• All Pony Sketch Auctions Over!

    Who's the best pony? That's Right! Twilight Sparkle is!

    And the final numbers!
    Twilight Sparkle: $6,200
    Pinkie Pie: $4,050
    Applejack: $3,050
    Derpy Hooves: $2,151

    Total:  $15,451

    Absolutely crazy.  Grats to all the winners!

    But I'm surprised Derpy was last!  How could we betray what was essentially the brony mascot for the entire first few weeks!?

    Thanks to Chris for the graph (I doubt he wants me to give his full name!)
  • Lots of New 1080p Downloads (Now with Winter Wrap Up!)

    For those of you who collect the HD 1080p episodes, Mentos has finished encoding a new batch of the older ones.

    Included in this update are...

    Griffon the Brushoff
    Swarm of the Century
    Call of the Cutie
    Owls Well that Ends Well
    Winter Wrap Up (New!)

    You can find them all in the Sharing is Magic Doc Below!

    Sharing is Magic
  • Flutterguy Jazz Remix // FiM Benny Hill Theme Remix

    Two Simple Remixes from SandJosieph on Youtube.
  • Story: Fastest Thing Alive

    [Crossover] Woah, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash in a story together WITHOUT shipping? That's almost unheard of. (Sonic crossover, with no sonic characters.  I'm ok with this)

    Author: Prince Shadari
    Description: Pinkie Pie is trying to take over the world using her army of robotic Ponybots and something to do with the Elements of Harmony.  Can the fastest thing alive, Rainbow Dash, stop Pinkie Pie?  Will she be able to save Twilight Sparkle from being turned into a Robot?  One can only hope...
    Fastest Thing Alive

    Additional Tags: Sonic, Robots, Elements of Harmony

  • Giant Wall Ponies

    A website called Fathead.com has giant wall ponies up for sale.  These things are pretty pricy, at 100 bucks for the entire collection, but I think I might crack... giant ponies on my wall is difficult to resist. 

    Honestly I think Celestia looks the best! And I usually don't like her much!

    Giant Wall Ponies
  • CMC Sing Along

    The Winter Wrap-Up Sing Along is still going on, but here's another one from Ponychan for you guys to sink your proverbial teeth into. This time it's the Cutie Mark Crusader theme song.

    Add your voice to the mix!

    The thread is here.
  • Spike Nukem Forever

    How long until it ends up on Kotaku I wonder?
  • Tenga Toppa Pony Lagann

    I guess that's what happens when no one stops Twilight when she loses it?

    I don't watch much anime, but when I do, I prefer ponies in it.

    This is completely ridiculous btw.
  • The Physics Behind the Sonic Rainboom

    Some crazy math brony did a bunch of extremely intimidating looking calculations to find out just how amazing Rainbow Dash is. 

    I'm pretty sure we can safely assume that Dashie will be the next princess of Equestria, replacing tyrant Celestia of course.
  • Comic: Lovers Spat

    Considering it's Twilight day, I think more Twilight love is required, and this definitely takes Twilight love to a whole new level doesn't it?

    The  high resolution version can be found below at SmittyG's Deviant art!

    Lovers Spat High Res
  • Twilight Sparkle Auction Ending Soon!

    It really is Twilight Sparkle Day! 

    Twilight Sparkle: Ended at $6,200

    Where do you guys get this kind of money?!

    And the Final Numbers for Derpy/Pinkie Pie/Applejack.

    Applejack: $3,050.00
    Winged Pinkie Pie: $4,075
    Derpy Hooves: $2,150
  • Comic: Zecora's Gift

    Oh Zecora, your so silly.

    Artist is Elosande
  • Drawfriend Stuff #71

    Lunaclouds Edition! Check the source for super resolution!

    These drawfriend posts are becoming a daily occurrence! You guys are crazy!

    1 Source
  • Story: Equestria Couture (Update Part 2!)

    [Normal] More Fluttershy and Rarity fashion stuff?  Why is this interesting? These ponies have ruined me...

    Author: T-Brony Stackz
    Description: Equestria's premier fashion competition, Equestria Couture, is being hosted in Canterlot this week and Rarity is determined to take Fluttershy with her. However, once the competition starts, Rarity may be reconsidering that decision. Meanwhile, Twilight is left to take care of Fluttershy's animal friends - something that will prove quite difficult. 
    Equestria Couture 
    Equestria Couture (Part 2)

    Additional Tags: Fashion, design, competition, normal, lesson
  • Champions Online Adds Rainbow Powers

    Apparently the MMORPG Champions Online has added rainbow powers, and this has, of course, spawned a whole armada of Rainbow Dash/Celestia knockoffs. 

