• Brony Shirts Now at the Actual Hot Topic Stores (UPDATED)

    Source: Spurs
    I remember a while back wondering if we would ever get big enough for this, and even posting about it.  Looks like we actually did!

    Sadly the bottom shirt in the image was actually a design created by an artist in the fandom (Megasweet), and used without permission.  I reported about this in the nightly roundup a few days ago, but I figured I'd split it off here.

    Megasweet has sent them an email about the issue, but it sounds like nothing has come of it yet.  I'm not exactly sure what the legal rules on something like this are, but it's still a bit strange that a company would jack a design like this.

    Apparenty someone did contact Megasweet.  The design has been put on hold.   Someone else submitted it to the Mighty Fine tee shirt contest without permission,  and Hot Topic was unaware of it.  Glad that's being taken care of! More information, and the thread about it can be found here!

    Regardless, we are now considered "trendy".  How does it feel? 

  • Halo Official Screenshot of the Day: Sonic Rainboom

    Over on the official halo website, the screenshot of the day just happens to be pony.  I am not sure how they choose these, or why this one in particular was chosen (Other than being awesome), but it looks like we have spread to yet another major company. 

     Thanks to everyone that sent it!
  • Random Videos: Brony Gang War / Hitler Hates Bronies

    This is the greatest onion style news cast I have seen in at least a year.

    Also a PMV and some more hitler nonsense! Hopefully something for everyone this time around.

    1.) Brony Gang War
    2.) Bring Your Own Cupcakes
    3.) Hitler Hates Bronies

  • Comic: Once Upon a Pony

    Click for Full / Source
    I'm pretty sure every Disney princess movie would be vastly improved with pony mane characters, but I may just be biased at this point.

  • Comic: My Little Witch Hunters / Carrot Top

    Source: Alvegor
    I wonder if these two will appear in season two? 

    I'm hoping a scenario similar to this happens if they do!

    Also some Derpy based on the old Garfield comic.

    Source: Need

  • Music: Equestria Girls ft. Equius / November / I Bring Da LULZ - PONIES

     Vocal covers/originals time!

    The music queue is surprisingly massive. 

    1.) Equestria Girls ft. Equius
    2.) Vafrous Coyote feat. Tarby - November
    3.) I Bring Da LULZ - PONIES

  • Italian FiM TV Spot

    Italy has pizza right!? Good! Pizza pony is awesome!

    Have an Italian pony commercial after the break!

    You can find it after the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #164

    Celestial Warrior edition!

    Even a princess can look badass in armor. 

    Source 1

  • Story: Stargate: Equestria (Update Story 2 Chapter 3!)

    [Crossover][Sci-Fi] This is a long one, but if the pre-reader response is any indication, it's worth it. It is primarily for Stargate fans, and sort of begins assuming you are into the show, but the non-Stargate pre-readers liked it, even if they were a bit confused at the beginning.

    Also rollin with star Rarity!  

    Author: Bosstone
    Description: When the SG-1 team stumbles through the Stargate into Equestria, an ancient sleeping foe awakens. Can Colonel O'Neill and his team protect the planet's unusual but friendly inhabitants and find their way home again?
    All Links after the break! 

  • FiM Mane Theme Remastered!

    From Daniel Ingram's Twitter page, it looks like we will be seeing a remastered version of the main theme for season two.

    This season is going to be amazing.  Why does the 17th have to be so far away! Confound this waiting!

  • Music: Magical Pony Party / Luna Orchestral #7 / Winter Jazz Up

    Holy crap, finally a jazz remix. It's time to bust out the RAINY MOOD!

    1.) MAGICAL PONY PARTY (song)
    2.) Luna's Army Assembles: Luna Orchestral
    3.) Winter Jazz Up

  • Story: The Shadow Over Hoofsmouth (Update Chapter 3!)

    [Grimdark] Glancing at the queue, I get the feeling that today is Grimdark Day. Don't go to sleep!


    Description: The death of Rarity's grandmother brings with it not just fabulous inheritance, and the opportunity to reconnect with a branch of family she's long been estranged from, but also stranger, more sinister things. Eeeeeeerie things.
    The Shadow Over Hoofsmouth: Chapter 1
    The Shadow Over Hoofsmouth: Chapter 2
    The Shadow Over Hoofsmouth: Chapter 3 (New!) 

    Additional Tags:
    Eeeerie, squamous, rugose, sea ponies
  • Brony Meetups and the New York BronyCon

    The coming months are jam packed with enough pony to satisfy just about anyone.  With season 2 less than a month away, the community as a whole is only going to get larger.  That's where meetups come in!

