• Spanish Winter Wrap Up

    It looks like the Spanish version of FiM has finally hit Winter Wrap Up.  Unlike their past songs, it does actually do a pretty good job! Check it out after the break. 

  • Story: Smudge on the Record


    Author: Kao1214
    Description: When Trixie returns to Ponyville for her revenge on Twilight, things take a horrible turn. Now Trixie finds herself fleeing the law for a crime not her fault, with a crazed detective hounding her every hoofstep. But what really happened that day in town square? And why is Celestia suddenly acting so cold towards her prized student? What secrets could she be hiding?
    Smudge on the Record
    Smudge on the Record Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Mystery, homicide, escape, minor twixie, secrets
  • Music: Fluttershy / Dislogic / Sophisticated Hoodrats

    This time around, we have two trance mixes, and one song I have no clue how to categorize. It's labeled as "Experimental hip hop", so I guess that could be the reason why!

    1.) Fluttershy (jex Trance Mix)
    2.) NoizyBrony - Dislogic ('Ode to Discord' Mix)
    3.) Sophisticated Hoodrats

  • Story: Composure (Update Chapter 7!)


    Author: Varanus
    Description: We all wear a mask called composure, beneath which hides a heart that twists with guilt and hidden feelings. Regal as she is, Princess Celestia is no exception. What might be revealed should circumstances cause this mask to slip - or break?
    Composure (New Part 7!)

    Additional Tags: Nightmare, Guilt, Secrets, Comfort, Trust.

    Fan Art

  • Comic: Bald / Diamond Tiara's Retribution

    Honestly she really does look pretty bald.

    And some Diamond Tiara below, because for being the popular rich pony, she sure doesn't get much representation round here!

    Source / Click Image for Full
  • Phoe's Very First Unboxing Post

    Occasionally, we blogponies are gifted with free stuff. Arm bands, shot glasses, et cetera and so forth. Days when I get a package are always awesome and put a smile on my face from the moment I open my mailbox. But, it has always been my great regret that I have never had a camera to share these generous gifts with. And when this latest box came in the mail, that was still true. So I don't have a shot of the box with my name on it. And I don't have a shot of the black 'Dungeons and Dragons' bag that was inside. Or the soft paper wrapping that was inside that. But after that I got to go shopping, and while I was out I picked up a new phone.

    So, would you like to know what was gifted to me by a young author calling himself PK? Then you will have to check below this page break. (I'll give you a hint: it is one of the greatest things ever)
  • Comic: Equestria Origins

    Ms. Faust defenitly has the best alicorn.  Is this an OC pony though?  She WAS the creator after all, it would make sense that her official character would be canon. 

    Another comic by the ever talented Madmax
  • Derpy Hooves and Doctor Whooves Fan Anamatic

    For those Doctor Whooves fans out there, a new fan animatic has popped up detailing his arrival and meeting of Derpy Hooves (Voiced by BaldDumboRat as usual).  Check it out after the break, along with some bonus lines from everyone's favorite mailmare.

  • Game: Ponywings - Scootaloo on Rollerblades

    Woah! A pony game that is actually complete for once! That's such a Rarity.

    Someone over on Reddit has created a game called "Pony Wings", with full mobile support built right into the page using HTML 5.  So what are you waiting for? Go play it! Post your scores in the comments section. 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #203

    Derpy is best harbinger 

    Also about that Trixie yesterday... That totally wasn't intentional.   Arnold Schwarzenegger lies. 

    Source 1
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks About Pony Art

    Once again, the Governator of California would like to have a few words with the brony fandom as a whole.  This one delves into art memes, and some of the more seedy aspects of the fandom.  Those of weak will need not watch.  For everyone else, enjoy a nostalgia bomb of socks, maid outfits, and sweaters. (Time in the pony fandom goes faster.  It has been proven by science. So yes, these are nostalgia already).
  • Story: Friendship is Epic (Updated Part 5!)

    [Normal] Some more Twilight and Dr. Whoof time traveling shenanigans.  

    Author: Noir deSilhouette
    Description: Compiled from the chat logs of a brainstorm in a google-docs chatroom.  Twilight's life is interrupted by the town's resident mad genius, Doctor Whooves, and everything is turned upside down when he and Derpy take her on an amazing trip to the future of Ponyville!  As the story continues, I will continue to add the brainstorms of people who respond in comments on Deviant Art or Equestria Daily, building the story as a community!
    Friendship is Epic
    Friendship is Epic Part 2
    Friendship is Epic Part 3
    Friendship is Epic Part 4
    Friendship is Epic Part 5 (New!)

    Additional Tags:   Epic Community Brainstormed References Everything
  • PMV: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Bringjoys /

    PMV Time! I'm diggin the first one.

