• Adult Swim Mentions Bronies

    Adult Swim mentioned bronies!  

    I don't think it was really a good thing though!  Apparently we are creepy as hell, along with furries and the word "moist".

    And I thought for sure they would have a few of us in their ranks.

    Color me disappointed.

    Video after the break

  • PMV: Pinkie's Super-fun Wonderful Party Anthem / Kountry Gentleman / Stand Up For Your Love!

    Lip Syncing, Applejack being a badass, and a normal PMV! Yay

    Just a heads up- I'm no longer storing PMV's in the archive. So favorite them if you like it!

    1.) Pinkie's Super-fun Wonderful Party Anthem
    2.) Applejack - Kountry Gentleman
    3.) Stand Up For Your Love!

  • Brony College Presentation #6

    The sound is a little low on this one, but it's pretty entertaining.

    It's a shame, all I have left to take are programming classes.  Not too many opportunities to do stuff like this there!

    You can find the presentation after the break!
  • PMV: Mortal Kombat / What Pinkie's Song Actually Sounded Like

    Have some super awesome Fluttershy.  I'm pretty sure this pony is slowly proving Pegasus supremacy to me.  

    Number 2 contains one of those parody rap songs filled with various swear words, you have been warned, like 3 times.

    Also some official(?) dutch dubs? Sounds interesting. Spike is kind of obnoxious though.

    1.) Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat
    2.) What Pinkie's Song Actually Sounded Like (WARNING: EXCESSIVE FLUTTERCUSSING)
    3.) Dutch Ticketmaster Voiceovers

  • Synchtube Brony Animated Movie Night (Right Now)

    Sorry that this is late, I was informed just now!

    Mojo is currently hosting a Brony Animated Movie Night on Synchtube. They started viewing The Nightmare Before Christmas about half an hour ago, and they'll be going till some time in the morning. Go check it out!

    Main channel, with a backup if need be.
  • Music: I Breathe Fire / Evil Enchantress House Mix / Soror Noctis (Synchmetal)

    Eurobeat brony is awesome, so just because his new song isn't strictly pony related, doesn't mean it can't go up! Just pretend it's about Spike!

    1.) I Breathe Fire
    2.) Evil Enchantress House Mix
    3.) Soror Noctis (Synchmetal)

  • Big Macintosh Commercial / Smile /

    Old spice, and PMV's, and Movie Trailers oh my!

    It's variety hour here in the EQdaily Media section! Enjoy!

    1.) Big Macintosh: The Stallion your brony could smell like.
    2.) Smile PMV My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

  • 14 Million Speccysy Comic!

    Not only does he convert me to fluttershyism, but he also creates awesome comics!

    14 million hooooo

    SpeccySY on Deviant Art
  • Dash Plushies!

    So many plushies lately!  This is amazing. It's like an explosion! 

    The top one is from Evilsugar

    And to the side, we have one from Anthropochick

    Hasbro needs to sell them a license or mass produce these things! 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #114

    Monopoly on drawfriend main image edition!  If this keeps up, I'm pretty sure Moe here has it. 

    Source 1- Moe
  • Speedfic Challenge Compilation Post

    So I lied. It's up on Sunday. You guys are gonna have to forgive me pretty hard for this one, though.

    I can't read all these fics. It's just not possible. You ponies are full of words. I wasn't expecting the length per story, nor the sheer number of them. Good ones, even. I love reading these as much as you guys love writing them, but this would literally take me days to really go over. I did the math. So, I'm going to have to forgo Cereal's Favorites this time in lieu of actually getting these submissions compiled for Sunday.

    Another thing to apologize for- I went pretty simple on these. Half of them didn't have titles and/or author names attached to them (because I never asked for either), so I did my best and tried to give everypony at least a name. Next time I'll ask for a simple title and author tag. I wasn't organized enough for this because I wasn't expecting the explosion of material I got.

    At the time of writing this particular paragraph, there are 144 full-length submissions about Rainbow Dash trying to cook. From what I did manage to get through, you guys sure did include Fluttershy a lot! I was expecting more Pinkie Pie, to be honest. Maybe I just didn't get to those. Also, a few of you need to get back to me about Docs permissions and stuff.

