• Music: Beyiond her Garden / Griffin Village - Winter (Gilda) / Omnipony - Equestria in Grey

    Music time! I think that's the first carrot top song ever.

    1.) Beyond Her Garden
    2.) Griffin Village - Winter (Gilda)
    3.) Omnipony - Equestria in Grey

  • Story: Dawn of a new Day


    Author: furor1
    Description: After Rainbow Dash loses a wing in an accident Twilight finds herself to be the only pony capable of restoring it. But can she reconcile the month long treatment with her suppressed feelings for the pegasus?
    Dawn of a new Day Part 1
    Dawn of a new Day Part 2
    Dawn of a new Day Part 3

    Additional Tags: Dash loses wing, little cliché
  • YTPMV: All a Flutter-shy / Gyro Mare / Legend Of The Seven Sparkles

    #1 might not even be a YTPMV, but it does seem to follow a similar formula.

    1.) All a Flutter-shy
    2.) Gyro Mare
    3.) Super Marainbow RPG - Legend Of The Seven Sparkles (YTPMV)

  • Music: Gator in the Tub / Retrupack Lower - Temptation / Allegretto

    It's a mix!

    1.) General Mumble - Gator in the Tub
    2.) Retrupack Lower - Temptation
    3.)(Allegrezza fan music) Allegretto (feat. Octavia and Vinyl Scratch)

  • derp test

    Welcome to the Story Archive! 100 million thanks to Spectrum Speed for setting this up for us.

    Right now a few issues are popping up with chrome (slow load times primarily), but everything else seems to be working well.

    Instructions: Click once to add a tag, click again to filter it.  For multiple characters, simply select multiple characters. Pretty easy! 

    As with most things, if you see a story that either needs to fall into a specific category, or falls into the wrong category, toss an email to Sethisto@gmail.com

    Story Types:

    Normal: Stories that are just about daily life in Equestria, or simply involving ponies
    Shipping: Stories that involve romantic relationships between one or more Ponies.
    Grimdark: Stories that involve death, famine, plagues, twilight going on rampages murdering all her friends, ect.
    Random: Weird, Random, funny stories that are not meant to be taken seriously.
    Crossover: Stories that involve characters outside of the pony world.
    Comedy: Funny Stories
    Sci-Fi : Technology in Ponyland
    Adventure: Stories that involve the ponies traveling great distances and seeing new locations.

  • One Year Anniversary Celebration Time!

    Source : Kai
    It has been exactly one year since Friendship is Magic released! A full 365 days of WAY TOO MUCH PONY.  For those of us around from the beginning, it has been a wild ride watching it grow from a tiny community on /co/, to the friendship-filled takeover of the internet.  I doubt I'm the only one out there who told their friends about the show six months ago, with a primarily negative response, only to have them come back four months later saying they just marathoned all 26 episodes and can't wait for season two.

    With new episodes less than a week away, it's time to reflect on how awesome the last year has been.  What better way to do that than with more community stuff?  I've collected a few submissions from the past few days for a celebration post.   Check it all out after the break!

  • Cereal Velocity Presents - Equestria Daily: The Game

    Watch on YouTube in 1080p

  • Drawfriend Stuff #211

    Earth ponies with awesome growth and seed magic? I could roll with this.  The poor race needs something to trump the pegusai / unicorns.

    Have some art.

    Source 1
  • Story: The Conversion Bureau - Yellowstone (Episode 5, Minisode 5)

    [Adventure][Shipping] Have some conversion bureau. The same rule as Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons still applies; this is a one time deal.  Other Conversion Bureau fics can be found in the newly updated compilation!

    Author: Anonsi
    Description: A few years after the Conversion Bureaus opened up, the Western Territories of the USA are nearly vacant. It is once more a

    frontier, ripe for exploration and settlement. On bequest of Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle is to experience the human world by joining a family of Pony

    Settlers on their journey out West. It's Dangerous to go alone however, so in an act of good will, the US government is sending someone to make sure no

    harm befalls the ponies.
    The Conversion Bureau - Yellowstone Chapters:

    | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] | [ 6 ] | [ 7 ] | [ Epilogue ] | [ Bonus Chapter ]

    Additional Bonus Stories After the Break!
  • Pinkie Jump Flash Game

    Pinkie Pie is back yet again with another platforming game, this time following the Doodlejump formula. 

