• Comic: At Least She Tried...

    [Shipping]  Some Rainbow Dash/Applejack comic stuff from Kasun! It's too big, so linking to it! 

    At Least She Tried...
  • Popcap Games Releasing A...Pony Game?

    This may or may not be related, I don't really know.

    Apparently this pegasus here with a skull butt symbol and the ability to control weather is going to be the star of a new casual game.  Coincidence? Maybe..

    You can find more info below!

    Popcap's New Games
  • Comic: Rainbow Dash and Applejack

    New comic from SmittyG over on DA!  Sadly it's once again taxing poor blogger with its size, so here is a link instead!

    Rainbow Dash and Applejack
  • Story Series: Pony Permutation Project (Updated Part 10!)

    [Normal] Some new modifications to this one! Plus another chapter!

    Author: Bookish Delight
    Series Description: A series of short side-stories concentrating on the core Friendship is Magic cast, taken two ponies at a time! Whatever the situation, anypony can learn lessons about the magic of friendship.
  • Tons of Animated .gif Avatars!

    Simbada over on Livejournal has created a whole pile of animated pony avatars.  They are tooled for Livejournal, but I'm sure you guys can find a use for them on various other forums. 

    The image above is only ~half of them, you can find all of them below!

    Pony Animated Avatars
  • Otakon Brony Meetup

    Looks like someone over on ponychan is organizing a Brony Meetup for people at Otakon!  They usually have a pretty big 4chan following, so I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of people from the site will be there. 

    Also he/she is offering free magnets and stickers, which is always fun. 

    The convention is held from July 29-31 at the Baltimore Convention center. 

    You can find more information below!

    Ponychan Brony Meetup Post

    Otakon Website
  • Drawfriend Stuff #55

    4 legs is cheating edition!

  • BGM For Rarity's Fashion Show/No Fear song Karaoke

    For those of you who want some more background stuff to rip! No Mp3 yet, but you can probably make your own from the video.

    Also some Pinkie Pie No Fear Song Karaoke after the break, complete with text and just background music!
  • Huge MLP Online Update

    It's shaping up pretty well so far! Sort of reminds me of my old Ultima Online days... /nostalgia goggles.
  • Rainbow Dash Currently Dominating Drawball

    Is there anything she doesn't control?

    You can assist in the creation of the fastest Pegasus alive by following the link below!

    Drawball 2, Rainbow Dash Edition
  • Story: Doctor Whoof - Mechanical Harmony (Update Part 2!)

    [Normal] Hooray Time travel!

    Author: Nathan
    Description: Diligent Mail Pony Bright Eyes returns from her deliveries one day to discover a strange box and a stranger pony in her garden. No sooner do they make each others' acquaintance then a mechanical army threatens to overtake Ponyville and conquer all of Equestria! Can the Doctor and Bright Eyes overcome the Cyberponies and defeat their mysterious leader, the Robot Unicorn?
    Doctor Whoof- Mechanical Harmony
    Doctor Whoof- Mechanical Harmony Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Sci-fi, clever, funny, action
  • Music: You Gotta Share (Chiptune)

    More chiptune ponies! Now we need the 16 bit one to complete the set for this song!
  • 2,000,000 Madmax Comic!

    Why are you so amazing Madmax?

    Also that Rainbow Dash toy is a huge improvement over the one I got from Mcdonalds.  I'm going to Mcronalds from now on.
  • Story: The Last

    [Sad] Ponies saved me too, true story.

    Author: Polecat
    Description: The last man on Earth is given a choice from some strange and colorful saviors. (A "Human in Equestria" short story)
    The Last

    Additional Tags: Final redemption offered by ponies
  • Story: A Rendezvous at Dusk

    [Normal] (Slight shipping, though more jokingly)

    Author: GrimBloodyFable 
    Description: Pinkie Pie receives a mysterious note regarding a meeting at Froggy-Bottom Bog, but who sent it? And what could they possibly want?
    A Rendezvous at Dusk
  • Rainbow Dash HOSTILE TAKEOVER!

    Good work everypony! I already did the news post earlier though, so I don't have much to report!
    From 1mil->2mil we went from about 30k a day to 60k a day.  That's pretty crazy!  March was a huge month for new bronies!  

    New events/Feedback!
    The friend-off will be somewhere around April 15th probably.  I'm also looking for new ideas for events that don't require drawing/writing if anyone can think of anything.  As always, my E-mail is open for suggestions/feedback/hatred/whatever you guys want to send me, so feel free! If a good idea pops up I tend to act on it quickly.  (I'm only 23 though, so no Viagra spam alright?).

    Also more banner stuff!

    Maybe we can do a banner competition for 3 million?

    Anyway onward to 10million!

    Also 2,000,000 Madmax comic at 8 AM!
  • April Foals Event Round 5!

    Just 6 more rounds to go! The final being a wildcard one where I take the second place of everything and pit them against each other. 

    I'm still not 100% sure how I want to deal with the art one.  It would be unfair to throw all 15 into a poll at let them duke it out.   Anyway let the voting begin!

    Check out the Poll Brackets For Winners!

    Or all of the April Foals Entries

    Below are the Entries for Round 5! Comments below! 
    22) First April 1st

    Description: It's April Fool's day in Ponyville, and seeing as how this is the first time Twilight's been around friends who're actually interested in a good prank, it's quite the learning experience.
    [Normal] Everypony, Author: ImBigBob
    23) Kick Roll'd
    Description: Spring is here, and for Cloud Kicker, that means PRANKS!
    [Normal] Cloud Kicker, Rainbow Dash, Author: Desert Rose
    24) Big Dragon
    Description: Pinkie Pie agrees to perform an epic April Fool's prank
    on behalf of a mysterious stranger.  It's unintended effects
    eventually put the whole town in danger.  Meanwhile, Spike just wants
    to fly...
    [Normal] Spike, Zecora, Author: Lucres
    25) April Foals Day With Sprinkles
    Description: A twist on an old classic.
     [Random] Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Author: AlterForm
    26) I Shall Crush Them Beneath an Iron Hoof
    Description: A Crossover with Teen Titans: An April Fools fic in which the Teen Titans travel to Equestria after encountering the Crimson Mane Revolutionary Guard, a group of Equesterian Nationlaists who oppose Celestia in the name (they claim) of Democracy. Note: The Teen Titans of this story come from a shared fanfiction universe where there are more of them. There's a lot of stories in this universe but prior knowledge isn't required to understand this story.
    [Crossover] Other, Author: Chaltab