• /co/ Pony Posts break the 6000 mark.


    Over 6000 posts a day to be exact.  I don't think /co/ has ever had this much traffic.  Not even Avatar and Wakfu could come close.

    And it's all about colorful ponies and friendship.... who would have thought?

    This does have some negative implications though, mainly the fact that it's near impossible to keep up with this stuff now!

    If I miss your fic/video/fan art/news/whatever you can still always Email it to me. Please check THIS POST first for guidelines on what to send with it to make the process cleaner though, especially if you are sending fanfiction.

    For those wondering wtf this means, it's all going down on This Board which you have probably seen referenced here a million times by now.  And you can use the Archiver to find what the current thread is, though post numbers have currently exceeded the poor thing's capability to keep up.

    Actually on second thought it's probably a terrible idea to link that, feel free to attack me in comments if it was and I'll remove it.