• Drawfriend Stuff #163

    GIANT BIRD THING edition.

    Because it's Scootaloo day.

    Have some art.
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  • 30 Million Ponies Clicked the Site by Accident

    It's totally Scootaloo Day still.  Lucky ass pony.  

    That's a huge number right there! It looks like we beat pretty much every expectation/forecast stated back when season one ended.  Honestly I thought this site would be a ghost town by July.  That sure as hell didn't happen.

    Thanks to all the artists, musicians, authors, community leaders, and fans of the show out there! This fandom is becoming an unstoppable force! We had some rocky points with the media, but it seems like even they are slowly joining the herd.

    And it was all because of cute, colorful ponies from a cartoon for 12 year olds.  Social psychologists everywhere are probably completely baffled.  

    Now onward to Season two!

    Also Doomwad wrote a song about this after the break!

    And thanks to Karzahnii for the banner!

    And a video of the counter

    *UPDATE* Posting for the 30million Contest will take place tomorrow! 

  • Summer Sun Celebration Pony Convention

    Another pony convention is scheduled for June of next year! Currently planning/money gathering is taking place to make it as epic as possible.  Have some copy paste after the break!

  • Story: The Unfavorite


    Author: Gabriel LaVedier
    Description: The Grand Galloping Gala has come again. It is the party of the year, and that draws the Apple Family's outcast, Bad Apple. He comes to snoop, to see his relative, and to be among the glamour ponies. What he never expected to find was a kindred spirit. The one being in Equestria who truly understands.
    The Unfavorite

    Additional Tags: Astronomy, comfort, talking, gala, cuddling
  • Wallpaper Compilation Post Ahoy!

    You may have noticed that over the course of the Brony Community's existence, there have been a ton of super high quality pictures more than qualified to awesome up your desktop background. Maybe you found one once and stuck with it through thick and thin. Maybe you're like me and switched so many times that eventually you just broke down and set them all to auto-cycle. But keeping track of all the little buggers is a very tricky task at this point.

    Cue a bright-eyed, highly motivated pony by the name of Sigma90. He is currently undertaking a huge project to compile as many wallpaper quality images as possible into a single document. They've even been organized by resolution, and cataloged for artist, and image title. There's currently 42 pictures gathered, with another 55 in queue (plus a couple links to pre-existing galleries). Available in google doc and published doc flavors, for those times when you've got to have pony but are running afoul of that 50-man limit. Enjoy perusing!

    Wallpaper Compilation (original doc)
    Wallpaper Compilation (published doc)
  • Season 2 Episode 1: The Return of Harmony (CONFIRMED for 2 Parter)

    I'll just assume this is discord for the time being, cause it's badass.
    I figured I'd split this off to clear up the Season two episode discussion from the other post.  

    The first episode has been confirmed! Information on it is below:

    Episode 1: The Return of Harmony
    Air Date: (Possibly) September 17th
    Spoilered Synopsis: Discord escapes from his stone prison and Twilight and her friends act quickly to find the Elements of Harmony to stop him.

    So what do you guys think this one will be about?  It is now CONFIRMED as a two-parter.

    *Update* Apparently a few months ago the entire episode storyline was leaked on /co/ (Text form, not the actual video).  Here is the screencap, but do not bring it up in comments for the sake of major spoilers.  
  • *Rumor* Season Two Potentially Next Month?

    I'll bite
    I swear to Celestia if any of you don't read the *Rumor* line and complain I'll send Octavia at you, and she WILL bite. 

    *Update* MULTIPLE people from the FiM team have confirmed the title/description of the episode

    *Update #2* Regardless of the actual title/description being confirmed, TV air dates are always subject to change.

    Supposedly Season 2 will begin on September 17th 9AM eastern time.   Someone from a TV listing company emailed me this information directly, and said he would get us some more proof on it tomorrow, though it has been floating around all morning on various forums/chans for pony.

    Episode one is titled "The Return of Harmony" - Spoilered: Discord escapes from his stone prison and Twilight and her friends act quickly to find the Elements of Harmony to stop him. (Not sure why they are re-tracking them down if they already have them, but it's just a rumor right?)

    Until it's all finalized, this is only a rumor though.  The commercial a few days ago does sort of hint that the second season is very soon, so it's a very possible rumor. 

  • Music: For The Solar Empire! / You Gotta Glitch [Voodoopony Remix] / Derpin' Around

    A whole mix of stuff this time around!

    1.) Dr_Dissonance: For The Solar Empire!
    2.) Jackle App - You Gotta Glitch [Voodoopony Remix]
    3.) Derpin' Around (Melody for a Mail Mare)

  • Map of Equestria

    Hlissner over on Deviant Art has created this amazing looking map for one of his future fanfics.  It's obviously making a lot of random assumptions, but the map itself is really impressive. 

