• 300,000 Pageviews!

    Why is Sonic Rainboom so awesome!?

    Anyway The blog has hit 300,000 pageviews! that was fast, I just did the 200,000 it seems.  Hopefully this is a sign that ponies are RAPIDLY TAKING OVER THE INTERNET because if this show doesn't get a season 3 I will probably lose the last bit of my sanity and end up in a mental institution.  Ponies...keep me sane!

    Anyway some updates...

    I'm trying to figure out a good way to make the stars visible in the main page of the story archive.  I've tried inserting a small star .jpg but blogger is a massive pain in the ass with formatting and the image jumps all over the place so that wont work.  I might do a (3/5) type thing to each storied based on their stars, but when I tried this, it looked kind of cluttered.  I really want some way to split the archive up, and popular tags probably wasn't the best choice for it.

    And on Ponies in Lingerie...  It was supposed to be a funny /co/ thing, and I think everyone decided to notice this website right when I posted it.  The poll on the side that correlated probably didn't help any.  For those of you that actually discovered this place BECAUSE of it (and I think there are a few since the post is only beaten by story archive in popularity 0_o) then welcome! I'm glad it didn't scare you off!

    I'm trying to mix stories/news/comics/drawings up a bit more.  It's difficult when my email is like 5 stories and 1 comic, so if you submit a story and don't see it uploaded right away but see other things popping up, don't worry about it too much... I'll get to it.

    When this blog started it was all /co/, who are battle hardened 4chan veterans immune to even the most disturbing images...  so I just posted whatever seemed more relevant to the fic (usually pinkie/dash making out since everyone ships them). I'm trying to take into account the more...sensitive viewers now.  Some comics (mainly Madmax) tend to feature ponies making out right on the front.  But Madmax is awesome so I think you guys can suck it up. 

    I'm also pretty psyched that people who work on the show actually read this website!  That's way cool!

    tl;dr Modifying archive, less ponies kissing on main page, mixing stories with more stuff.

    Anyway back to pony threads!