• PMV: Fluffy Pink Filly Action // My Little Pogo // Pinkie Pie's Overreacting

    PMV Time

    1.) Fluffy Pink Filly Action (T.Rex PMV)
    2.) Pinkie Pie's Overreacting
    3.) My Little Pogo - Friendship is Music

  • Story: All That Shimmers

    [Normal] Giant story time! Hope you didn't have plans tonight.

    It's actually part of the "Challenges of Love" arc , but I didn't realize it until I was done with this post! It's long enough to stand on it's own anyway!

    Author: Mario Rodgers
    Description: Twilight Sparkle makes the discovery of a lifetime while out observing stars, one that she feels will change ponykind for the better. But will her pursuits drive a wedge between her and her friends? Meanwhile, a strange new pegasus enters the lives of everypony, and things get turned upside-down.
    All That Shimmers Part 1
    All That Shimmers Part 2
    All That Shimmers Part 3
    All That Shimmers Part 4
    All That Shimmers Part 5
    All That Shimmers Part 6

    Additional Tags: prelude, science-ish stuff, drama, other worlds, friendship stress
  • Friendship is Magic Card Game

    More crazy projects int he works!  A brony is working on a Friendship is Magic Card game.  He is looking for help in testing out his current alpha stuff!

    All of the information on the game can be found in the google docs below

    MLP Card Game

    If you are interested in helping out, hit him up at This Email Address
  • Rarity Papercraft

    Another papercraft has been released from Kna, this time with rarity!

    You can find the full template here.

    And the normal guide here
  • Eurobeat Brony Alternate Remixes

    Fans of Eurobeat Brony and all of the music he produces might find this interesting!  He currently has an album in progress filled with all sorts of alternate versions of his current mixes... as well as some new things.

    You can find all of them below!

    Super Ponybeat Alternate Album
  • Daniel Ingram Visits the IRC!

    I am completely out of scratch images, so have some recycle.

    Anyway, Daniel Ingram visited the IRC a few days ago, and someone captured the entire log file of it.   There are some interesting behind the scenes tidbits buried within, so it might be worth checking out!

    One interesting part was the possibility (Or hope at least) of a re-recording of the CMC Rock ballad song if they ever release a CD, without the forced badness.  Apparently all three of the CMC voice actors are excellent singers.

    You can find it all below the break copy pasted, or in this mediafire file.

  • Music: WWU (Late Again) // Metal WWU // WWU Raido Edit

    Winter Wrap Up time! Lots of crazy remixes for you!

    1.)Winter Wrap Up - Late Again
    2.) nssBoB ft. Ponyville - Winter Wrap Up (Radio Edit)
    3.) Friendship is Metal - Winter Canon Wrap Up

  • Drawfriend Stuff #86

    Her Royal Majesty's Edition.  Oh Celestia, How glorious and amazing you are!

    48 images

    In 36 hours

    And I am really picky too.  How do you do this?

    Source 1
  • Fanfic News...Again! (Added sci-fi)

    Sorry if these are starting to pop up too much! Especially for you non fic readers.   I just want fanfiction here to be as streamlined as possible!

    So here are some points after the break for those interested
  • Friendship is Magic Finally Gets a REAL Time Slot!

    It took Hasbro an entire season to realize the huge potential Friendship is Magic has!

    It will finally see a time slot that doesn't lock it into oblivion...in fact, it's getting three!

    Starting May 31'st,  FiM will pop up weekdays at 8:30 AM, 1:30 PM, and 6:30 PM ET.


    Anyway you can see the rest of the hub schedule here!

    Thanks to ultramanseven for the tip! 
  • Oh dear.

    Oh, hello.

    Don't mind my sister. She just gets so angry at times, and it's hard to reason with her. I'll sit her down with her favorite cup of coffee- she just loves her coffee, you know- and we'll have a talk about this moon business. We'll get you down from there soon. I know how cold it gets.

    She's really a gentle, caring sister once you get to know her. She just gets a little carried away sometimes... all she needs is a little encouragement that everypony likes her sun. I'm sorry about all this.

    I saw everything you said before. I love you all, too.

    Also that ridiculous RP in the comments compiled for everypony.

    Part 1

    Part 2
  • Story: Let the Old God Lie

    [Crossover] Ponychan Collab Time! Dr.Whoof style.

    Author: Clarity, CmdrBrony, Ebrona, Polecat, Serge. Lexie
    Description: With Celestia gone Princess Luna and Dr. Whooves face a powerful being from Equestria's past that threatens to destroy the world as they know it. Will they be able to overcome the challenges ahead and reunite Luna with her sister?
    Let the Old God Lie 

    Additional Tags: Adventure, Power, Divinity, Collaboration, Dr. Whooves
  • Greetings Again to All of My Faithful Subjects!

    Dear faithful subjects,

    I see your obnoxious jubilation yesterday caused no end of trouble for the Royal Guards.

    This is something her royal highness will NOT tolerate.

    You may have noticed already, but your precious little hooves are now firmly planted on the moon. I hope you weren't enjoying the beautiful sunshine I bring you every single day without question or fail with nary an ounce of praise or thanks, because it's gone now. Come to think of it, you don't even bring me flowers. That hurts my feelings.

    Enjoy the moon dust. I've heard it's toxic. Try not to breathe too hard.

    Your Tyrannical Kind and Loving Overlord,
    Princess Celestia