• 5,000,000 Pageviews!

    5 million post time!  This calls for Trollestia!

    And a Madmax comic to celebrate it!
  • PMV: Canterlot!

    Monty Python time! Oh the nostalgia...

  • Art of the Dress: Hard Rock Edition!

    Music Remix time! I guess we are skipping the techno/electronic stuff for once. 

    You can find the Embed after the break!
  • Periodic Table of the Elements of Harmony

    I honestly didn't realize there were so many characters in this series.  No one has ever really listed them out before. 

    And sadly, aside from the monsters/pets on the bottom, I'm pretty sure every single one has been shipped with some(thing).

    You learn something every day!
  • Best Young Flyers Starcraft 2 Tournament

    A Starcraft 2 Tournament has popped up over on Ponychan, primarily for the people who are still learning the game.  

    This will only be for Bronze and Silver League, hence the "young" Flyers and not "Wonderbolts Tier Flyers". 

    This one actually includes some really nice prizes too!  You can find all of that after the break, or just visit this post

  • Drawfriend Stuff #78

    It's Celestia Day (Or at least in a few hours it will be) So Celestia edition! 

    I started browsing /co/ again, so a lot of this stuff needs sources. 

    Please email me if you know of one, I can't keep up with comments anymore sadly =(

    Source 1
  • PMV: Ponymen

    Movie Trailer Time?  Hell yah!

    This time a ponyized Watchmen. 

    And then Rorschach turned pink.

    Video after the Break! 
  • Story: Sparks Flying

    [Grimdark-War] We haven't had a Griffon story in a while.  I wonder if Gilda will be making a return in season two? (Reposted to reset stars, sorry about the lack of link!)

    Author: PitViperOfDoom
    Description: There is no harmony in hate. A spark of love once ignited them, and now a spark of hatred and jealousy will ignite a terrible war. Truth will be questioned, kindness threatened, laughter stifled, generosity strained, loyalty tried. Friendships tested.
    Sparks Flying (2 Parts)

    Additional Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Friendship, War
  • Summer Achievement System: Point Balancing

    This Scootaloo image sure is badass...


    The guy creating the achievement list is looking for feedback on point balancing.  If you guys are interested in adding your two cents to the mix before we release the final draft to the masses, this is your chance!

    You can find the google doc below. It's huge, so give it a few seconds to load.

    Summer Achievement Point List

    ^UPDATE^  I lost track of time while working on the drawfriend #78, and forgot I had this scheduled to post at 3:00PM.   The star rating part of this is most likely going to get an overhaul, since I really can't post every submission in a separate post for stars!
  • Escapist Magazine's Pony Trailer Compilation

    And then Escapist turned into a pony blog and EQdaily was no more.

    This is pretty cool! I like seeing our ponies spread.

    Escapist Magazines Pony Trailers
  • Pony...Cameras?

    Working retail for a few years, I have seen a lot of these camera things sit on shelves collecting dust until eventually they drop so low in price we pretty much give them away.

    But can ponies make them worth it?!

    (Probably not :3)

    That Applejack in the top left just looks...awkward.  Maybe it's a chiropractor before and after ad?

    Translation after the break!

  • Tales From Equestria

    Another community project is starting up! The goal of this one is to create a huge comic book compiled from various authors/writers throughout the fandom.  It might be pretty cool! The requirements are a bit more strict than most of the other projects going on, but hopefully that means we get some quality content in the end!

    If you are interested in joining, check out the google doc below for more information/contacts.

    Tales From Equestria

  • Untitled

    The Rainbow Dash Network is seeking some extra developers to help get the software they use to power it up to speed.  Currently it's using an outdated version, which is apparently causing all sorts of bugs.

    If any of you have any experience with MYSQL, PHP and linux, and want to help out, fire off an email to webmaster@rainbowdash.net
  • Super Ponybeat: At The Gala

    More Ponybeat time!  Eurobeat Brony continues to impress.  That was crazy fast!  You can find it below the break as always.
  • Pony Pokey Singalong

    So just in case you plan on having a karaoke party in the near future, TM2Megatron on youtube has you COVERED.

    Honestly this song, and Pinkie Pie, are both growing on me. At first she was obnoxious, but she really does have a "cute" singing voice after listening to it 20 times.
  • Story: The Fluttershy Effect


    Author: SuperStingray
    Description: What would happen if Rainbow Dash never performed the Sonic
    Rainboom that united the mane cast? A time traveling mishap gives us the
    answer. And it's not pretty.
    The Fluttershy Effect

    Additional Tags: Epic, Time Travel, Sci-fi, Cutie Mark, Alternate Timeline
  • Talking Pinkie Pie Plushie

    Another plushie is popping up, but this one apparently reads a story to you. 

    Sadly it also looks like it's the same g3.5 body with a g4 head plastered on, but at least they are expanding somewhat...  Hopefully it's popular with the real demographic at least.  I want a season three!

    I'd do some sarcastic stuff like the AJ's truck post, but I'm half asleep so..next time!
  • Story: Party of None

    [Grimdark-Horror] That sure is an eeeevil looking image! A Grimdark that does it right!

    Author: Sparkler and Quill
    Description: Stephen King horror meets MLP," or "Can grimdark actually be a little funny and not depend on gore and blood?" A look at an alternate path down which the episode "Party of One" could have gone.
    Party of None

    Additional Tags: Bizarre, Horror, Alternate Universe, Humor, Creepy