    Apparently this is just draft number 5.  It's still currently in progress.  If you would like to follow it, check out the DA page here!
  • Comic: Super Heroes / Seasons on the Moon

    Even the comics are filled with shipping in Equestria.  What IS it about these ponies that causes such a strange reaction?!

    Also some Luuuuna below.


  • Friendship is Magic Dating Sim Updates/Recruiting

    They sent me another image for this, but it was completely ridiculous.  Have some Fluttershy instead. 

    For those of you that are into the whole dating sim game thing, a Friendship is Magic one has been in progress for a while now.  Following the trend of all the other major projects, they have started up a website, and released a bunch of new information based on a survey they did a while back.

    You can find it all below in one big pile of copypaste goodness. And I guess I'll toss the image down there too...

  • Story: Giggling Moon

    [Normal] Winner #2 from the Happy Luna contest!

    Author: Featherwings
    Description:In an attempt to learn friendship and make up on a thousand years of lost happiness, Luna visits ponyville for a day with Twilight Sparkle and her friends! But the mane six have their own ideas about who Luna is; can they move beyond their assumptions to discover the real Luna, or will everyone end up covered in tree sap?
    Giggling Moon

    Additional Tags: Feel-Good, Episodic, Giggling Luna
  • More Beatles Covers!

    For those of you looking for your ponified Beatles fix, the band over at the Beatlebrony channel on Youtube has released six more songs.  You can find them all below! (No embeds this time).

    1.) Blank Flank (Come Together)
    2.) Something
    3.) Derpy's Iron Anvil (Maxwell's Silver Hammer)
    4.) Oh Pony (Oh Darling)
    5.) Because
    6.) The Apple Road Medley
  • Equestrian Logo Pack

    This kind of got lost in the pile, which I do apologize to the original uploader for.

    CrayolaBrony has created a pack of store and services logos for various companies across Ponyville and the rest of Equestria. He says you're free to use them as story pictures or anything else you might need them for. The pack is available here, on DeviantArt.
  • Story: Choosing Fate (Update Part 8!)

    [Normal] I totally thought that was Nyx when I first opened the email. Confound you Past Sins!

    Author: Livi-Love
    Description: After being tricked into thinking she has earned her cutie mark, Applebloom questions whether it has set in stone the path in life she must now take. Is she destined for evil, or does she have a choice in what she does?
    Choosing Fate
    Choosing Fate Part 2
    Choosing Fate Part 3
    Choosing Fate Part 4
    Choosing Fate Part 5
    Choosing Fate Part 6
    Choosing Fate Part 7
    Choosing Fate Part 8 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Friendship, choices, later evil!Applebloom, acceptance
  • Nightly Roundup #74

    That is the happiest Lyra I have ever seen.

    I'm happier just looking at her.

    Seriously, shes glowing happiness. 

    You can't top this happy. 

    I will now happily give you some news.

  • Savage Worlds: Pony RPG Campaign Transcripts (Update Part 11+12+13!)

    I used to play Dungeons and Dragons... well, technically. It was a Star Wars variant. On the internet.

    Anyway, Giftkrieg23, the same pony who wrote a pony set of rules for the game Savage Worlds, has posted a transcript of the first game of his summer-long campaign using these rules! He says his last mention on the blog got him a good injection of fans, so, if you're interested in this kind of stuff, I urge you to check it out.

    This will be an ongoing series thing for those interested in the campaign! 

    Four Ride Forth Session 1
    Four Ride Forth Session 2
    Four Ride Forth Session 3
    Four Ride Forth Session 4
    Four Ride Forth Session 5
    Four Ride Forth Session 6 
    Four Ride Forth Session 7
    Four Ride Forth Session 8
    Four Ride Forth Session 9
    Four Ride Forth Session 10 
    Four Ride Forth Session 11 (New!)
    Four Ride Forth Session 12 (New!)
    Four Ride Forth Session 13 (New!)
  • Comic: Great and Powerful

    Source/Click for Full
    Like the Great and Powerful Trixie wouldn't be all over this.  She would leap at the chance to go Alicorn mode.  I don't think Nightmare Moon could deal with the obnoxiousness though.  Trixie already thinks shes better than everypony else, I can't imagine what this would do to her ego. 

  • Vocal Free Episodes 13, 14, 15

    This show really does have amazing background music.  I hope the soundtrack includes some of it. 

    1.) Vocal-Free MLP Episode 13, Part 1 / Part 2
    2.) Vocal-Free MLP Episode 14
    3.) Vocal-Free MLP Episode 15