• Balloon Round 2!

    Sadly, Al Capony was just a theory.  Now that people have actually aquired the posters, they are being tossed around in super high resolution (This baloon is only about an inch on the actual poster, so it's the best we got!)

    Hell Al Capony might still be possible, but that sure as hell isn't an alligator.  This is a 4600DPI scan with a whole bunch of small modifications to sharpen it.

    It could just be two nonsense background ponies in goggles and a hat, or it would actually be some season 2 characters. 

    What do you guys think?  The actual image is MASSIVE btw, so be sure to open it to check if you want to theorize on it! 
  • Story: The Black Gate


    Author: Incorporatedstates
    Description: A horrific but familiar darkness descends upon Equestria after thousands of years of dormancy. As it swallows Equestria whole and transforms its ponies into beings far more sinister, a group of two ponies must face the unknown together if the Equestria they know is to be saved. Some ponies will rise to this new challenge with them, but far more will fall sway to the encroaching darkness. What the ponies will discover, however, is that the power of friendship alone may not be enough.
    The Black Gate - Part I

    Additional Tags: Long, Quest, Darkness, Anti-ponies, Remembrance
  • PMV: Awesome Rainbow Dash Spray Paint / Phineas and Ferb Medley -MLP Edition / Fluttershys Genocide

    Mix time.

    First off is a really cool awesomeface rainbow dash spray paint thing!

    Second is 8 and a half minutes of PMV nonsense!

    And third is youtube poop, for those of you who are into that stuff!

    Sadly, no followup to Rainbow Sponge. Sorry guys. 

    1.) Rainbow Dash awesome face spray painting
    2.) Phineas and Ferb Medley - My Little Pony Edition
    3.) Youtube Poop (Fluttershys Genocide)

  • Music: Ceep Calm and Cupcakes / My MIDI Pony / Filly's First Flight

    I don't usually put things on my mp3 player, but when I do, ... Actually, I use the poor Dos Equis guy way too much here. He may be awesome, but he has his limits. +20 internets to the first person to suggest something better in comments.

    Have some music!

    1.) Ceep Calm and Cup Cakes (Remix)
    2.) My MIDI Pony
    3.) Chain Algorithm - Filly's First Flight

  • Drawfriend Stuff #136

    Why is Trixie eating a pinecone? Edition.

    Source 1 NgrFgt

  • The Great and Powerful Unboxing!

    After countless hours of scavenging the science section of youtube looking for genetic breakthroughs in life extension and pony creation, I have noticed a trend...

    50% of it is ALWAYS unboxing.  

    And it just so happens that I found a first class mail parcel waiting for me.  Lets do this!

  • Comic: Pinkie Vs. Predator

    Woah, it has been a while.

    New comic by Madmax!

    Also some Fluttershy eating beans below from toonfreak, and a followup after the break!

  • Story: The F-Grade Drinking Game.

    [Comedy][Random][Shipping] Cheerisparkle!

    Author: James Corck
    Description: Twilight Sparkle joins Cheerilee to help her correct the exams of her students. It may not seem like a very exciting Sunday night plan, but then, they also plan on playing Cheerilee's favourite game: The F-Grade Drinking Game.
    The F-Grade Drinking Game

    The F-Grade Drinking Game Alternate

    Additional Tags: Random, Comedy, Teachers, Self-Parody, Exams.

  • Game: Legend of Celestia: Fluttershy's Quest

    Another game has fallen to the pony, and once again Fluttershy takes the lead!

    This one replaces link's sprite, and changes the color pallet of the world a bit to look more like Equestria.  He also swapped some of the text out, though this game was never very text heavy to begin with!

    I'm curious... Would you guys be up for a sprite swapping competition?  I honestly know very little about this, so I'm not too knowledgeable about the difficulty level. 

    I'm pretty sure ponies in any game is an improvement.  (aside from Mortal Kombat, unless they really are made out of fluffy rebuild able marshmallow.)

    Anyway, you can find the links in the youtube video description!

  • More 20 Million Hits comics/Art!

    Oh come on Trixie! Ninja pony was just a one day thing!  You didn't have to BURN DOWN MY TRIXIE ACTION FIGURE FACTORY.

    (Thanks Don_Ko!)  

    Also have some awesome 300 crossover stuff from PixelKitties! Once again, the Cute and Sweet Fluttershy has proven herself to be the most amazing pegasus in all of Equestria. 

  • Discussion: What Parts of Season One Amazed You?

    It's time to think wayyy back to months ago when brand new official content was gracing out monitors and TV screens.   If you came from /co/, the best part of the week was always the thread during, or right after, the official airing of a new episode on The Hub.  The amount of 20+ year old's squeeing like 12 year old schoolgirls over every little detail was beyond entertaining.

    I'm pretty sure most of us went nuts when Derpy Hooves first popped up during Feeling Pinkie Keen, but what else made you blow your mind?
  • Shiny Teeth and Me PMV / Harmony / Fluttershy will be your home

    Trailers and PMV's time!

    1.) Shiny Teeth and Me PMV
    2.) Harmony (Trailer)
    3.) Fluttershy will be your home

  • Derpy Fan Voices #2!

    Derpy voiceover time!

    You guys seemed to like her last one!

    She is promising a musical with the derpy voice in the future as well! 

    You can find it after the break.

  • Music: Spitfire / Shy / My Destiny is a Rock

    More Silva hound, some Atmospheric Fluttershy stuff, and some crazy Rarity stuff!

    1.) Spitfire
    2.) Shy (No Embed)
    3.) My Destiny is a Rock (Twizzle Mix)

  • Story: Prince Charming (Update Story 2!)

    [Grimdark-Gory][Sad] Time to exercise that Grimdark tag! You have been warned.  Apparently it's well written according to the pre-readers, so why not! 

    Author: Baldwin
    Description: The Grand Galloping Gala was nothing like what the six friends had imagined. Especially for Rarity and her so called "prince charming." Driven by her mad pursuit for the perfect lover, Rarity decides to make one.
    Prince Charming (New Link)

    Additional Tags: Desperate, butcher, insanity, creation, mental erosion.

    [Grimdark][Shipping] Story 2!
    Description: When everyone's favorite pink party pony is murdered because of the kindness of her heart, will she be able to rest in peace? Her killer is locked up in the loony bin and Pinkie Pie is hungry for revenge. She's coming back for one last party.
    Google Documents
    Mirrors (New!)

    Deviant Art
    Mirrors (New!)

    Additional Tags: revenge, punishment, haunting, vengeance, return, Mane six, Spike, Soarin,FizzyPop (Pinkie Pie blind bag recolor)

  • Nightly Roundup #44

    Equestria Daily Current Best pony: Fluttershy

    Tomorrow's Best Pony: Octavia

    It's news time after the break! 

  • Story: I Wont See You Tonight (Update Complete!)


    Author: CoffeeGrunt
    Description: Life is hard for an orphan roaming the streets of lower Canterlot. However, Trixie has an inspiring angel to join her in her climb to stardom. Unfortunately, both sisters soon find that the rise to stardom is filled with hate.
    I Wont See You Tonight

    Additional Tags: Trixie, Twilight, Cassandra, Promise, Redemption.

    Side Stories after the break! 

  • Scootaloo and Fluttershy Plushies!

    Source: Evilsugar
    Look at that smug ass expression!  Scootaloo is almost as cool as Trixie!

    Also some Fluttershy, because two time winner of the best pony polls finally has a plushie of her own. 

    Source: Jackiekie