• Story: Octavia's Power Hour

    [Normal] [Comedy] [Shipping]

    Description: In what is ostensibly the most terrifying time of Octavia's life, she forgets how to play the cello. Lyra reluctantly helps to pick up the pieces, with the assistance of our favourite DJ, Vinyl Scratch!

    Octavia's Power Hour

    Additional Tags: Long, Romantic, Friendship, Humour, Learning
  • Story: The New Dawn of the Old Night (Update Part 5!)


    Author: MiloSaysRelax
    Description: Celestia has been keeping a close eye on here once wayward sister Luna, but that hasn't stopped Luna from plotting her demise (and the demise of the Elements of Harmony) in absolute secrecy. After three-years under house arrest in the castle, the first steps in her plan to overthrow Princess Celestia have been set in motion, on the night of a full moon, as she schemes to take the throne and bring the lands of Equestria to everlasting night once again, and killing all who stand in her way.
    The New Dawn of the Old Night
    The New Dawn of the Old Night Part 2
    The New Dawn of the Old Night Part 3
    The New Dawn of the Old Night Part 4
    The New Dawn of the Old Night Part 5 (New!)

    Fanfiction.net (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Long, Battles, Forbidden Magic, Violence, Sibling Rivalry
  • Wall Street Journal Reports on Pony!

    In their recent "Never Too Old for "Thundercats"? article, a small brony plug snuck in.  It's pretty brief, and in one of their smaller side colum sections, but that's a pretty heavily publicized location for our ponies to invade.  You can find it in the image above.

    Maybe we should get get Jayson Thiessen or Daniel Ingram into the Time Magazine top 100?

    Thanks to Gamerlord for the image! 

  • Bronies for Good Seeking Banner Art

    The brony charity group, Bronies for Good, is making huge strides in their quest to be a force for good in the world, and are potentially even looking at registering as an officially recognized charitable organization. But in order to reach the level of prominence and organization necessary to make leaps like that, they need to present a unified and more structured face. To that end, they're looking for official banners and logos to use everywhere. That's where you come in! Here's what the group asked me to share with you:

    Hello bronies,

    We are holding a competition starting today and ending on Aug. 31. We are looking for two banners (800 x 110 and 319 x 100) and one logo (preferably a vector) Any submissions should try to avoid any direct imagery from MLP FiM (the banners can, as long as a credit to the original creators is shown. The logo should not, as we would like to eventually use it for apparel and accessories.) Once you have submission that could possibly fit these requirements, you are more than welcome to submit it as a photo on the Bronies for Good Facebook page, where it can be put forth for consideration by the members of BfG

    We are also looking for custom themes for SMF and WordPress if anyone is interested in that.

    Please let any questions about this be known so we can answer them.

    Best Regards,

    Bronies for Good.
  • University Pony Radio Show Reminder

    Just a reminder for anyone that didn't read the nightly roundup; KJH(BACKWARDS K) 90.7 FM is holding a brony show in Kansas.  If you are in the area, it might be fun to tune in to.  I think this is the first actually broadcasted pony show.

    Or you can hit up their site here.

    The show starts at 10:00 PM Central tonight!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #154

    Bad ass Crossover pony edition!

    At least I think it's a crossover.  Lets just assume it is alright?

    Source 1
  • Story: Trading Places, Hooves and All (Update Part 4!)

    [Normal][Comedy] I can't think of a better image to use for "ponies inside Twilight Sparkle's Head"

    Author: Wierdplatformer
    Description: What if your best friend could know what's inside your head? Maybe put on your shoes for a day? Twilight knows.
    Trading Places, Hooves and All Chapter 1
    Trading Places, Hooves and All Chapter 2
    Trading Places, Hooves and All Chapter 3
    Trading Places, Hooves and All Chapter 4 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Long, Accident, Dream, Magic, Switch
  • Music: Runway Shy / Lullaby for the Coolest Pegasi / Conflict

    Muuusic time. Cele sure is lazy.

    The first one is a remix of the runway model thing from Green isn't your color, followed by a scootadash lullaby and some drums and stuff!

    1.) Runway Shy (+NURSE Extended Mix)
    2.) Lullaby for the Coolest Pegasi
    3.) Conflict - ByCelestiasBeard

  • Latin American Official Ticketmasters Dub

    Someone uploaded the Ticketmaster DVD from the Latin American pony toy on YouTube.  For those of you curious about how it sounds in other languages, you can find both part one and part two after the break!
  • Official Pony...Body Pillows!

    Yep! It has been done.

    These are 100% official found at Toys R' Us, for 38 bucks altogether.  They were not in the actual MLP section, but the baby section across the store.

    Apparently these are the only two available, so those seeking the comfort of a Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash will have to wait.  

    You can find the ponychan thread about it here!

    and links!

    Pinkie Pie
  • Story: Time Heals All Wounds (Update Chapter 5!)

    [Shipping] Is this? Could it be? Lyra shipping? Lyra shipping! My sense of objectivity is shattered into pieces.


    Description: Lyra and Bon-Bon have been a couple for as long as we can remember, but how did they meet, and what sparked their love?
    Google Documents
    Time Heals All Wounds: Chapter 1
    Time Heals All Wounds: Chapter 2
    Time Heals All Wounds: Chapter 3

    Time Heals All Wounds: Chapter 4
    Time Heals All Wounds: Chapter 5 (New!) 

    Deviant Art
    Time Heals All Wounds: Chapter 1
    Time Heals All Wounds: Chapter 2
    Time Heals All Wounds: Chapter 3
    Time Heals All Wounds: Chapter 4
    Time Heals All Wounds: Chapter 5 (New!) 

