• Story: Crusaders of the Lost Mark

    [Normal][Random] It's... not what it looks like. Let's not go to the movies today, it would be much better to just curl up and have some story time. Yay! (All right, let's be a bit clearer: picture and story not actually related!)

    Tenure and Midnight Shadow
    Description: A mysterious blacksmith with a troubled past trundles into Ponyville as he wends his way to nowhere across Equestria. A chance encounter with three boisterous foals leads him and them to an adventure they'll never forget, which will change their lives forever.

    Crusaders of the Lost Mark

    Additional Tags:
    cutie marks, crusading, soldiers, monsters, teamwork
  • YTP: Horseplay

    Another Youtube Poop Series! yay~

    1.) Horseplay 1
    2.) Horseplay 2
    3.) Horseplay 3

  • Blind Bags On The Way To The USA!

    A thread over on MLP Arena has revealed that the blind bag ponies are finally heading to the US!

    For those that haven't been following them, they are essentially card packs with a random pony inside, and the only way to get the two inch Fluttershy.  The people over on /toy/ cracked the code a while back, which you can find here.

    They are ~$2.00 everywhere else, so probably the same out here!

    The exact quote of the email:
    Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your taking the time to share your feedback and concerns with us regarding the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic product line.

    I understand and appreciate your frustrations ----. In an effort to help you locate specific My Little Pony products, can you advise which products you are looking for? If you can give me an idea, I would be most pleased to follow up with our brand team to see if release dates are available. Also, My Little Pony Blind Bags will be released very soon to the U.S. market.

    I look forward to your response.

    No telling what the real date will be. 

    Right, so...  When can we get that Luna toy? 

    Thanks to Sheldon for the heads up!
  • Story: Sparks Flying (Update Part 3!)

    [Grimdark-War] We haven't had a Griffon story in a while.  I wonder if Gilda will be making a return in season two? 

    Author: PitViperOfDoom

    Description: There is no harmony in hate. A spark of love once ignited them, and now a spark of hatred and jealousy will ignite a terrible war. Truth will be questioned, kindness threatened, laughter stifled, generosity strained, loyalty tried. Friendships tested.
    Sparks Flying (3 Parts) (New!)

    Additional Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Friendship, War
  • Drawfriend Stuff #94

    Raver Sparkle edition. 

    Woops forgot to saucyize the saucy images!

    Source 1
  • New Fanfiction Submission rule!

    I've updated the fanfiction submission page with a quick rule.

    Please have ONLY the title of the story in the subject line of the email you send. Nothing else!

    Just trying to clean things up a bit! Everything else remains the same in the body of the email. 

    You can find all rules here as always

    Fanfiction Submission Rules
  • Story: Nopony Can Resist 'Em

    [Shipping] It's short, sweet, and wonderfully cheesy, and it knows it.-Pre-reader #15

    Author: N.K.
    Description: It's said that the fastest way to a colt's heart is through his stomach. When Soarin's sweet tooth begins to arise while visiting Rainbow Dash, he's advised to pay a visit to Sweet Apple Acres. Will he recognise the mare who made the pie of his dreams when out of dress?
    Nopony Can Resist 'Em

    Additional Tags: Short, Sweet, Light-Hearted, Cuddly, Pies
  • End of May Conventions and Cosplays Compilation Post

    Yesterday I asked everyone to send me images/videos/writeups from various conventions going on this week.  There were 3 big ones!

    1.) Phoenix Comic Con
    2.) Fanime
    3.) Anime North 2011

    Now before you continue after the break... I realize this isn't for everyone, but a huge amount of bronies do enjoy it, so just like shipping tags and saucy images, just ignore it if it isn't your cup of tea.  Keep the comments clean.

    Anyway, ONWARD!
  • Bnet (CBS Interactive Business Network) Reports on Friendship is Magic!

    Have some ironpony

    Anyway, it looks like another large news organization has jumped on the pony trend bandwagon. This time CBS's news blog has an article up that primarily focuses on the business aspect of Friendship is Magic.

    Their primary criticism is something I think all of us can agree on... better toys/merchandising. 

    It's an interesting read!  I know I sound like a broken record when I say this, but hopefully it prods Hasbro into releasing some better toys!

    You can find the article here!

    And thanks to Robotech_Master for the report!
  • Flankbook Domain Update

    Flankbook has moved on to a new domain, and the admin asked me to let everypony know.  I guess people were confused!

    He has also added personal image albums and a few other new features to spice things up a bit. 

    The new site can be found at the very simple http://flankbook.com/
  • PMV Xponies / Call of Pony: Modern Warmare 3 / Perform This Way

    Trailers and Weird Al time!

    Also some ridiculously cute trixie up above that I will sneak in at every opportunity. 

    1.) X-Ponies First Class: Pinkamina's School For Gifted Fillies
    2.) Call of Pony: Modern Warmare 3
    3.) Perform This Way

  • PMV: Rainbow Syndrome / Reading a Book / We'll Meet Again

    Number one is so blindingly happy. It's a shame it sort of has a dark side hidden in there.

    1.) Double rainbow syndrome
    2.) Twilight's Reading a Book
    3.) We'll Meet Again

  • Story: A Day with the Wonderbolts

    [Normal] It's totally Rainbow Dash day or something. Still /r/ing a widescreen version of this btw, thanks!

    Author: The Dark Griffon
    Description: Rainbow Dash gets to live her dream -- a day with the famous Wonderbolts. What does the leader of the team, Skybuck, have in store for her, and what will she do to convince him to let her join the team?
    A Day with the Wonderbolts (20% cooler formatting)

    Additional Tags: Short, Rainbow Dash, Wonderbolts, Slice of Life
  • Hotcha Poniday For Strings / She's a Horse / Clone High

    Random PMV Time!

    1.) Hotcha Poniday For Strings
    2.) She's a Horse (probably nsfw song lyrics)
    3.) Clony High

  • Story: I Dream Reality is My Dream

    [Normal] Dashy time!

    Author: mykowskis
    Description:In the wake of a troubling dream, Rainbow Dash attempts to console herself as she comes to terms with her own insecurities.
    Google Docs
    I Dream Reality Is My Dream

    Deviant Art
    I Dream Reality Is My Dream

    Additional Tags: Insecurities, Dreams, Fears, Consolations, Loneliness
  • La Hooves / Anomaly System / Winter Wrap Up Dance Mix

    Have a Trixie in a bunny costume to represent some of the weird stuff buried in this music post!

    1.) La Hooves - Muffinproof
    2.) The Anomaly System - Brony
    3.) Winter Wrap Up - E.M.M Heavy Dance Mix

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds Day 5

    I think all of your fruit ponies scared Phoe away!  So I'm creating the post this time!

    This time around, we have 266 entries! Feel free to add them to your Achievement List if you are participating in that as well. This post should load much more quickly thanks to some changes from Calamari.

    As a reminder:  Please submit everything through the submission tool, explained here!

    I'm not sure if Phoe had anything specifically planned for today.  I'm seeing a lot of earth ponies, so why don't we do a Pegasus one?

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw your favorite pony with WINGS(Any pony, you can magic some wings on!), breaking the sound barrier!  How you want to handle the particle effects, or wing design, is up to you!  If Dash creates rainbows, what does Twilight create?