• Pony Wallpapers! All the way across the sky!

    Oh my god!

    Anyway, I know you guys love wallpapers, so, have some more! Blogger does resize these, so I encourage you to go to the artist's DA page and check them out if you want the full sizes! The artists deserve your attention.

    More after the break!

  • Story: The Chicacolt Code

    [Crossover] Woah, a Chicago style cop drama with ponies...how did that take so long to pop up?

    Author: Freestyle Fiasco
    Description: In the City of Chicacolt, Nightmare Moon has built a throne of corruption, but to do something about it, Twilight Sparkle will need the Elements of Harmony: a secret task force ready to risk anything if it means ending the Nightmare. Because no one pony should have all that power....
    The Chicacolt Code

    Additional Tags: chicago, police, drama, crime, city
  • Comic: Lyra Sitting / Luna - Celestia Fillies

    Event Comic time!

    The one up above is done by: Lunar Apologist

    And below is from: Ego

  • Drawfriend Stuff #96

    Why was portal so short! Edition. 

    Source 1
  • Comic: Sonic Rainboom Side Effect

    I knew I wasn't the only one thinking that during her fillyboom.

    And Derpy below!
  • AP English Brony Survey

    Prof. Button is looking for participants to take this survey for his AP English final essay on social abnormalities.  If anyone is interested in participating, you can find the link below! It might be interesting just to see the results in general.

    AP English Brony Survey
  • Brony Movie Night #4 / Pony Kart Game

    Brony Movie Night #4 is planned for tomorrow at 7:00 PM EST.  They will be featuring the following films/episodes...

    1.) A Fistful of Dollars
    2.) Suited for Success
    3.) Winter Wrap Up
    4.) The Room

    You can find the channel here!

    And the rules of the channel here!

    And the Ponychan Thread here!

    Also if any coders/artists/ect are bored out there right now, a Mario Kart style game with ponies is in the initial stages of development and needs your help.   You can find the thread here!
  • Pony Snap Card Game

    Someone over at MLP Arena discovered this on Ebay.  It's one of those Snap Card Game's but with our favorite ponies as the cards!

    This show has so much random merchandise it's hard to keep up!

    You can find the thread here, no clue where they are from. The only place that lists them right now is Ebay.
  • Rainbow Dash Network Seeks Moderators

    Rainbow Dash.net (The pony twitter) is seeking scheduled, non-participant moderators for the site.  The main goal of the job would be cleaning out the roleplaying rule breakers.  RD Network regularly hosts "Dark Mode" days, where people are free to ramp up their messages to include PG-13 content, but people are taking it a bit too far! 

    If you are interested in helping out, hit up Cabal at This Email.
  • PMV: Bozo's Lament / I Just Wanna Live / Pinkie Pie's Jam That Doesn't End

    PMV Time! I hope you guys aren't sick of these yet! We need another season for more clips to use.

    1.) "Bozo's Lament"
    2.) I Just Wanna Live PMV
    3.) Pinkie Pie's Jam That Doesn't End

  • Roleplay Thread Part 2!

    Because all the ponies on this blog are CRAZY!
  • Music: Scrap Brain Pone / Pony's Lab

    More of "these" things people keep saying I label incorrectly! I shall call them CPMV's, or Cutout pony music videos!

    #2 really does have that final fantasy music vibe to it, impressive. 

    1.) Scrap Brain Pone
    2.) Pony's Lab (My Little Pony & Devil's Lab)

  • Story: Neighbours

    [Shipping][Comedy] There's something mystical about this short story that places the reader into a heartwarming, smile-inducing state. -Pre reader #21

    Author: N.K.
    Description: When Apple Bloom's friends come to meet her again in Ponyville after a long while, they're surprised to find their friend is going nuts over her new next-door neighbour. Unfortunately for Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, it seems that he remembers them...

    Additional Tags: Light-Hearted, Grown-Up, Spike, CMC, Tickling
  • Screen Time Per Episode, Per pony

    Bronyman has gone through all of season one, and parsed out how much actual time each character recieved overall, and per episode.  It's pretty interesting actually! I always figured Applejack was the least represented, but apparently Rainbow Dash is on the bottom of the heap. 

    You can find all of the interesting little details Here!
  • Story?: Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue!....Again! (Update, Part 3!)

    [Random][Crossover][Comedy] I am not really sure where to post this, It's not really "Fanfiction", but at the same time it has some story elements.  I'm just going to treat it like one anyway! The description should describe it well enough.

    Author: Toonboy92484
    Description: The ponies are sent to warn professional baseball players about the dangers of steroids.  It does not go as planned.
    Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue!....Again!

    Additional Tags: Crazy, Steroids, Baseball, Bench-Clearing Brawl

    [Random][Crossover][Comedy] And another one in this style! Enjoy! (New!)

    Author: Toonboy92484
    Description: After losing in the playoffs, the ponies help a hockey team put the cap on their season.  Will the hockey team appreciate it?
    Season Wrap Up!

    Additional Tags: Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Derpy Hooves, Hockey, Winter Wrap-Up, Parody, (I Hate the) Blackhawks, Song

    [Crossover][Random][Comedy] #3! (New!)

    Author: toonboy92484
    Description: The Element of Kindness is assigned to help two Windy City managers with their rage issues.  It doesn't go well.
    Managers Be Angry

    Additional Tags: Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Angel Bunny, Mike Quade, Ozzie Guillen, Baseball, Anger Issues, (I Hate the) Cubs, White Sox, The Stare

  • Story: The Box (Update Part 2!)

    [Grimdark] Another one of those crazy long stories everyone likes so much! Changed to grimdark.  Confound these authors and their "this totally isn't grimdark"!

    Author: Achesst
    Description: Twilight is given a mysterious wooden box on a trip to Fillydelphia. What lies inside leads to many questions, and some strange happenings in her tree-house.
    The Box
    The Box Part 2 (New!)
  • Story: Unashamed

    [Sad] Sad Derpy time!

    Author: AdmiralCubie
    Description: Bright Eyes, the mailmare of Ponyville was just an ordinary mare- well, other than her eyes of course, and her language.

    Additional Tags: Derpy
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 7

    I have awesome friends edition. Just when I thought I would never find a good sketch-style filly, here somepony swoops in and hands me this... made just for me! Yay! I hope everypony's taken their insulin, because there is some high level diabetes coming your way tonight. It's a colt-crazy, filly fantastic submission night. I am so amazingly impressed by the quality of your ideas and the productivity you guys are showing. We're six themes in and you're still going strong. 223 itty bitty ponies so far!

    Here's your nightly reminder of the submission guidelines, the end results of which have been refined to a satiny smooth level. So good. As an extra special bonus for all of you guys interested in doing digital art, AlterForm has produced an Inkscape guide for drawing pony eyes, which I'm going to leave here for you to reference as you please. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony dreaming. What do I mean by that? Well hm, I wonder. On the one hoof, a pony in the act of dreaming would provide great practice for more position training and consideration of the effects of objects on anatomy. On the other hoof, I bet there are some fascinating things these ponies are actually dreaming of. Hm, hm, hm...