    1.) Discord Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Bringjoys
    2.) Pinkie's Normal Activity 3

  • Story: Nightmares Don't Last Forever


    Author: BB
    Description: The Elements of Harmony are defeated and Nightmare Moon stands on Equestria's throne as their new Queen. Is Equestria doomed to suffer through night time eternal or will they be... perfectly fine? Twilight finds her new job as slave or "personal assistant" to her new ruler to be a bit maddening. But is this evil sarcastic queen really as bad as she originally believed? And just how many others are diabolical enough to cash in on the change in staff? Can Nightmare truly run a peaceful Equestria? Only one way to find out.
    Nightmares Don't Last Forever

    Additional Tags: Banter, NMM isn't grimdark, Banter
  • Dread Pirate Woona

    Ego is here to once again pass out your daily dose of heart attack and diabetes.  Click the image for the full comic!
  • Story: Moonspire Run


    Author: TitanRising
    Description: Rainbow Dash gets a lesson on more than just flying from he hero, Spitfire.
    Moonspire Run

    Additional Tags: Action, Adventure, Fun
  • Transformers Meet Ponies

    These are freakin amazing. The people doing the voiceovers for this stuff are perfect.

    1.) Optimus Prime Meets Fluttershy
    2.) OptiBrony Strikes Back!!!

  • Pony College Presentations: Double Edition

    A few more college presentations have popped up.  The first one will require some sound boosting, either with headphones or speakers turned way up.

    And number two does it the hard way, without any visual aid whatsoever.  How do you sell ponies without pictures!?  Find out by watching it!

  • Story: Solar Flare (Update Story 3 Part 8!)


    Author: Dragryphon
    Description: The War of the Night, an event so hushed up that only small legends left behind tell of the time it occurred. A discovered tome, however, reveals the history of the war, of the ruling sisters, and some things best left forgotten. Some things the two ruling sisters would prefer to remain hidden...
    Solar Flare Part 1
    Solar Flare Part 2
    Solar Flare Part 3 

    Alternate Link

    Additional Tags: Luna, Celestia, Nightmare Moon, War, Sorrow

    All Extra Stories after the break! 

  • Story: Storms On the Horizon (Update Part 17!)


    Author: Eeveexpert
    Description: Reports of strange, almost sentient storms have been trickling into Canterlot from all over Equestria during the past month, and Princess Celestia has noticed an uncanny similarity between each of these reports. Every time one of these storms appears, it is clear that these storms are hunting for something.

    Despite the obvious connections between each of these occurrences, it is unclear as to what it is that the storms in question are searching for. Unclear, that is, until tragedy befalls one of the Elements of Harmony. The remaining five ponies must hurry to uncover the answers to some very fundamental questions, all the while fighting to protect the remaining Elements.

    However, in order to do so, they will have to dig down to the age-old fundamentals of good and evil, learning things about themselves that might have been better off left unlearned...

    ~Not every cloud has a silver lining, but everything good has something evil to go along with it.~
    All Links After the Break
  • The Brony Show Episode 21

    Episode 21 is on it's way! Check the copy paste below:

    "The Brony Show 21 Part 1 and Part 2
    That's right, this week you get not one, but two The Brony Show's this week! The first one will be this Sunday Oct. 2nd at 6PM PST - 9PM EST and the second one is on Monday, also at 6PM PST - 9PM EST. For part 1 we're interviewing the incredible team of Pen Stroke and Batty Gloom, who wrote Past Sins and created Nyx. Even I can't wait to see what he has to say! Also we have lots of fun videos, and we'll be doing commentary on MLP episode 19 since Season 2 is on a break. And for Part 2 we're going to let Hypermark, D-Pad, and FoxTrot go wild. I've seen some of what they have planned and I definitely wish I could be around. I hope you join us for both, because there's more than enough pony to satisfy even the craziest appetite!"
  • National Pony Writing Month Ending Message

    For all you crazy authors out there writing obscene amount of pony, Siraj has yet another message, check it out below!

    I was checking the comments for NaPoWriMo and it seems that several writers are worried because I'm not replying to their sent e-mails.  Could you make a fast post in regard to that with the following copypasta?

         Hello all NaPoWriMo participants! Siraj/Noble Cause here.  In looking over the comments for the final pep talk, I wanted to reassure you that yes, I am recieving your e-mails with your work linked in it, along with your word counts.  I noticed that there's concerns that I'm not replying back, and I wanted to give the heads-up that I won't be.  Why? I'm too busy going completely insane over here trying to compile everything for the round-up I'm planning on throwing out on the 7th of just how much everypony did.  Not to worry, I'm only going to post up names and word counts, along with the title of the fic.
         In the meantime, as per NaNo 'regulations', you're welcome to edit and submit your work as you like, at this point.  I'm still waiting for my e-mail to keel over from the flood, but so far, so good.

         - Siraj/Noble Cause, boggling at the sheer amount of awesome word smithing.
  • Nightly Roundup #115

    Rarity would make the best vampire. 

    Have some news!

  • Story: Stone Hearts (Update Part 2!)

    [Shipping] [Dark] [Sad]

    Description: After the battle with Discord, Rarity still has nightmares about the rock that Discord had tricked Rarity with. Concerned, she goes to Twilight for help. Slowly, Rarity delves into the maddening practice of golemology as she carves a statue out of the rock and brings it to life. But what price is there to pay for her creation and who will get to pay it?
    Stone Hearts (All Links) (Update Part 2!)

    Additional Tags: Rarity, Tom, Frankenstein, Tragedy, Horror
  • All of Season One at the SAME TIME

    Fuzzy has taken all 26 episodes of season one and set them up to play at the same time.  Can you take ALL THIS PONY?! Are you a badass enough to watch the full twenty two minute video?!

    Check it out after the break.