• Some Blog Updates

    This blog is a lot bigger than I thought it would be.  I figured it would be something to throw up random news articles every once in a while, but that didn't turn out to be the case!

    The biggest problem I see right now is organization.  I don't have much HTML Experience aside from very basic, so I'm learning as I go.  The dropdown menus seem to have cleared up a bit of the clutter on the sides, which is nice.  I might add them for the other sections (story/news/video/ect) but I think having the titles listed out there makes it a bit easier to quickly choose something.  Some stories might be missed entirely if they are hidden away in a drop-down menu. (more after the break thingy)
    The search is really strict, and I am not sure if this is possible to configure.  If you type "Twilight Sparkle", it won't look up anything, but if you type "Twilight" you will get all sorts of mary sue pony goodness.  I thought it would at least use my key-words, but I guess not.  So don't give up on it if "Rainbow Dash" doesn't pick up what you want.  Try "dash".

    The Categories are pretty convenient I think.  I use them all the time.  It's something I've never bothered with on other websites, but I'm liking them now.  Give them a shot, and please let me know if something needs a keyword for a specific category.  I read most of the fics here, but I just don't have the time to hit all of them.

    Rarity is dissapointed with your lack of interest in her btw.  Even Derpy and Trixie get more fics!

    I added megaupload links for both 720 and 1080p as requested on /co/, if you need me to release lower ones that is fine.  The Youtube links still link to the best ones I can find, since youtube lets you downsize it on their actual website.

    I still have ghetto archives up, but I honestly think they help out a lot.  The story one especially does a good job of organizing everything.  Comic/News are pretty messy, but I'm not really sure how to sort those out.

    I'm also buying a picasa account once my space hits around 600mb used.  This means images will no longer need to be downsized to save space (though blogger still automatically downsizes the MASSIVE story pages you guys upload sometimes, so those still need to be cut up.

    Here is some dash to break up the WALL OF TEXT

    As always, Please leave comments with your story/news/whatever you want uploaded, and I will get to them when I can.  I tend to work Wednesday->Sunday nights, so those nights I really could use help.  Otherwise I'm usually at least skimming a pony thread on my phone while doing something else.  If I miss your stuff feel free to throw a link in a comment. And google docs/fanfiction.net/deviant art are a huge plus, mainly due to how much easier it is to read that stuff on a mobile device. My brand new android phone can't even load some of the massive writing images, and I think it would be cool if this site was fully functional on the run.  I personally don't like sitting at the comp to read.  

    Anyway im sure half of you wont read this, but for those that do, thanks for stickin around! Hopefully as I learn more this site evolves into something awesome.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here