• Video: Savages

    Alright there we go.

    I might mess around a bit more with blogger mobile, but I don't exactly get much free time at work anyway.


    Also have another version after the break.
  • Story: My Little Parcel

    [Normal] Cute Dash image for a cute normal story!  Author is: Cupcakes Nom
    Description: Upon returning from a long trip Rainbow Dash is shocked to find that a very private package has been misplaced. Will she find it before somepony else does?
    My Little Parcel
  • Pinkie Pie Toothbrush

    Yes, you are in fact seeing that image correctly! I guess it's sort of a counter for her obsession with tooth-decaying sugar in the show! 

    This was found at Wal-mart, unlike everything else that is never released in the US for some reason.  I'm waiting for the Trixie one myself...
  • All Night Pony Marathon #2!

    Due to popular demand from last night's Pony Marathon, THIS CHANNEL will be hosting yet another marathon, this time, starting at 5:00 PM PST TODAY!

    So get over there!
  • Story: Of Sound Mind (Updated Part 3!)

    [Shipping] Reaaaaly late friend off entry. Also converted to Shipping with the update!
    Description: A spell mishap results in Fluttershy and Rarity swapping bodies, and Rarity quickly finds herself getting carried away...
    Of Sound Mind
    Of Sound Mind Part 2 
    Of Sound Mind Part 3 (New!)
  • No Luna Until Season 2

    Lauren Faust has confirmed on her Deviant Art page that Luna will not be returning to the show until Season 2.

    At least our crazy Emo-Luna fan theories will still hold up for a  few more months, but I was dying to see what she was really like.  

    And maybe she will be a common character for season 2? With all sorts of continuity?

    Or maybe she will be part of a resistance to take down the TYRANT CELESTIA?!

    Alright I'm done.  I'll just go be disappointed in a corner somewhere. Have some screencap of the conversation after the break.

  • Eurobeat Pony Album!

    Eurobeat Brony has uploaded his full album to bandcamp, for free download!   Check it out below!

    Super Ponybeat on Bandcamp
  • Story: Given to Fly

    [Grimdark-Death, Violence] Not really my cup of tea, but here is some stuff for you grimdark people out there.
    Description: Applejack is granted wings by Celestia and Dash gets jealous.
    Given to Fly
  • Story: Twisted Talk

    [Normal]  We don't get many Zecora stories 'round these parts.  Some Zecora/Applejack comedy!

    Author: Achesst
    Description: On a dare, Zecora and Applejack try to switch the way they talk for a day.
    Twisted Talk
  • Fan Video Archive

    I don't think Hasbro will target fan creations, but nova 25 created a pastebin archive of all of it anyway!

    You can find them all below!

    Pastebin FMV Archive
  • The Spam Filter and You!

    So I checked the spam filter for yesterday, and saw 35 comments locked away in there.

    5 of them were actual spam.

    This filter doesn't let anything actual-spammy through, but it seems to block a ton of legit comments.  Even "wingboner" got filtered...what the hell?

    Anyway everything has been restored. I posted about this on the blogger forum, and was told you have to "teach" your spam filter.  So if you do end up getting filtered, don't worry about the double post when I restore it...it's "learning".
  • Drawfriend Stuff #48

     /r/ing an epic, season-long, spin-off, pony adventure.


  • Story: Space Oddpony

    [Crossover][Normal] Ponies...IN SPACE! Crossover only because it's based off of David Bowie's "Space Oddity", everything is still poni.
    Description: Twilight Sparkle works tirelessly from mission control to ensure the success of Equestria's first space mission, as flown by intrepid ace pilot Rainbow Dash.
    Space Oddpony Part 1
    Space Oddpony Part 2
  • Pony Platforming Game!

    They become more advanced every day!  This one was actually a school project by Inkwell... wish my school did cool stuff like this!

    Check out the link to the Deviant Art page below!

    My Little Platform Game

    Now where is my dating sim?
  • Story: Ordinal Stars

    [Normal] Lots of Spike stuff lately! Luckily lots of spike images have popped up too!
    Description:  Spike seeks consolation in the stars, only to also find it in another gala-goer.
    Ordinal Stars