    I never did get into this game myself, but maybe some of you have?  It's pretty amazing how far-reaching bronies are. 

    Now to turn back on the MMO resistance... I just quit WoW, I can't get into another!
  • College Pony Presentation

    Another crazy brony has done a presentation in front of his class. This one is actually really good too!

    Apparently it all started over on ponychan. You can find the post below.

    College Pony Presentation
  • Events On The Horizon

    Here are the plans for the 2 next months or so (assuming I don't die from some pony induced coma).

    April Friend Off
    The April Friend off will be officially posted on May 2nd.  Currently my "event" folder has 20 entries and counting, so that should be interesting! Especially considering everypony always enters on the very last day!

    After that, I have some other stuff planned... Obviously these aren't set in stone, and can change based on feedback below.

    OC Pony Competition (Updated)
    The First event will be an OC pony Competition. It's supposed to be completely ridiculous and mary sue all over the place.  One bracket will be MS Paint, the other will be for more professional digital artists.  Still working on the specifics here.

    I got back in contact with the reward guy.  These are actually some pretty badass prizes!

    Price Tiers

    1. €59 Steam Game (Brink, Crysis 2, etc...)
    2. €29 Singularity
    3. €18 Magicka Complete Pack

    MS Paint
    1. €45 DUNGEONS - Steam Special Edition
    2. €19 Cargo! - The Quest for Gravity
    3. €18 Magicka CompletePack

    Total Prize Pool: €188

    The 300 word event will probably happen first, so some things are bound to change.

    Still really cool though!

    300 Word Short Story/Poem Event
    There are a few fanfiction based pony community/websites in progress right now.  One on DA, and two just out in the void.  So lets give all the fledgling authors some ideas for content!  The first 300 word story event was undeniably successful, and Cereal Velocity is willing to host a new one with his new author powers.  He is still deciding on any special rules for it, but keep an eye open!

    Anyway, I'm sure we will run all sorts of neat stuff over the pony break to keep the interest going.  Pony can never die!
  • Element5 on D!splay

    Pony music videos! This one's got a catchy song.
  • Simple Image Search Database (SISD)

    A pony going simply by the name of 'E' has made quite an informative post in Ponychan's Projects section about an image database he's working on.

    If you're into coding and programming, this may be interesting to you! Quite frankly it goes just over my head, but I can appreciate the work he's put into it so far. Give it a look!

    This is the thread.
  • The ULTIMATE Ponychan Collaboration #3!

    Now with 90% Less browser crashing.

    This is similiar to the last one found here.  But for those of you who have read that one, you know what to expect. I think they tried to keep a consistent plot this time!

    Of course it's still totally random.

    Ultimate Ponychan Collaboration 3 

    New link!

  • "Brave the Night" Ponyventure

    This one is very similar to the old quest threads in the traditional games section of 4chan.  For those of you who have never participated in something like that, a drawfriend essentially starts a story off, and the people of the board tell the character in the story what to do.

    Unlike a choose your adventure story, these tend to be on the fly, with the artist busting out images based on replies.  

    Pretty interesting if you haven't experienced one before!

    You can find the ponychan thread below!

    Brave the Night Ponyventure
  • Comic: It's Magic

    Poor Twilight, always so naive!

    More Amazingness from Madmax as always!
  • Twilight Day!

    I finally talked Cereal into making another holiday banner, because after the luna/fluttershy ones, I'm burnt out and never want to use Photoshop again. 

    So he sends me this...

    I guess It's Twilight Day!

    Also The Twilight Sparkle Auction is currently breaking $5,400! Guess our favorite antisocial pony deserves this more than anypony else anyway!  
  • An Open Letter to the Brony Community

    Mbulsht over on Ponychan wrote his concerns about the direction we, as a community, are heading.  It might not be for everyone, but it's a pretty good read.

    I contemplated posting this for a good 2 hours or so.  I always like to avoid drama, but he makes some really good points. 

    An Open Letter to the Brony Community

    Bring back the love!

    (Feel free to discuss it in the comments, but please don't send me your versions :3) 

     Twilight Sparkle!