• More Kiki Auction Items Up!

    The Kiki auction has a bunch of new signed Tara Strong stuff up on Ebay now, as well as a couple of lower prices on a few of them for those that can't afford the usual charity auction level prices. 

    Head on over here for everything!

    Or these links for some of the sales:
  • PMV: Inspiration / Curelle de Vil / Day Three: Pain

    These ponies and their crazy walk cycles.  What would we do without them.

    Have some PMVS!

    1.) Inspiration (PMV)
    2.) My Little Disney: Cruella De Vil
    3.) Day Three: Pain (PMV)

  • Spotlight Music: Babs Seed - Daks Edit- / Have You Met This Pony Yet? / The Other Half

    We start this one off with another Babs Seed remix, followed by another entry from the My Little Pony Musical, and finally some really neat splicing of Babs Seed's voice. Check them out below!

    1.) Babs Seed -daks Edit-
    2.) My Little Pony THE MUSICAL: Have You Met This Pony Yet?
    3.) DJ MHM - The Other Half

  • Fallout Equestria - Full Story Audio Reading

    Some of you may have heard of that Fallout Equestria fic.  It is ridiculously long, and pretty much built its own community.  Kkat found some way to hook a whole bunch of you for almost a year.  It was one of only two fanfics that ever hit the popular posts on the sidebar during pretty much every update at that!

    I guess it's only natural for it to have a full audio book reading, even if said reading is a whopping 62 hours long.  Yes, you read that right.

    So if you want to relive the Fallout Equestria months, or need something to do while traversing to and from work/running on the treadmill, this might be a good one to check out.

    Find the full thing here!
  • Plushie Compilation #95

    You guys sure have taken a liking to Babs! I've got to admit, she is pretty cute so carry on.

    Pony plushies a plenty coming your way after the break!

    Source 1
    Babs Seed plushie, Bad Seed version

  • Poll Results: Did Your Opinion of Trixie Change After Magic Duel?

    Aww, the most obnoxious unicorn in all of Equestria finally redeemed herself.  Don't let it get to her head though, you know how she is when shes over-confident.  I suppose the excellent episode was a pretty big plus for her.  I wonder if these results would have changed at all if she simply ran away instead of apologizing beforehand(hoof)?

    Anyway, lets take a bit of a Trixie break for a bit.  I know you are all probably sick of her.  In fact, lets get a new antagonist up there!  We had a poll like this way back in the day, so it definitely could use some updating!

    Who is the best antagonist? Hit up the side bar and decide! The winner gets a new banner.

  • Animation/Animatic: Voices of Wartime Equestria / The Day of Which I dreamed Since I was Small

    A while back, we posted up a radio play going by the name of Voices of Wartime Equestria, and now it has an animatic style video for the entire thing.  Needless to say, it's pretty awesome!  This radio play is still one of the best out there. 

    Anyway, go watch/listen to it here!

    We also have a short filly Chrysalis animated comic this time around, and a very short Magic Duel alternate ending.  Find both below the break! 

  • Official MLP Christmas Prints Going up on Friday

    A poster/art website going by the name of Dark Hall Mansion has been poked by Hasbro to make some official holiday posters for Friendship is Magic.  Both of them appear to be using a mixture of the stock vectors that we usually see on merchandise (Rainbow Dash on the bottom one for example), as well as a few new ones.  Both of them were annoucned on their Facebook Page a few days ago.

    If you would like a set, head on over to their website.  On Friday (December 7th), a paypal "add to cart" button will pop up for purchases.   I'll toss a reminder out when the time comes!

    Thanks to the swarms of people that sent them in!

  • Gangnam Style Comic Cover at Midtown Comics

    It looks like Midtown Comics is rolling with Gangnam Style for their 3rd exclusive variant.  These covers really are going to hit every meme by the time this series ends (if it ever ends).

    Find it here

    Thanks to Palle from Denmark for the heads up! 
  • The Hub Wins Best Network for Family Programming

    A while back, we pointed toward a poll on Adweek for the best of the best in various categories.  It was so full of pony, they had to split off into a separate best pony poll just for us (which showed Rainbow Dash as the winner).   However, one section did remain! The Hub pulled it off with a victory in "Best Network for Family Programming". 

    The little blurb they wrote for the winner page is pretty entertaining to! Go read it here! Sounds like The Hub is dominating in more than just pony.  For a fledgling US only subscription network, that is straight up impressive!

    It looks like TV Guide may have pulled a swap on us though.  This image is currently completely unconfirmed, but it looks like they already have a winner picked and printed for their fan favorite contest, even with the ongoing poll.  Can't win them all I guess! I'm cool with Doctor Who. 

    (Update: Looks like the poll that was going to choose the cover was on Facebook! How did we miss that one?) 
  • Story Updates - December 3rd

    Story updates! Chrysalis! Go!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #644

    Some small aspect of me was actually hoping for a head to head confrontation of epic levels between the two of these ponies, but the FiM silly style worked well on it's own!  Mustaches and snowstorms are fine too.

    We have some awesome stuff this time around.  As always, be sure to hit up the DA pages and give them some Favorites, comments, encouragement, and more! The artists deserve your love!  You might even find a 5000x4000 version of your image to download!

    Source 1
    The Duel
  • Random Merch: Wallets, Activity Books, More Underwear, Earrings, Buttons, and More!

    Another wallet has popped up at Hot Topic, this time with Twilight and a city shot instead of Rainbow Dash.   They did kinda have to swap the usual term out for a more politically correct one, but you get the idea.

    Thanks to DinsFire64 for the heads up, who also makes me want to go play Zelda.  I remember discovering that spell and thinking it was the coolest thing ever...

    Head on down below for more RANDOM MERCH

  • Comic: Dawn / Poof! / May the Friendship be With You / Trixie's Vengeance

    I wonder how many comics this episode is going to spawn? They just keep flowing in!

    Click for full as always.

  • Animatic: Applejack LAmentation / Pony Alert 3 / Giraffes in the air

    We have a storybook style animation dedicated to an older Applejack reminiscing on her life.  It's pretty deep, so be prepped for that emotion thingy to creep up on you!

    And as an added bonus for all you red alert fans, have a ponified intro screen, because why not.  Trixie looks good in a statue of liberty robe anyway.  

    Actually, have one more too. I honestly don't know where else to put it or why giraffes are floating around.

  • PMV: Bad∞End∞Night

    Crazy characters in the description? Another anime ponified? You probably know what to expect.  It starts off a little slow, but it gets really fun once the song gets going.  Head on down past the break to check it out!

    One of these days I'm going to have to watch all these anime you guys keep crossing over with.
  • Raven on Stay Brony My Friends

    DustyKatt grabbed another one of those show staffers for tonight's episode. Raven is one of the storyboard artists for MLP, and someone you should totally go follow on Twitter!  You know the drill! Head on down past the break for the usual copy pasta!

  • Nightly Roundup #514

    I can agree with last night's roundup that Twilight is up there on the pony tiers.  Maybe not best of the best pony status, but shes pretty close.

    And this image is amazing.  How could I not use it?

    Have some nightly roundup community stuff !