    I'm still contemplating making this a bi-weekly thing. You'll know for sure by next week, depending on how much work it is to make these posts. I wouldn't expect them to work much differently from this one, if I do more of them.

    Anyway, all entries are after the page break!

  • Spinny Applejack

    She spinnnssss

    Click for the animated version. 
  • Story: First Blush

    [Sad][Grimdark][Shipping] 3 tags!  Madness! A Lot of you like Gabriel LaVedier's other stuff yesterday, so enjoy some more!

    Author: Gabriel LaVedier
    Description:  Six ponies find that the ties which bind can also strangle, cutting deeply as they wind around and around tying the six into a tangled web. Pity the jealous and the timid.
    First Blush
    First Blush Chapter 2: Second Thoughts
    First Blush Chapter 3:  Third Strike/Third Charm (New!)
    First Blush Epilogue (New!)

    Additional Tags: Distrust, Jealousy, Suspicion, Psychomachia, Love

  • Pony Hats!

    It's a shame it's not winter.  These would fit in perfectly on a ski slope.  It sounds like she is opening up sales on these some time in July, so you might want to keep an eye out if you want one!

    You can find the DA Page here!
  • Amazing Cloudsdale / Epic Sax Sparkle / Second Rate

    That cloudsdale.. Holy crap it's amazing.

    Also some epic sax sparkle and Trixie being ridiculous. I actually just rented The Return of Jafar today. I'll have to watch it some time...

    This is a pretty awesome set!

    1.) Cloudsdale on brohoof.com minecraft server
    2.) Trixie is indifferent to Twilight's music
    3.) You're Only Second Rate PMV

  • Heavy Singing Pinkie's Song / My Little Charlie the Unicorn


    1.) "Go West"... to Equestria!
    2.) My Little Fortress 2 - Heavy's Singing Dispenser
    3.) My Little Charlie the Unicorn

  • Tons of Pony Typography Posters

    Skeptic-Mousey over on Deviant Art has created a full set of posters in huge resolution at 300dpi; perfect for printing off at Kinkos and covering your walls with.

    You can find the full set of 24 in this gallery
  • Nightly Roundup #18 (Updated)

    We have a Lyra header!

    Sadly this one is a bit short.   I think today was primarily major news.  Not a whole lot of minor.

    Lets do it!
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Final Gallery

    Well everypony, it's that time. This is your graduation ceremony. I'd lead you in a round of our alma mater, but I don't know the words and the tune is kind of lousy. I think the administration kind of botched it. Plus I really don't want tonight to be so super serious, which is why I ran with the image you see above instead of any of the man, many others that are, in the words of Hoity Toity, "absolutely amazing". This is a happy, silly event about happy silly ponies. Lots of ponies. So many ponies. How many ponies, Phoe? 227 of them. You all really went all-out for the final examination; we haven't had quite this many in a long time! That makes the final tally of images for the Newbie Artist Training Grounds... *drum roll* 5673 images! You're amazing. You're wonderful. I cannot sing your praises highly enough.

    Tonight there are no submission guidelines for me to link. I'm not going to remind you about my e-mail, either, although I hope by this point you all remember it. And even though the event is over, if there's something you think I can help with, it's still ok to contact me there. But this is still the submission guidelines paragraph, so tonight I want to use it to thank Calamari for creating the page we've been using all this time. I would have melted under waves of enthusiasm but for him reaching out a tentacle and pulling me out of the quicksand. He's not the only brony who offered this kind of solution, but he did act swiftly and on his own initiative, and we owe him a gigantic thank you. So here it is!

    Jeez, no theme of the day, either. This is getting kind of depressing. Not gonna cry. I swear I'm not gonna... ahem. Actually, I do have something pretty exciting to share with all you alumni. Hyper dedicated student Nullh, known for sketching ponies through such trials as a stag party, a museum, and a plane ride home has also created an Artist Training Grounds Alumni Group where you can keep in touch with your fellow artists and share new pieces that you draw on your own initiative. They've also already begun the work of sorting through all the themes and organizing galleries, so stop on by and help them out!