• Drawfriend Stuff #46

    Obnoxious younger sibling and her friends edition!
  • Comic: Greenpeace Isn't Your Color

    Well that explains the lack of primates!

    More awesomeness by Madmax
  • Story: Apples and Acres (Update Chapter 6!)

    [Grimdark] Applejack time!  Another one not for the faint of heart!

    Author: Anon Writepony
    Description: Applejack's descent into depression and madness, as well as the effects it has on her family. 
    Apples and Acres Chp. 1-3
    Apples And Acres Chp. 4-6 (New!)
  • Story: Imaginapple

    [Normal] Who's A Silly Pony? Author: nukeiffum
    Description: Applejack and Big Mac stuck in their old treehouse because of a lightning storm, and they pass the time using their imaaaaaaaagination.
  • Game: The Way Home

    More pony games!  Hell yah!

    You can find the Game below...
    The Way Home

    And also a link to the Ponychan Discussion thread for it.
    The Way Home Discussion
  • Momocon Pony Cosplay

    Spreading the pony across the world cosplay style.  Truly a noble goal.

    Also confirming that Rainbow Dash hair/ears is awesome even without the pony to back it up.  If only there wasn't a stigma stopping more girls from doing that! 

    You can find more below at the actual DA page.

    Pony Cosplay on DA
    Also Pinkie Pie/Another group shot after the break.
  • Video: Happy Ponies


    Why does it always pick on Dash when the word "boys" comes up? Poor girl just can't catch a break. Do you want to see her awkwardly putting on makeup again?

    Cause I don't.
  • Story: The Marksmare

    [Grimdark] The author told me he doesn't want to use character tags for the sake of keeping things mysterious, so I'm going to default to the best pony in the show so far as the main image even if she is completely irrelevant...and has an oddly shaped horn in this image. Author is DerKaiser
    Description: Once plucked from her home and thrust forth into a large scale conflict as a filly, a pony reflects on one of the many events that shaped her seldom-remembered past life.
    The Marksmare
  • Story Archeology, March 21st!

    The Archeology Event has come to a close, and the following stories have been chosen have been unearthed to see the light of a new era! Will they gain the appreciation of the masses?

    *Edit* Changed the formatting for everything, I think this will be the official story event format from now on.  I liked it in the 300 word story one, and it fits these too. 

    Description: Spike Dragon, Private Detective: It's a dark and stormy night when a sexy young dame walk's into Spike's office. She needs his help. Desperately.
    Normal, Twilight Sparkle, Author: High Fructose Porn Syrup
    Description: Derpy Hooves is forced out of her house by her mother under the claim that she is worthless. She must now set out to find her true calling. However, bad luck and misery seems to follow poor Derpy Hooves wherever she goes.
    Normal, Twilight Sparkle, Derpy Hooves, Author: Poultron
    Description: None =[
    Shipping, Applebloom, Spike
    Description: None =[
     Shipping, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Author: A.J.
     Description: These old fics never had descriptions!
    Crossover, Pinkie Pie, Author: Jimbo
    Description: An Epic battle between The Great and Powerful Trixie and Twilight Sparkle.
    Grimdark, Twilight Sparkle, Trixie, Author: ButterScotchSundae
  • Story: So Being What We Sow When We Sew

    [Normal]  Another huge story by The Descendant, even longer than the last one! The title is pretty confusing but It looks good!
    Description: How did Fluttershy acquire her “Freaky knowledge o’ sewin’!” as Applejack called it? The answer is simple, Rarity taught her! Yet a winter full of struggle takes its toll on the two and brings their friendship to the breaking point.
    So Being What We Sow When We Sow Part 1
    So Being What We Sow When We Sow Part 2
    So Being What We Sow When We Sow Part 3
    So Being What We Sow When We Sow Part 4