• OC Pony Creator!

    Yes, that's right! Now you, even with your infinitesimal skill in art can create your VERY OWN OC pony.  Above is Doom Flower.  She is an Alicorn Dark Priestess with the soul of a demon.  Unfortunately, her powers are sealed away and only through intense training, and near death experiences, will she ever gain full access to them. 

    But seriously, this stuff is pretty awesome.  You can find it at the Derpy Hooves website in the link below. 

    Custom Pony Creator


    1. Is this based on the Hub game Ponychan was messing around with?

    2. Oh sweet Celestia this is awesome!

    3. It's good! It'd be nice if there was a male version, though. (With more, darker colors.)

    4. This is neat, but it's frightfully aggravating to use. You have to click an arrow many, many times to select what you want, and this is especially irritating when it comes to selecting a colour. A colour swatch would have been a much more elegant way to go about this.

      Having a selection of accessories and then another colour swatch (or just a selection of colours) would have been a much, much, much less infuriating way to select accessories. If you decide later you don't want an accessory, you have to press the left arrow over and over in order to remove it. This is almost design 101.

      Also, I don't think this is the fault of the creator, but the poses look very, very strange with the same expression all the time. But, if I recall right, that's how it was in the rip, so can't really be too angry about that.

      It's overall an impressive tool, and useful I suppose if you want an OC pony and have literally no artistic skill, but purely from a design standpoint it has a LOT of things that need improvement.

    5. The colors are severely limited, IMHO. I have already created the same using screen captures of the Hubworld Flash Game, in Photoshop.


      You can mix and match the various manes, tails and facial expressions. No poses, though. But you can easily create some of the background ponies this way. See below for some examples, Rose and Carrot Cakes.



    6. Yeahhh, the colors are pretty limited when it comes to the base pony...
      Well you know what? Myyy pony is so badass, she has no powers. Just a socially awkward pony who eats Peaches & Cream like its her job. No, you know what! That is her job!
      XDD Reminds me of one of the Human Giant skits, corn chowder.

    7. AND SO, SETHISTO HAS AN OC PONY. Now I can stop thinking of him as Twilight, and then giggle at the thought of Twilight reading fan-fiction of her friends and being very eager about any RainbowDashx______ ship-fics.

    8. Needs a better UI. And an option for male ponies. And a larger range of colors. And a randomize button.

      Otherwise, this looks pretty much perfect in terms of what you can achieve with such a tool.

    9. I've been using BB Shockwave's PSD to great effect. And aside from the accessories in this one that aren't in his, last time I checked it, I tihnk his is better.

      THere's a lot more possible colors we using his PSD and it's actually forced me to learn a few basic tricks in the program.

      Here's the stuff I've done with his creator.


    10. This was a lot more enjoyable to play aroudn with than I thought it would.

      The UI's a little frustrating sometimes. Could use a male / filly option. And I'd love a button to either save a still-frame or the current decorated pose animation as a gif (if that's possible, but my Flash skills have rusted after three years of no use; I don't even remember if Flash has the capacity). But it works and it works quite well. I'm going to draw the pony I have created. CHASING EVERYPONY (Rarity) WITH A SUPER SOAKER. MUHAHAHAHA.

    11. It amuses me greatly that both horn and wings are selected by default.

    12. Although I don't like OC ponies very much, this is really well done.

    13. GASP!!!!
      I have been waiting for something like this!!!!!!

    14. Wow this is convenient.
      I would just screencap this swf. file until I found a cool looking random pony. I can use those as a base for a pony I can make using this generator :D

      (try it yourself!)

    15. I've read your comments and will work on making the UI less irritating and add more colors. I can also have a save button that will give you a photo of your pony.
      As for male ponies, the reason they're not there is because as far as I saw, the HUB game did not have a generic male body besides Snips and Snails, but surely you don't want to use their bodies.
      I'll see about making a pallet (possibly even a slider) for colors, a randomize button, and a way to instantly reset any attribute.

      Those are the animations in the HUB game, but it's mostly meant for screenshot purposes, so that the ponies aren't all stand in the same exact position, and you can have some variance.

      Thanks for the feedback

    16. @Starbuck
      I also made that :P
      I didn't figure it would go that far though.

    17. @Timesoda
      the swf. file?
      haha cool. Great job, good choice of song, Prydz sounds just like he's singing "ponyyyy" haha

    18. @Timesoda
      Somehow it never occurred to me that someone had to have put that together. It's a pretty fun .swf and I've got a few friends who seem to like watching that animation more than the show itself, actually. Nice thing you've made. :3


      Really glad to hear that! Thanks for taking it into consideration! :D

      And you're right, I can see too many people wanting to based their ponies directly on Snips/Snails. That's not to say I can't see anyone liking that, but they're really not that generic in the way they're built, I think. Makes sense.

