• Events On The Horizon

    Here are the plans for the 2 next months or so (assuming I don't die from some pony induced coma).

    April Friend Off
    The April Friend off will be officially posted on May 2nd.  Currently my "event" folder has 20 entries and counting, so that should be interesting! Especially considering everypony always enters on the very last day!

    After that, I have some other stuff planned... Obviously these aren't set in stone, and can change based on feedback below.

    OC Pony Competition (Updated)
    The First event will be an OC pony Competition. It's supposed to be completely ridiculous and mary sue all over the place.  One bracket will be MS Paint, the other will be for more professional digital artists.  Still working on the specifics here.

    I got back in contact with the reward guy.  These are actually some pretty badass prizes!

    Price Tiers

    1. €59 Steam Game (Brink, Crysis 2, etc...)
    2. €29 Singularity
    3. €18 Magicka Complete Pack

    MS Paint
    1. €45 DUNGEONS - Steam Special Edition
    2. €19 Cargo! - The Quest for Gravity
    3. €18 Magicka CompletePack

    Total Prize Pool: €188

    The 300 word event will probably happen first, so some things are bound to change.

    Still really cool though!

    300 Word Short Story/Poem Event
    There are a few fanfiction based pony community/websites in progress right now.  One on DA, and two just out in the void.  So lets give all the fledgling authors some ideas for content!  The first 300 word story event was undeniably successful, and Cereal Velocity is willing to host a new one with his new author powers.  He is still deciding on any special rules for it, but keep an eye open!

    Anyway, I'm sure we will run all sorts of neat stuff over the pony break to keep the interest going.  Pony can never die!

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