• 300,000 Pageviews!

    Why is Sonic Rainboom so awesome!?

    Anyway The blog has hit 300,000 pageviews! that was fast, I just did the 200,000 it seems.  Hopefully this is a sign that ponies are RAPIDLY TAKING OVER THE INTERNET because if this show doesn't get a season 3 I will probably lose the last bit of my sanity and end up in a mental institution.  Ponies...keep me sane!

    Anyway some updates...

    I'm trying to figure out a good way to make the stars visible in the main page of the story archive.  I've tried inserting a small star .jpg but blogger is a massive pain in the ass with formatting and the image jumps all over the place so that wont work.  I might do a (3/5) type thing to each storied based on their stars, but when I tried this, it looked kind of cluttered.  I really want some way to split the archive up, and popular tags probably wasn't the best choice for it.

    And on Ponies in Lingerie...  It was supposed to be a funny /co/ thing, and I think everyone decided to notice this website right when I posted it.  The poll on the side that correlated probably didn't help any.  For those of you that actually discovered this place BECAUSE of it (and I think there are a few since the post is only beaten by story archive in popularity 0_o) then welcome! I'm glad it didn't scare you off!

    I'm trying to mix stories/news/comics/drawings up a bit more.  It's difficult when my email is like 5 stories and 1 comic, so if you submit a story and don't see it uploaded right away but see other things popping up, don't worry about it too much... I'll get to it.

    When this blog started it was all /co/, who are battle hardened 4chan veterans immune to even the most disturbing images...  so I just posted whatever seemed more relevant to the fic (usually pinkie/dash making out since everyone ships them). I'm trying to take into account the more...sensitive viewers now.  Some comics (mainly Madmax) tend to feature ponies making out right on the front.  But Madmax is awesome so I think you guys can suck it up. 

    I'm also pretty psyched that people who work on the show actually read this website!  That's way cool!

    tl;dr Modifying archive, less ponies kissing on main page, mixing stories with more stuff.

    Anyway back to pony threads!


    1. Congrats :)

      I'm with you, we need to get at least 3 seasons,
      The moment that happens, my heart shall grow 3 sizes :'3

    2. yay congratulations!


    3. Love the site. I'm not too much for the stories--school gives me plenty to read as it is, and i'm terribly picky-- but i love everything else.

      Where my bronies at?

    4. I love ponies. How are they so adorable and addictive? I don't even need an answer to that question I enjoy them so much.

    5. +1 Congratulations!

    6. ... so we'll still have ponies kissing in the artfriend posts though, right?

    7. only three seasons??? i wont be happy unless these ponies last forever

    8. Congrats! Keep up the great work Sethisto! And don't worry about the 3rd season... with the amount of attention the ponies are getting, the show is sure to live for a good while!

    9. >implying /co/ is battlehardened

    10. Again, HAPPY 300,000!!!!!!!!! (lol nice pic.!)

    11. But we need kissing ponies! I'll miss them ;_;

      Anyway, congratulations! Now I guess when it will reach 1 million!

    12. Equestria Daily was one of the first few things that kept my pony-loving self occupied instead of dwindling down my insanity over lack of pony in my life. In fact, out of the several fandoms I have been a part of, FiM is the first one that led me to read fan-fiction!

      Thank you so much for the amount of effort you've kept to this blog, Sethisto, and may there be 300,000 more pageviews in the future!

      Whinny on, my bronies; whinny on.

    13. >less ponies kissing on main page
      Aww man. :c

      Anyways, congratulations!
      That is a truly remarkable milestone.
      And now, onward to the million!
      Btw, have you though in making a twitter account for the blog? That would be an easy way to follow the constant updates.


      Me too bro, me too.

    14. @mesias-rocket

      I haven't gotten into twitter much really, but i see twitter buttons and junk on other blogs. Is there an easy way to tie it into this so I don't have to manually update the twitter as well?

    15. ~Ponies...keep me sane!
      I could just as easily see someone rocking back and forth in a mental institution chanting the theme song, lol

      no third season, PONIES ARE MAGIC! no season three, FRIENDSHIP IS EVERYTHING!

      ~I'm trying to figure out a good way to make the stars visible in the main page of the story archive
      I didn't realize the articles were rated (I was the one that mentioned they should be ranked earlier). Looking at what you have set up currently, it probably wouldn't be too much trouble to go through the Story Archive and look up the ratings on each story using a Flash app. I'll try to look into that on Friday/Saturday if I have time, though at a first glance the number of stars isn't appearing directly in the page source data... hmm

    16. I'm pretty sure if you mind ponies kissing, you're very much in the wrong place.

    17. @LordOfTheWrongs

      Shipping is an important part of ponies fandom. I can't see it without such pictures. Today - Kissing ponies. Tomorrow - same pictures from Drawfriends#, the day after tomorrow - shipping fanfics, The next day - Equestria Daily will become just ordinary blog about news and events. I don't want to see this site like that. It has a great start, but following that way it can end pretty bad.

      Hope I'm wrong.

    18. Congratulations! I really love this place.

    19. @LordOfTheWrongs
      yeah if anything we need more ponies kissing not less

    20. oh also congrats to the blog brony it makes me happy to see this blog take off as much as it has and I thank you for going through the trouble of finding things so that I dont miss them if I dont lurk 24/7

    21. Tossing my two cents in as one of those relative newcomers without a 4chan-enhanced set of battle tested steely nerves and an immunity to the disturbing...

      You need to keep the kissing ponies. Kissing ponies are adorable. And while they're not necessarily the premiere reason people are here, they are a very core part of the "feel" of this blog, which is something I would not want changed. And again, I say this as a sensitive and timid soul who once hid from the internet for two months because somebody yelled at me.

    22. Your blog, your rules. If you want less front-page kissing, that's fine. As long as it's not hard-smut/Gorn, I don't see too much point in worrying about general response, since everyone's got their own mind's path of wonder-wandering in response to seeing something. One pony's nightmare fuel is another's fetish fuel is yet another's unnoticed background detail.

      I regularly click into this blog now from public computer labs on slow days. Only if it's something I can't show to another adult and have them laugh it off as something silly that I'd be concerned. (And since the ponies are usually naked anyway, the lingerie ponies fit right in the same category.)
      For the other comment-readers who are concerned about "hiding" a corner of a fandom, I'd like to highlight that "less" isn't synonymous with "no more".

    23. Ponies kissing will stay, its just going to be less common.

    24. @Sethisto
      Now, I haven't actually tried this out, but I think http://twitterfeed.com/ will let you feed your blogger posts into a Twitter account automatically. If it doesn't do that, then I apologize for misleading you.

    25. If it's not too much to ask, would the admin be able to include Fluttershy in the blog's logo? It makes me sad to see everypony but her in there...

    26. Holy cow, it's only been two days and we're almost halfway to 400K.

      Also, Myke Greywolf is right. What, we have Trixie, who only appeared in one episode and was never mentioned again, in the logo, but one of the main characters is left out to dry?

    27. And now were at 243 million.... how far we've come :)