• 2D Pony MMO Flying Sprite Test

    If/when this game releases, I'm pretty sure my RL will go from "semi interested" to "complete standstill". 

    Anyway you can find the flying sprite test below!

    Pony MMO Flying Sprite Test


    1. YES! I can't wait to make a Pegasus pony!

      The only way this could get any cooler was if they added in other kinds of wings too!

    2. As long as i can make a MALE pony, it will be all good.

    3. What did you have in mind? Things like Bat wings and stuff? You can post suggestions on the forum if you'd like

    4. I think I might actually be more excited about this games than ME3 or infact ANY other games!

    5. @Waka

      Yes, I was thinking of bat wings.

      I mean, it's kinda implied in my Pony name. :P

      But yes, I will take your suggestion and go make my suggestion to the forum right now!

    6. Really like how this is coming along.

    7. I just spent five minutes just flying around, listening to the music.

      And they're going to ADD STUFF to this?

    8. Can someone mention about the Right-click to him?
      I typed out
      "Just one little thing, When I'm flying in any direction, and holding down the WASD key for that direction, and happen to Right-Click the screen, my pony keeps flying in that direction, and it kinda brakes the controls. Just a heads up. Amazing game!"

      Before I realised I had to have an account to comment :>

    9. @Anonymous
      I wouldn't worry about that. The actual game is being developed with C++, not Flash. These are merely sprite tests, so you can see how things should work and will probably look in the actual project once everything is done.

    10. @Anonymous

      >MFW I said Someone instead of Somepony


      I need sleep


    11. DrOrbitalDeathRayApril 20, 2011 at 4:23 PM

      Bald albino pegasus is kind of creepy, though.

    12. In that thumbnail, it sort of looks like Fluttershy has three eyes.

    13. @DrOrbitalDeathRay

      This was my comment for the "running" sprite test. And it turns out, its still true regardless of whether the sprite is of an earth pony or a Pegasus.