    Additional Tags: Lyra Bon-Bon Shipping Love Happiness
  • Brony Movie Night #15

    Brony movie night starts soon! have some copypaste.

    Hello everypony, it's time for Brony Movie Night again!  As usual, the broadcast will begin at 7 PM Eastern (GMT -5) on Friday and 2 PM Eastern on Saturday.  The selection lottery this week will be on Friday.  Without further ado, this is our schedule:

    -Pony Episode: Fall Weather Friends

    -B Movie: This Island Earth (Content Warning: Some violence)

    INTERMISSION (lottery on Friday)

    -Mane Movie: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

    -Pony Episode: A Dog And Pony Show

    A few announcements as well:

    1. Make sure to mark your calendars for August 26-28th, as an end of summer event, we will be showing all 3 Lord of the Rings movies (extended versions), one each night, as well as 2 pony episodes!

    2. We are currently taking applications for moderator positions, please email us at bronystate@gmail.com if you would like an application

    3. We are also currently looking for people who have access to The Hub that would be willing to stream new pony episodes on Brony State once season 2 begins.  If you are interested and would like to stream for us, please send us an email at bronystate@gmail.com

    4. This week, our Saturday broadcast will be extended.  We will be showing Macross: Do You Remember Love, as well as other giant robot-related things.  That portion of the broadcast will begin at 9:30 PM Eastern (GMT -5)

    And the link to it: http://dinkypage.com/bronystate

  • Music: Acoustic Mane Cast Themes

    A bunch of music from Acoustic Brony this time around!
    1.) Rainbow Dash's Theme (Original)
    2.) Rarity's Theme (Original) [Feat. Octavia, Lyra and DJ Pon-3]
    3.) Fluttershy's Ballad (Original) [Feat. Frederic Horseshoepin]

  • Story: Spiderses

    [GODLIKE] Every once in a while, I open my mail box and am instantly hit with a sense of absolute peace.  The feeling is indescribable.  This happened just yesterday, and I immediately forwarded the submission to the pre-readers to share the newfound joy I was now blessed with. 

    Four of them came back with super powers, and the other seventeen cryogenically froze themselves, because absolutely nothing else in this world could possibly top the experience they all shared while reading what has come to be known as the ultimate masterpiece of human intelligence. 

    Pre-Reader Quotes
     "Every once in a while you get the chance to read a story that sets the bar for it's entire genre. This story will forever be the one by which all others are measured. You are witnessing greatness here ponies." -Pre Reader gifted with the ability to create life.

    "There's a certain level of writing that simply cannot be explained to the regular reader.  It cannot be comprehended.  It's quality is so far past it's time that few, if any, will be able to recognize it's greatness." -Pre Reader gifted with the ability to cure any illness, and imbue their patient with immortality. 

    "A boundary shattering tale that pushes the envelope on what fanfiction can be."-Pre Reader gifted with the ability to travel across time and space.

    "I wept pure hot tears
    Literature so awesome
    My world, now spiders"-Pre Reader Gifted with the ability to Haiku about anything

    "I came"-Pre Reader... I'd rather not mention his new powers.

     Author: Argembarger
    Description: After a spell misfires, Twilight and Big Macintosh find themselves trapped in a world like none they've ever seen before. Together, they will face adventure, hardship, loss and longing, as their shared experience brings them closer together.
    Deviant Art


    Additional Tags: spell misfire motherhood irony metaphor

  • Buy Candy, Make Art

    Do you have a ridiculous amount of candly laying around?  Are you bored and feeling creative?  Look no further than Skittle Art!

    Two people over on DA have been converting various fan art pieces into giant works of diabetes inducing goodness.  They are also taking requests over on a their DA page.

    More images after the break!

  • Music: I Bring Da LULZ - Remember

    I Bring Da LULZ has released yet another single, this time without any form of sexual innuendo involving ponies! At least I don't think there is any...

    Anyway, you can find it after the break.

  • Comic: Cannibal Lolocaust

    These comics...are so detailed. 

    Pixelkitties is crazy.  She also included a custom header so I didn't even have to snipping tool this one!
  • Season One Chord Book

    Fresh off of last night's release of a previously unreleased season one song, CrayolaBrony writes in to show us his Season One Chordbook for guitarists. It's... well, it's huge. If I knew how to play anything but a plastic Rock Band guitar I would totally bust out some chords and sing badly for about an hour before realizing how silly I looked and putting on some metal to compensate. But secretly I'd feel pretty good about it.

    Did I do a link? I forget. I'll do it again. Chordbook is here.
  • Nightly Roundup #65


    I used to talk into these when I was a kid and warp my voice.  I'm imagining Luna doing that right now. 

    Have some news!
  • Writing Training Ground Week 4 Complete!

    All those budding authors throwing words all over the place and spamming my poor pre-readers.  It's cute really; just like Derpy!

    Week 4 - Cliches
    Looks like 26 fics and poems submitted. How many spells can one pony screw up? Why are Dash's wings so very easy to injury and/or misplace. Will socks make Luna a happy pony? Why is everything suddenly bigger and 8? You'll have to read these to find out.

    All Stories Link
  • Google Chrome Themes

    I love Chrome. It's so much more stable than Firefox these days. That said, I do often have both running at once. Chrome houses my email box and Gtalk and things like that so when Firefox crashes I'm not out of the loop. It's a nice system.

    Two ponies by the names of GrendoPony and Julien12826 write to tell us of some pony Chrome themes they've cooked up. The entire set of the mane six's can be found here, and Julien would also like to let you guys know that he's working on a Scootaloo theme, which can also presumably be found at the same link when they're finished with it.