• Drawfriend Stuff #644

    Some small aspect of me was actually hoping for a head to head confrontation of epic levels between the two of these ponies, but the FiM silly style worked well on it's own!  Mustaches and snowstorms are fine too.

    We have some awesome stuff this time around.  As always, be sure to hit up the DA pages and give them some Favorites, comments, encouragement, and more! The artists deserve your love!  You might even find a 5000x4000 version of your image to download!

    Source 1
    The Duel

    Source 2
    Magic Duel

    Source 3
    You Will Never Be Alone

    Source 4
    Fluttershy meets Santa Claus (Extended version)

    Source 5
    cmc Appear

    Source 6
    Pinkie Pie Mustache

    Source 7
    Dash to the sky

    Source 8
    Am I Powerfull now?

    Source 9

    Source 10

    Source 11
    Out for a stroll

    Source 12
    Celestia's Cake

    Source 13
    Wallpaper - Cutie Belle

    Source 14
    Daddy's Little Girl

    Source 15

    Source 16
    Pon'y Farr

    Source 17
    Happy Hearths Warming

    Source 18
    To Fellow Students

    Source 19
    Survivor Shy - Searching Dodge Junction

    Source 20
    i liked her as a Fraud:FIM title cards series

    Source 21
    Picture #0

    Source 22
    Just Another Casual Drive

    Source 23

    Source 25
    Soda Drinking Lyra

    Source 26
    Wings 2.0

    Source 27
    Wittle Muffin

    Source 28
    ''Need some help?''

    Source 29
    Regent of the Night

    Source 30
    Trixie Has a Sad

    Source 31
    My Milkshake

    Source 32

    Source 33
    Delta Pony Force

    Source 34
    Winter Rarity

    Source 35

    Source 36
    Lets Do This Texas Style

    Source 38
    Ponyville Dusk, snowy

    Source 39
    Ponyville Night, snowy

    Source 40
    metal is magic

    Source 41
    Twilight Apprentice

    Source 42
    Apple Sisters

    Source 43
    The Magic Duel

    Source 44
    I slid

    Source 45
    Thank you Twilight

    Source 46
    Applejack's daydream

    Source 47
    Masters Ponystudy: Bacchus Punch

    Source 48

    Source 49

    Source 50
    The Return of King Sombre

    Source 51
    royal guard

    Source 52
    So gangsta

    Source 53
    Princess Cadence

    Source 54

    Source 55

    Source 56
    Shining Armor the Ballerina

    Source 57
    Magic in a Jar

    Source 58
    Lyra and Bon Bon: taking a nap together

    Source 59
    MLP Commission and Sketch Winners