• PMV: Rock N' Roll by Skrillex / Fall Weather Friends - Unofficial Trailer / Hardcore Country

    We don't get many Dubstep PMV's. I like the pacing they usually bring.

    1.) Rock N' Roll by Skrillex
    2.) Fall Weather Friends - Unofficial Trailer
    3.) Applejack - Hardcore Country

  • Comic: Discord Delivery

    Pixelkitties has released a celebratory one panel Discord comic in record time (as always!).  For those of you that still want it to be a surprise, the above image, including clicking the thumbnail to save it, should just be Twilight being awesome.  Everyone else can check out the spoilerrific version here!

    That sentence had a lot of commas.
  • Music : The Most Talented Flyers In All Of Equestria / Flutterage / Minecraft WWU

    Rock and Minecraft time! Those sure are complete opposites.

    1.) The Most Talented Flyers In All Of Equestria' (Original)
    2.) Flutterage: Symphonic Power Metal
    3.) Winter Wrap Up - Minecraft Note Blocks

  • Toy Review: Toys R' Us Exclusive Collection Set

    It's probably no surprise that I'm more of a fan of the molded ponies than the brushables.  This is primarily due to lazyness, and a lack of interest in hair care.   After a few weeks of searching the brick and mortar stores, wave one finally popped up on Toys R' Us.com, so I immediately ordered it. 

    I'm going to through this step by step after the break for those on the fence about it, so check it out below!

  • Target Canterlot Toys 20% Off

    I was going to save this for the nightly, but I guess it justifies it's own post! 

    Over at Target, the Canterlot set stuff is all currently 20% Off (with coupon).  This is the perfect excuse to buy a plushie Twilight Sparkle!  Get to it!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #183

    This was going to be Discord edition, but I saw all the spoiler rage on ponibooru and though better of it.  It's going to be really difficult to keep a lid on his design for the next few days!

    Have some Luna instead. 

    Source 1

  • The Brony Show Episode 18

    The Brony Show Happens later today again! Have some copy paste

    "Episode 18 of The Brony Show.
    That's right, even after a 24 hour Bronython and streaming Bronyville's Mareathon we still have the energy to do another great show! This time our show will have a fun little twist. Our Interview will be with ourselves! And it will be done by the Interviewing Brony! So if you have questions for Circuit Mane and his crazy co-hosts come on and enjoy the show. Along with that we discuss theories and rumors of Season 2 and also include all the news, PMV's, commentary, and incredible cinnamon swirly oatmealness that is The Brony Show. Just remember our stream will go live at 6 PST - 9 EST. You can catch it at our site at http://thebronyshow.net and our livestream at www.livestream.com/thebronyshow.
  • Comic: Fluttershy Blindbag

    Source / Click for Full
    Fluttershy kind of looks cute with the short hair. I do really wish her blindbag version had it's own custom look to it though.  Even applejack gets her own hairstyle.  Poor Fluttershy got ripped off!
  • MLP Facebook Page Countdown #5

    Oh Rarity... why you so ridiculous?

    This is countdown image #5 from the My Little Pony Facebook page.  More chocolate rain!

    Though im pretty sure its being trumped by Discord this time around.
  • Major Spoilerage: Season Two Clip At Wired (Discord Revealed)

    Picture Completely Unrelated But Awesome
    Wired posted a clip of Discord. Obviously its a huge spoiler for those that want to be surprised on Saturday. You can find it here, you have been warned though!

    More spoilers after the break

  • Comic: Spatacular / Moonrise

    Source / Click for Full
    Spa nonsense and daww Alicorn sisters, because you all seem to just love daww Alicorn sisters. 

    Source / Click for Full
  • The Equestrian Inquirer Issue #4

    Issue #4 is of the Equestrian Inquirer is out! You can find it after the break.

  • Luna is in your living room

    Wouldn't a fireplace be hot with all that hair?
  • Nightly Roundup #94

    Has Gilda ever had a nightly?  Her lack of hooves is kinda boring.  I don't dig that beak either.

    Not that I'm biased or anything toward the vastly superior pony race. 

    Have some news!

  • Story: School Reunion (Update Part 3!)


    Author: Blueshift
    Description:Twenty-five years later, Apple Bloom is an adult pony. She's married with two lovely foals, and is the respected mayor of Ponyville. However she never got past the heartbreak she felt when her two best friends moved away all those years ago and her world changed.

    All this is about to change though. Tonight is the first Ponyville school reunion and Apple Bloom is determined to finally put the past to rest and have the best night ever. What could possibly go wrong?

    Cutie Mark Crusader School Reunion go!
    School Reunion Part 1
    School Reunion Part 2
    School Reunion Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Future, regret, managing expectations, Krastos
  • How To: Order Pizza

    Clearly this pizza hut is the best pizza hut. 
  • Story: Aegis (Update Part 2!)

    [Adventure] [Sad] [Light Shipping]

    Author: Quotidian Torture
    Description: Princess Celestia is worried about her little sister. Ever since the Elements of Harmony vanquished Nightmare Moon and returned Luna to her original state, she's hasn't quite been herself. Not that Celestia really knows what 'herself' means after a thousand years apart. But the Sun Princess knows she can't confront her sister directly, that would just lead to more hurt feelings and no resolution, so she sends an intermediary. Hoplon, Equestria's worst Royal Guard. He's bumbling, he's brash, and he might just have what it takes to get to the bottom of what's eating at the once was 'Mare in the Moon'. Assuming they can get past their rocky introduction, and she can get over that ridiculous name of his.
    Aegis Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags:
    Long, Mystery, Adventure, Drama, Trauma
  • Berry Punch Papercraft

    How about a drink? Mix, mix, swirl, mix. How did that ta--- wait, wrong thing. Berry Punch is all about the... erm... grape juice, but on a dare she thought she'd try being made out of paper for a change. The brilliantly creative Kna continues to churn these out, and they are still a ton of fun to print out and put together.

    Season 2 is almost here! What better way to pass the time than with pony arts and crafts?