      Once again, nice work. :3

    19. I've been working on a generator for a bit now, very slowly. When I saw this post, I had to stop and wonder if I should continue with mine or not. http://mranthology94.deviantart.com/

    20. Sup guys.


      This is Sunny Floura. She's an earth pony that spent her entire life around flowers and nature, and works a Flower shop owner. She is also a great caretaker for other pony's garden. Shes also a foster parent for lost foals she meets. Shes is a very lovable pony but her lifestyle unfortunately squeezes any chance of romance out of her life.

      When shes off work, she likes to wrestle and and fight in the alleyways. She works for a Fillydelphian drug cartel at night. Under her saddle, she has a tramp stamp that shes been hiding to make her shameful past a memory lost.

      The second part was silly but necessary god dammit.

    21. "Unfortunately, her powers are sealed away and only through intense training, and near death experiences, will she ever gain full access to them."

      I swear I have heard this somewhere before, I am assuming this is a joke on some anime series.. Well it sounds like an anime series to me at least.

      It is pretty cool, if for nothing else but to play with. The controls needs some work because it basically have to arrow through everything until you find something you like.

    22. for me to fail to see your legs pulled alive from the hob and modified

    23. @Anonymous
      That was the best way to do it, to be as close to the actual show as possible.
      It still took ~4 hours of my own work and over 200 lines of code.

    24. the tail is attached improperly, it gave me the shits

    25. @Timesoda
      rearrange the layers of the tail, and probably the error will be corrected. so that the tail was between the buttocks. would be also useful acolor
      and "random cute mark"

    26. @Timesoda
      increase the number of squares per second because some of the animations are being fast. and fix the leg by the directions on the keyboard
      (my model http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/8569/biegnieredym.gif )

    27. @Anonymous
      Weird, that's the way it was in the HUB version. Thanks for pointing that out, I fixed it.

      I've also made random buttons, reset buttons, and a (not-yet working) button to save your pony as a .png image with alpha.
      Unfortunately Actionscript 2.0 doesn't automatically have a way to save images, so I have to write an external script to do that.

    28. I like this one. Hopefully, there will be more updates and an option of making cute marks, unless we have to draw it ourselves.

      Name: Ruby Geminer (based on the word "Gemini")
      Type: Unicorn
      Cutie Mark: Ruby jewel w/ Pickaxe
      Quote: You can't expect true beauty if you can't go through the "dirt and grime" of it all.
      Picture: http://img62.imageshack.us/i/rubys.png/

      Ruby has the same ladylike demeanor like Rarity, but like Applejack, she is never afraid to get her hooves dirty when it comes to finding new ideas for her work.

      Ruby works as a jewelry designer in Trottingham, creating new accessories for manes, tails, clothes, and hoofwear. The endless possibilities of this made her a well-renowned filly in Equestria. Of course, her true talent involves prospecting for gems and minerals using magic and mining tools. She discovered her talent while working with her mother, Drillma Gold. Her favorite mineral that she would use for her wares is known as Prismus, crystals that change color under the influence of the weather and climate.

      I want to make a story between her and Rarity. Maybe someday...

    29. If someone wants to chip in on this project too (as people have with my pony Flash game) and design cutie marks, I can put them in. Unfortunately as far as I know there is no HUB file with all of the cutie marks, so I can't just put them in a drop down menu. I'd need to (or someone would need to) hand draw them in Flash or Photoshop.
      Otherwise, once I get the photo saver to work, you can just add your own cutie mark design to the flank.

    30. If more colors are added I have a small request:

      Please, PLEASE see if we can get a 'black' color.

      I've been wanting to make a black OC pony for a while now, but the Hub game didn't do that color, and well I can't draw. ^^;

    31. Unfortunately I spilled water all over my laptop, and so for the next few days I'm having to let it drain/dry, and if I boot it up and it's not fried, I'll add many more colors, including black and white.

    32. hrm.... For some reason nothing's coming up when I click on the link. I hope it's not because I've got a mac. >_>;

    33. @Anonymous

      No because I have a windows and it's doesn't work.

    34. Broke. Feels bad pony. :(

    35. Won't load on Linux >< Feels bad

    36. +1 doesn't work/feels bad comment :'(

    37. Oh! Just found another (better) one here:

      Now go make yourself some poni!