• More Pony Forums!

    This time with 90% less blinding pink color! This one was started by that girl that made the Mocha pony, and does in fact have an RP section.  I don't see any of that "reserve character" stuff from the other 2 though, so maybe it's a better place for those of you that RP OC ponies?

    Anyway this is the last forum I'm posting about! Sorry guys, choose one and stick with it imo!

    Equestria Forum 


    1. Something that is MLP that's not pink?!?

    2. Yep, a third MLP forum (not including /b/ & /co/) was definitely needed.

    3. Actually, um... Ashi's a female, not a dude.

    4. >Stay in one forum
      and many lulz were had.

    5. In before Sethisto starts Trixie fagging the board up.

    6. @Anonymous

      Everyone else always claims Trixie!

    7. The Equestria forum is, despite its name, not limited to JUST ponies, but it is the common element - and the RP there is ponies (and ponies + crossovers in one area).

      Just trying to make a spot for the adults and not the OMGILOVEPINK kiddies. :) Check us out!


    8. What does "reserve character" mean for those of us not in the know?

    9. Hopefully it's not like Ponychan or FiMchan, those places are way too friendly. I personally prefer /b/ and /co/.

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    11. I gotta find some pony sites to become a member of. I freaking love ponies... I need some pony-lovin' friends too.

    12. Dear fans of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, or Bronies,

      We aren't Anonymous, we don't want you guys spreading it along being dicks about it.

      Shove your friendship up your ass. We anti-bronies do not care about you nor your stupid ponies.

      Not everything is about MLP:FIM, please get over yourselves.

      Learn to stay in your own fandom. You don't have to add ponies to everything in order to enjoy it.

      Its funny how you guys watch a show thats all about kindness and friendship, when some of the most angry people on the internet are bronies.

      Stop changing your username and avatar to that of a character from the show. Its been done a million times and never was creative.

      With lots of hate,
      The anti.

      PS: If you have gotten this far, don't be a ponyfag, Just be a fan, not pony HIVs.