• Rainbow Dashathon

    The Synchtube Filly channel is hosting a rainbowdashathon...right now! If you like Rainbow Dash at all,   go join in!

    Channel 1

    Channel 2
  • Story: The Colour From Space

    [Grimdark][Crossover]  A Lovecraft Style pony story.  It may seem a bit strange, but it fits the style.  Probably not for everypony, but for fans of H.P. Lovecraft will probably find something to enjoy here!

    Author: H.P. Lovecolt
    Description: Twilight Sparkle goes to explore the rumours of a Cursed Heath on the outskirts of Ponyville.  Unable to find any information about the place, or why it makes her feel so uneasy, she turns to a crazy old pony who tells her the whole tale as to how the Cursed Heath came to be.
    The Colour From Space

    Additional Tags: Lovecraft, Horror, Aliens, First Person

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  • Twilight Sparkle is Now Harley Quinn

    If this news is obnoxious and completely unrelated to ponies, feel free to stab me.

    But I like the vidya, and I especially like the fact that the next Batman: Arkham Asylum game will have Tara Strong voicing Harley Quinn this time around. 

    Poor Twilight Sparkle is going to be remixed so much with that voice.. I can already see it.

    Anyway you can find more information on it in the article below!

    Arkham City's Harley Quinn Might Sound Like My Little Pony
  • Story: 'Applejack: Exposure'

    [Sad] [Shipping] The continuation of Saddlesoap's Pony Psychology series. You can find Pinkie's here, Fluttershy's here, and Rainbow Dash's here.

    Author: SaddlesoapOpera
    Description: Though already a straight-talker, Applejack suddenly finds herself utterly unable to lie...even to herself. A Pony Psychology Series story - previous episodes include Fluttershy: Origins, Pinkie Pie: Schism, and Rainbow Dash: Dependence.
    Applejack: Exposure

    Additional tags: Psychological, Emotional, Truth, Violence, Secrets
  • Super Ponybeat: Luna (Nightmare Mode)

    I'm glad Eurobeat Brony is still able to find content now that season one is over.  I can't for season two though! 

    Have some vocal Eurobeat for once!  After the break as always!

  • Banner Competition!

    I have absolutely nothing that would qualify as an image for this competition.

    Did Cereal say competition?! Why, yes he did! It's time for a banner competition!

    A lot of ponies have asked for this contest, and we're delivering. Or rather, I'm delivering. It's time to put down that pen and pick up your paintbrush. There are, of course, some rules!

    • Your banner must be no larger than 900x350. If you're looking at the Octavia banner for reference, hers is a tiny bit larger than that.
    • Your banner must have have Equestria X somewhere in it. The X is up to you!
    • Your banner must be a transparent .PNG, in order to blend well with the site. If you don't know how to construct these, consult your manual.
    • Your banner must not contain any explicit, lewd, or obscene content. We're all adults, here, but no blatant porn in the banner, please.

    That's it, really! Now, submission guidelines are as follows:

    • The contest will conclude on Tuesday, May 24th, at 11:55PM. You have from until when this is posted until that time to submit your banner.
    • I will pick three winners. These winners will have their banner featured on the site for two days each in whatever order I feel like. There is no monetary reward for this contest.
    • One entry per person!

    If you're looking for all of our previous banners as inspiration, they can be found at this link.

    Send all submissions to CerealVelocity@equestriadaily.com!

    Get going! Time's a wastin'!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #85


    I really wish some pony games not made for 12 year olds were on the horizon!  That's my next goal with this site!  To drum up enough interest for pony spinoffs of all sorts of genres!

    Yah yah, I forgot the break I know! I don't get much sleep though!

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  • Got My Pony Spam For You // Kemosabe

    Renard has released yet another pony remix in his new..."A Picture of Finn Farting" Album!  Yes, it is pretty random, but it's also catchy! You can find that here!

    And below the break is another one of those crazy Pinkie Trigger things that I keep forgetting the official name for.

  • Brony Movie Night #2

    Another brony movie night is happening on Friday! Hosted by Brony State.  You can find all of the information on it below!

    Friday, May 20th

    9:00PM EST (Eastern Standard Time), everypony welcome to enter beforehand.

    Brony State

    Space Jam

    Swarm of the Century
    Over a Barrel

    You can also check out the ponychan thread here!
  • Daniel Ingram Inteviewed by 24h Vancouver

    One again Daniel Ingram has made the news here!  This seems to be a common occurrence these days.

    A Canadia magazine has interviewed him, and 90% of it is about how crazy our fanbase is.  This is definitely worth the read!


    >Twilight Sparkle Solo in season 2

    If you don't like my awesome multi-screencapphotoshop mess up top, you can find the viewer for it below!

    Magazine Viewer

    Thanks to Extrememeasures for the tip!
  • PMV: My Old Republic // Doctor Whooves Trailers

    Trailer time!

    1.) My Old Republic
    2.) Doctor Whooves

  • Comic: Parent's Day

    Seth's asleep! Post comics!

    I knew it would only be a matter of time before we saw that Dash cardboard cutout again.
  • Story: The Logical Option

    [Normal] More crazy long stuff!  This one has apparently been pretty popular on ponychan for a while, so I skipped the pre-readers.  It's too long for them anyway. 

    Author: ADriftingThought
    Description: Amnesia is an uncommon case in Equestria, but is known to be curable. So when an amnesiac colt is discovered in the Everfree forest, it is only natural for the ponies of Ponyville to aid him in whatever way they can. But as time progresses, the colt begins to piece together the mystery of his past. The knowledge he uncovers, along with the power he develops, soon lead him to believe that his past is far more dangerous than what his new friends make it out to be. That his mere presence could threaten those around him, and that his memories could very well act as a key to Equestria's future.
    The Logical Option Chapter 1
    The Logical Option Chapter 2
    The Logical Option Chapter 3
    The Logical Option Chapter 4
    The Logical Option Chapter 5
    The Logical Option Chapter 6
    The Logical Option Chapter 7
    The Logical Option Chapter 8
    The Logical Option Chapter 9
    The Logical Option Chapter 10
    The Logical Option Chapter 11
    Additional Tags: Lengthy, OC, Amnesia, Memories, Reason
  • Youtube Poop Stuff!

    Random nonsense time! Lets do it!

    1.) Just Another Pony Video
    2.) Apple Bloom likes delicious and nutricious cupcakes

  • Story: Poison

    [Grimdark]  The Hydras! They return!

    Author: Storm Feather
    Description:  An unusually dry summer is nothing the ponies of Ponyville can't deal with, but what happens when it begins to affect things outside of their town?

    Additional Tags: Hydra
  • Adium Emoticon Set

    For those of you on a mac that use the Adium messenger, another brony(filly?) has created a set of emoticons for it.  You can find them all in the link below!

    Pony Emoticons for Adium 

    Download link

    Download link for MSN
  • Story: The Conversion Bureau (Update Part 4!)


    Author: Blaze
    Description: The ponies and the humans have lived together in harmony for centuries. Equestria is an island inhabited entirely by ponies, and some have branched off to live with humans. However, the humans, seeing their bleak world and accepting that they have made too many mistakes in their world to fix, have decided to open facilities to convert humans into ponies and live in peaceful Equestria.
    The Conversion Bureau
    The Conversion Bureau Part 2
    The Conversion Bureau Part 3
    The Conversion Bureau Part 4 (New!)

    Additional Tags: humans, equestria, life-changing decisions, ponification, tolerance
  • Eurobeat: MLP Main theme

    Another song from eurobeat brony!  This time mane theme!


    Also embedded after the break!