• Archeology Results For March 16!

    Archeology Event is OVER! The following stories have been dug up and are ready for your voting/browsing/commenting!

    Apologies to those that missed it and wanted to join in.  These events aren't really supposed to be big, day long events.  The whole purpose is to get old stories noticed, and so far both have done a great job of it.  All of these stories have hit the required 10+ stars to lose their "star needed" tag (which I will modify after they stop fluctuating in rating)

    I will make the next one more involved, since a lot of you seem to enjoy this.  And because Twilight in a safari hat is the best costume in the series so far.

    [Grimdark] Sch'Mau'tz 
    Description: On-going series A strange pony from Hoofington warns Twilight that the Everfree Forest may indeed contain horrors beyond all comprehension. 

    [Sad] The Last Treasure
    Description: The tale of a dragon and the last moments of his life. 

    [Normal] Sick Day
    Description: Rainbow Dash has a cold! The rest of the gang take it upon themselves to brighten her day, by any means necessary.  

    [Normal] Carrot Cake Storybook
    Description: Carrot Cake meets Derpy Hooves, in storybook Form

    [Shipping] Priority Mail
     Description: Fluttershy and Derpy Shipping

    [Shipping] Rainbow Secret
    Description: Pinkie Discovers something under Rainbow Dash's bed


    1. I nominate Sick Day:

    2. Pinkie Pie Oversized only has 9 star votes at this instant. I nominate it for the shipping category.

      Though I think 7 7 and 7 is too many for one archaeology.

    3. ButterscotchSundae's "Swayback Mountain"

      it has just 6 comm-

      >5 stars
      oh never mind.

    4. Victorian R. HellslyMarch 15, 2011 at 9:18 PM

      I nominate "The Last Treasure" for the sad story category.


    5. Oh shoot I forgot about Last Treasure. ^

      I nominate that too.

    6. If I'd been here for at least 2 weeks, I'd gladly contribute something. However, I'm new, so I'll just enjoy these. =3

    7. Victorian R. HellslyMarch 15, 2011 at 9:24 PM

      Yeah, someone remembers The Last Treasure. : D

      I also nominate Sick Day. <.<


      My votes are cast for
      Little Pony [Normal]:
      Wintergreen [Normal]:

      ALSO, I would encourage GREATLY for people not to only read the ones being nominated; any of the suggested stories are suggested for A REASON, so go ahead and read/vote on the ones being asked for in the comments!!

    9. I nominate Singing the Blues:

      And the Carrot Cake Storybook:

    10. I'm quite surprised that there has not been a single comment on this one.


      Punctuation and structure-wise it's better than most of what I've seen, although spacing could be more liberally used.

      No love for OC Ponies? :'(

    11. I nominate Priority Mail for the shipping category


    12. Not going to nominate, but I do want to mention that the current "Last Treasure" link on this page is not working.

    13. I nominate Rainbow Secret for shipping:

    14. I nominate HER for grimdark.


    15. I nominate "Observance" for the Normal category


    16. Confound you Arizona ponies, I wondered why the time on the site suddenly became wrong.

    17. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/02/story-dark-times.html

      I nominate Dark Times

    18. 'page does not exist'

    19. The Last Treasure is a Normal story, Sethisto! :P

    20. Victorian R. HellslyMarch 15, 2011 at 10:21 PM

      The Last Treasure was put on this blog back when it didn't have a sad category. I had to choose between grimdark or normal, and I sure as hell didn't consider it grimdark. I do hope it does get re-categorized because of this event.

    21. @Sethisto,

      Yeah, "The Last Treasure" is definitely "Sad" but in a wonderful way. (I had put the old "emotional" tag on it, which is now "sad.") I love that story so I hope it gets a top spot.

      Also, just tonight I finished putting in the "last update" dates for the oldest stories, so if anyone wants to use the sortable story listing to sort by oldest first that may jog some memories.

      By the way, Equestria Daily passed the 300 story mark last night! :)

    22. Wait! We had only two hours to make the nominations? That's a pretty tiny window. I had just checked just after finishing a big story update, probably about twenty minutes before you posted this. :(

      Next time could we at least get advanced warning (perhaps the day before) of when nominations need to be made? Some time to dig through and do some research would be much better.

    23. @Fairy Slayer
      Yah, I was bored so I threw it up.

      I'll schedule it a day in advance next time.

    24. priority mail, rainbow secret and sick day all appear to have vanished...I'm hoping the link's just incorrect.

      in other news, the everfree florist is adorable.

    25. Victorian R. HellslyMarch 16, 2011 at 12:06 AM

      Oh man, anyone's who's a fan of Lovecraft or of horror in general must read Sch'Ma'Utz! I've never read a fic so menacing and brilliantly constructed. Where is High-Fruit-Porn-Syrup? He has to finish this fic! Someone summon an Elder God to find him, get his ass working on the conclusion!

      And thanks Sethy! Your blog is awesome. : D. Looks like I won in my category too. What a wonderful night. And maybe Fairy Slayer is right, a little bit of advanced notice would be nice for these events, though either way plenty of people seem to be available at any given time.

    26. The link to "Rainbow Secret" seems to be broken blogbro.

    27. I was asleep through the voting...

    28. >This happens at a completely random time
      >Is only open for a few hours

      Stupid event is pointless.

    29. @Anonymous

      It isn't either one of those things, don't be dumb. You can take issue with the relative haphazrd nature of the first two archeology events, but the goal is to dig up every story and give them a chance to be properly viewed and rated rather than languishing away forever.

      It's not about getting your favoritest of favorite old stories up there right the heck now. Just be glad some old gems are getting fair due.

    30. @Phoe
      The thing is, I know of a lot of rare gems that I want to bring up. Only problem; this event is done so suddenly and haphazardly that I can't get the chance to put them forward.

      I like the idea; the execution is poor.

    31. @Anonymous
      What this Anon said. Srsly.

    32. I didn't know people valued it so much, I just did it cause I didn't have anything else to post.

      I'll give more warning next time.

    33. @Sethisto
      How much of a warning are we talking here? Do you think two days, like the friend-off, is too much?

    34. @Zarkanorf

      Maybe a day... there isn't much to prepare for with this, and nominating 15 stories this time only took an hour.

    35. Also, (halfheartedly doing this because I don't think people go down through the comments) if you guys liked the stories that were chosen, you should also check out the stories that were nominated, as well! [/zark-is-a-whore]

    36. You ain't machines and you ain't land