• Season 2 has both 24 and 26 episodes...?

    Finally an excuse to use the inception image!

    Anyway a recent email from Daniel Ingram has me and a few others confused...

    As I posted a few days ago,  his resume says 26 episodes, but the Topdraw Animation website still lists 24.  Parallel Logic emailed him asking about this, and the response is pretty mysterious to say the least...

    Full Email after the break.

    Parallel Logic's Initial Question: Mr. Ingram,

    I have a question regarding the résumé posted on your website:
    Under your current work is listed season 2: My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, specifically that season 2 has 26 episodes.  Fans of the show have been somewhat confused if this means there will be 26 episodes in the next season or if there will be 24 episodes as indicated by Top Draw Animation:

    It has been speculated that the season 2 details in your résumé may have been copied from season 1 without change, resulting in both seasons listed as having 26 episodes.  However some have also postulated you may be closer to production than the source at Top Gun and know more about current production plans.

    If you could help clarify this discrepancy, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time,
    A Fan

    Daniel Ingrams Response: The Top Draw statistic is accurate, but so is my resume. Go figure. 


    Parallel Logic's Second Question:-:Mr. Ingram,

    Thank you for your reply, however I am still somewhat confused.  Do you mean to say that season two has both 24 and 26 episodes?  I'm afraid I don't see how this can be.  Does this mean the number of episodes has not been determined yet?  Or there are conflicting sources?  Or there are two double-length episodes like the first two episodes of season one?

    Thank you,
     A Fan

    Daniel Ingram's Response: Hahah... there's a solution to the riddle, and what I said in my original reply is entirely true. So keep guessing... see what the fan base comes up with.

    Now... the Ravenous Pony fiend in me is filled with all sorts of dreams and wishes.  Some more... bold than others (The ultimate being a Continuous 24 episode season 2 side series! How amazing that would be!)

    But it could also mean several other things.

    Mr. Ingram wants us to speculate, and if there is anything this fandom is good at, it's speculating the crap out of things.

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