    We didn't really have stuff like this a year ago.  The only social experience available was on our various message boards/chans across the internet.

    I'm pretty excited about the prospects of watching a new episode and seeing all the reactions in person for once.  So much so that I already booked a flight to New York for BronyCon, which takes place right on top of Episode two. 

    But for those of you not going, be sure to check out the Bronies meetup map; here's a list of changes made since the last update.

    And as always, you can find the map with clickable information here:  www.bronies.com.

  • Top Gear and BBC Notice Pony Video

    Remember that Top Gear pony video some guy made a while ago? The producers of what is probably the highest-budget car show (if not television show, period) on Earth have taken notice- and they like it. I think.

    You can find the story here.

    Full Disclosure: Cereal loves the shit out of Top Gear but knows nothing about cars.
  • Story: Lunacy

    [Grimdark] [Sad]

    Author: NTSTS
    Description: Luna's isolation on the moon has left her mind fractured and unstable. Confronted at every turn by horrific nightmares and hallucinations, she struggles towards the only foreseeable solution...


    Additional Tags: Depressing, Psychological, Suicide, Madness, SPIDERS
  • Comic: Rubic's Cubes Round 3!

    The Great and Powerful Trixie demanded the top slot, but Zecora beat her in a rap battle, so she was forced to take the bottom with Octavia, who refused to compete in something so...crude. 

     Anyway have some more pony Rubic's cube comics!

  • Story: The Sock Swap

    [Comedy] Luna Contest Event winner #4!  That's it for those.  Thanks to everyone that participated.  Hopefully that's enough Luna to hold us over until season 2!

    Author: ProBrono

    Description: Luna's been pretty gloomy for most of the year since her return to the palace, but when her favorite holiday appears on the horizon, she gets excited for everything it might mean for her and her sock collection. However, when Celestia starts having doubts about the Sock Swap, she makes a secret request to Twilight and her friends to make sure it's truly a day for Luna to remember.
    The Sock Swap

    Additional Tags: socks, bunnies, rainbooms, redemption, socks

    Midnight's Notes: From my minion: "11/5 For its length I wasn't expecting it to be so solidly packed with fun and humor. It has a pace to it as opposed to mile-a-minute gags. I wonder if brony meetups will take to including sock HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME SHUT UP AND TAKE MY SOCKS, MY ANGER, AND ALL MY SORROW."
  • Bronies for Good Presents: Redheart's Roundup

    The Brony charity group Bronies for Good has just announced their September donation drive: a community-wide effort to donate as much blood as possible. Blood is one of those things that, even though we are always making more of it, there is never enough of. It cannot be overstated how important it is for hospitals to have a ready supply on hand - a few minutes out of your day will save lives. If, like me, you're deemed medically unable to donate, then I encourage you to spread the word about this event, instead. Details on how to participate can be found in the document linked below.

    Despite the fact that they mention October in it, I'm almost certain this is meant to be a September-based activity. If you guys are reading this, please clarify in the comments. As well, a special thank you to one BlueNudibranch for supplying the lovely image you see above. Nurse Redheart is an awesome pony. Now go and make her proud!

    Redheart's Roundup: Announcement and Details

    edit: Google Doc has been corrected. Sorry for the technical difficulties!
  • Nightly Roundup #76

    Twilight Sparkle's turn! Trixie day sure was filled with complete crazy posts.

    Also repeated words edition, because I repeat words when I'm tired. 

    Have some news

  • Story: And Then They Were Ponies (Update Part 3!)

    [Adventure] Oc ponies?! Have a badass OC pony!

    Author: Kitonin
    Description: A trio of friends finds themselves in Equestria as ponies after being sucked into a strange portal. As they try and make their way back to their world they discover that Equestria isn't as peaceful as it seems.
    And Then They Were Ponies Part 1
    And Then They Were Ponies Part 2
    And Then They Were Ponies Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: OC ponies, evil plots, mystery, memories
  • Story: Turning It Down A Mare (Update Part 2!)

    [Normal] Dash's wings must be made out of tissue paper. 

    Author: SSGuy
    Description: After attempting a record breaking lap around Sweet Apple Acres, Rainbow Dash crashes and fractures her wing. Not being able to return to the sky for a couple of months, her friends attempt to make her as happy as possible.
    Turning It Down A Mare Part 1
    Turning It Down A Mare Part 2 (New)

    Additional Tags: Rainbow Dash, Wing, Broken, Fluttershy, Friendship
  • Papercraft Cheerilee


    Kna has released yet another papercraft pony.  You can find the pattern for it here!