• Story: Joshing (Update Part 2!)

    [Comedy] "short and simplistic... but on the other hand it does what it sets out to do and doesn't overstay its welcome." - Pre-reader #12

    Author: CloudWander
    Description: Three Earth Ponies ponder the origins of Pegasus Ponies in general and Rainbow Dash in particular. Science! Conspiracy! Scandal! Oatmeal!
    Joshing Part 1
    Joshing Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Short, Humor
  • Story: I'll Never Let Go


    Author: Autumn Wind
    Description: After her jealousy made the once meek Luna into the dangerous Nightmare Moon, her sister Celestia had no choice but to exile her to the moon so that she would no longer pose a threat to the ponies of Equestria. However, she would not let her sister spend a thousand years alone. Every week, Celestia sets off to the moon, to see what is happening of her dear sister...
    Google Documents
    I'll Never Let Go

    I'll Never Let Go

    Additional Tags: Short, Anger, Exile, Compassion, Conflict
  • Rosemary's Filly (FiM Suspense Trailer) / 1000 Subway Sandwiches / 15 minutes of Luna Dancing

    First off, we have a suspense trailer for FiM as a whole.

    Then some completely ridiculous YTPMV stuff.

    And finally some dancing Luna. I think bedroom eyes Nyanpinkiepie still wins the CAN'T STOP WATCHING award, but dancing Luna comes pretty close!

    1.) Rosemary's Filly (FiM Suspense Trailer)
    3.) 15 minutes of Luna Dancing

  • Stephen Colbert Shouts Out to Bronies (Video's Up!)

    Colbert did a brony shoutout!

    It's confirmed, the exact quote:
    "I want to give a shoutout to any bronies that might be watching"
    HQ Video!  

    Official video (New!) 

    Lauren Fausts Response!
    "Holy guacamole, bronies. Stephen Colbert just gave you all a shout out. I'm seriously impressed. You guys are an internet force to be reckoned with. Just wow."
  • Story: The Girl of His Dreams

    [Sad][Shipping] Y'know, I've had nightmares about mustaches. I can totally relate, Spike.


    Night after night of bad dreams keeps Spike from getting some much-needed sleep. When Twilight's attempt to help fails, the young dragon unwittingly turns to his beloved Rarity. A night alone with his crush seems like a dream come true, but what chance does a baby dragon really have with the perfect unicorn?

    The Girl of His Dreams

    Additional Tags: Spike grows up a little
  • Bronies For Good

    Bronies For Good is a pony-based philanthropy dedicated to organizing Friendship is Magic fans across the country for various charity drives, and presenting a positive front for bronies to interact with the world at large. We've mentioned them once before in a Nightly Roundup, but they deserve a more prominent advertisement. Currently, the group is working with one Purple Tinker (you may have heard of her) to set up a food donation drive to take place during the next BroNYcon, and they're hoping to set up similar events with local groups across the country. This is an awesome and admirable goal, and definitely something worth checking out. Click around on the links below, and see for yourself if this is the sort of project you'd like to be a part of.

    Bronies for Good on Facebook
    Ponychan discussion thread
    Ponychan organization thread
  • Music: For Luna / FlutterShine / Parasprite Polka - accordion cover

    Remixes of the fashion show song are always great, along with Luna music!

    And some accordion for those of you that like the live stuff!

    1.) For Luna: Luna Orchestral
    2.) FlutterShine (No Embed)
    3.) Parasprite Polka - accordion cover

  • Story: Papa Pie (Update Part 3!)

    [Normal][Sad][Comedy][Random] That's a lot of tags! And a lot of characters!

    Author: Tenure
    Description: During the course of her day, Twilight learns that Pinkie Pie's father is coming to visit her and she's throwing a party to celebrate! However, he's bringing a bit more than anypony bargained for... a confession about Pinkie's past that may change the way the pink party pony sees her beloved Papa for the rest of her days.
    Papa Pie Part 1
    Papa Pie Part 2
    Papa Pie Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Random, Pinkie, Party, Secrets, Family
  • Pipecleaner Ponies

    So great and Powerful~
    I didn't even know pipe-cleaners were CAPABLE of this.  These things are amazing.  I can't imagine how difficult it is do build a pony out of this kind of medium. All of these, and more, can be found at Ponycrafter's DA page.

  • Story: Bricks (Update Part 7!)

    [Grimdark] OC pony! Have a random Rarity until someone draws it, because it's inevitable at this level of cooool. 

    Author: The Power
    Description: A long-standing dispute between an unwelcome astronomer and the town of Ponyville leads to a very strange series of events.
    Bricks Chapter 1
    Bricks Chapter 2
    Bricks Chapter 3
    Bricks Chapter 4
    Bricks Chapter 5
    Bricks Chapter 6 
    Bricks Chapter 7 (New!)

