May (about 310) than in Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr combined (about 250).
    • June saw about 420 videos posted - an average of 14 per day. Aiya!
    • PMVs and music endlessly battle to top the individual count, both tallying about 300 to date.
    • About 2% of videos featured here are no longer available. Sadface.
    • Two bronies in particular bring the awesome to the music section: infinitydash has about 20 pony music uploads, while JunkiesNewb has about 40! Subscribe to them both, if you haven't yet; moreover, both of them deserve many thanks and delicious cakes for their efforts.

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