    There are also some passwords to toss in that mix things up a bit (Protip: all the cool kids play on Rainbow Dash mode)

    20% cooler = Play as Rainbow Dash
    onthemoon = Zero Gravity
    cupcakes = Cannibalism is magic

    Check it out by clicking the image above, or hitting up this link.  
  • PMV: LOVE ME!!! / Feel Pony Inc. / Sandstorm is Magic

    Oh crap, it's Sandstorm. I remember that playing pretty much everywhere a few years ago. My DDR days are coming back to me!

    1.) PMVHELL: LOVE ME!!!
    2.) Feel Pony Inc. (ft. Discord)
    3.) My little Darude: Sandstorm is Magic

  • Music: Amazing Swag / "Hush now" Fluttershy's mix / The Rise Of A New Lunar Republic

    1.) I Bring Da LULZ - Amazing Swag
    2.) "Hush now" Fluttershy's mix
    3.) The Rise Of A New Lunar Republic

  • Fallout: Equestria Animation

    Those crazy Russian bronies have created a short animation thing for Fallout Equestria.  Sadly, there isn't a translation yet, but I'm sure all 15,000 of you that visit the FoE post every time it updates will find something to enjoy. 

    Check it out after the break!
  • Story Updates October 10th

    Poor Trixie, she can't handle all these updates.

    Same rules as always: No new, No Sequels, and No complete will pop up here, just the updates.  Check them out after the break.

    If you find a broken link, please email me at Sethisto@gmail.com.

  • Story: My Little Zombie: Brains are Magic (Update Part 4!)

    [Grimdark][Sad][Adventure] It's October, and Halloween is right around the corner, so be prepared for the swarm of horror/zombie/monster fics!

    Author: spidersean
    Description: Years have past since the Infection swept throughout Equestria. Ponyville lays in ruin. The sun only hangs in the air for a few hours, the landscape is barren, and the skies are in utter chaos. So much has been lost to this plague. A single filly searches for answers amidst Ponyville's ruins. She seeks to unravel the chain of events behind this terrible blight, but finds much more in the shifting wastes.
    My Little Zombie: Brains are Magic Part 1
    My Little Zombie: Brains are Magic Part 2
    My Little Zombie: Brains are Magic Part 3
    My Little Zombie: Brains are Magic Part 4 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Long, Zombies, Scary, Everypony, Insanity
  • The Brony Show #22

    Have some copy paste! 
    "The Brony Show 22
    Hey everypony! It's that time once again. The Brony Show will be live today on Monday at 6PM PST or 9PM EST. We have a great interview with Baschfire, the great musical talent behind the "Ode to" musical pieces. He's planning a great surprise for our audience so you definitely want to watch. Along with that we'll have news, videos, and all the awesomeness from our panel of bronies that you know and love. So join us! Also we will be having a preshow an hour early at 5PM PST or 8PM EST. Come and enjoy some music videos and some DJ Circuit action! All of this can be found at http://thebronyshow.net or you can jump to the livestream directly at www.livestream.com
  • Nightly Roundup #123

    For those that missed it, and  are continuing to poke my inbox (someone actually linked the article on EQD saying I should post it on EQD!), we have a Rarity episode coming up! Will she lose her mind yet again? I'm looking forward to it.

    It's also the first anniversary of FiM today! We will do something cool for that later on when more people are awake.

    Have some news. 

  • Story: Hoennshy (Update Revamped!)

    [Crossover][Adventure] Pokemon!

    Author: Fenix
    Description: After an ancient spell from Twilight goes awry, Fluttershy finds herself in a new world of powerful creatures. Whilst Fluttershy struggles in the newfound world, Twilight is forced to leave Equestria to find the spell to bring her back. As Twilight and her friends journey through the outlands of Equestria, Fluttershy attempts to uncover what shadows lurk just beyond Hoenn's sight.
     All Chapters After the Break! 

  • Story: Diaries of an Equestrian Overlord (Update Story 2!)


    Author: KitsuneRisu
    Description: It's not easy being Princess! Sometimes how you act isn't exactly how you are. Take a look into the mind of Princess Celestia by reading her most private of posessions; her very own journal. Chronicling the entirety of season one, read about the history of Equestria and the daily lives of six little ponies from a very special perspective.
    Diaries of an Equestrian Overlord

    Additional Tags: Journal, Celestia, Conspiracy, Silly, Peanut

    Story 2 After the Break!