    Bricks (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Celestial, Brotastic, Hungry, Entitled, Angry
  • Live "The Brony Show"

    The Brony show's weekly broadcast starts at 6:00 PM PST live!  You can find it below!

    The Brony Show Livestream
  • Story: Do You Really Want To Know? (Update Part 2!)

    [Shipping]  More Letters to the Princess style stuff! This time with some comedy thrown in!

    Author: Friendly Uncle
    Description: Twilight and Celestia are both INCREDIBLY confused.  Luna isn't helping.
    Do You Really Want To Know? (All Links)(New Part 2!)

    Additional Tags: Misunderstandings, horns, erotica, Fluttershy why?
  • Drawfriend Stuff #144

    Confound it Moe!  Why do you make me replace my desktop background daily?

    Also check this out.  Apparently someone ordered a full sized physical version of the Rarity dragon painting.  I'm honestly considering dropping the 200 bucks for one of these. 

    Have some ART!

    Source 1 moe

  • Synchtube Ponython Again!

    Another marathon of all 26 episodes is under way! If you want to join in, hit up the synchtube channel below!

    Pony Marathon
  • Comics: Open Minded/Best Sock Ever

    Look everypony, comic time! Today's offerings are all about love. So much love. More love than you can stuff inside an appendix. Above is a lovely little number by teygrim, explaining to us why TwiLuna is the only proper ship, and also proselytizing about the always perfect and never at all wrong process of shotgun weddings. Of a sort. You'll see. And then below, a treatise from Maquark on why the best socks are Dinky's socks socks made with love by your momma.Which is totally true, by the way. Yay, sockies!

  • Art of the Dress Sing-a-Long

    30 bronies singing Art of the Dress... Doesn't sound bad actually!

    There are two more Bronies United tracks in progress. If you are interested in joining in on  "Fluttershys" (The Owl City fluttershy song) Head over to this thread on ponychan. (Deadline September 27th)

    Alternatively, Equestria Girls is also recruiting more people, hit up this thread! (Deadline September, 16th)

    ^UPdate^ And one more apparently!  Giggle At the Ghostly here

    You can find Art of the Dress after the break!
  • Story: A Day for Spike and Twilight

    [Normal] This one actually drops a bunch of references to dangerous business, for those wondering!

    Author: Jetfire
    Description: On a beautiful spring day, Twilight Sparkle finds herself alone- save for her oldest friend.

    A Day for Spike and Twilight

    Additional Tags: Spike, Twilight Sparkle, Family, Friends
  • Artist Training Ground Alumni Week 5

    Artist Training Ground week 5 has come to a close!

    Have a whole mess of ponies shocked, and in socks, here!

    This week the challenge is to draw a pony with a pet.  You can find the Artist Training grounds Deviant Art page below if you want to join in!

    Artist Training Ground Alumni
  • Pony Train Toy Set + DVD's?

    This Taobao website must have either a time machine, or a witch doctor, because they always seem to get the random toys listed before anyone else!

    This is a MLP train set. I have no clue when or where it will be released, but it's listed here!

    Thanks to Purple Tinker for the heads up!

    Also the DVD set?
  • Ponies Look...Delicious

    I'll take 20.

    I'm pretty sure marshmallow hooves are canon at this point.

    From Inkwell-Pony! And writing by EsperDerek.
  • Untitled

    Just sayin'.

    I think not!

    Oh hell no, Seth, you're not doing this again.
  • Story: The Dread Chitin

    [Sci-fi][Crossover] Battletech!

    Author: Karazor
    Description: Stranded on a hostile, alien world, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash must depend on one another and a fellow alien castaway if they want to return home to Equestria.
    The Dread Chitin

    Additional Tags: Human, desert world, original setting
  • Nightly Roundup #54

    I wonder if we will ever see Pinkie Pie's sisters in season two?

    Did they ever escape the rock farm?

    Anyway, have some news!

  • More Official Animator Sketches!

    This is apparently pretty old judging by the date, but I never did post it.. so have some more official animator pony art! This guy is a storyboard artist for the show, and apparently drew these for the daughters of a friend of his. 

    You can find his site here!

  • Official Animator Artwork

    William Bradford, one of the animators for FiM, runs a small sketch blog.  It's a pretty basic entry, but still neat to read through it and check out the different animation stages. 

    One of his quotes says it best:
    "I don't think i've ever been on a flash show that allowed us to push the expressions and posing for maximum appeal: Most of the credit being owed to Lauren Faust's permission, All the former Ed Edd n Eddy storyboard artists, and the fantastic character and set builders."
    This defenitely shows.  I think the facial expressions in this show are some of the greatest I have ever seen in animation, and the big draw for me personally.  Everything from the deadpan Twilight Sparkle expressions to Pinkie Pie's off the wall shapes that she pulls off...it's just so well done. 

    You can find the blog here!
  • Soarin Papercraft

    Complete with PIE

    More papercraft template awesomeness from Kna! You can find the template below!

    Soarin Pattern