• Story Archeology: "Dr. Whoof Mechanical Harmony"// "Make Me Better Boutique" // "Equestrian Revolution"

    The Votes are in! The 3 Spotlight stories, and their descriptions, are below! For those wondering what the hell this is, check out THIS POST!
    -Note: Comment on the event below, Comment on the stories on their posts. 

    [Crossover] Doctor Whoof: Mechanical Harmony
    Description: Diligent Mail Pony Bright Eyes returns from her deliveries one day to discover a strange box and a stranger pony in her garden. No sooner do they make each others' acquaintance then a mechanical army threatens to overtake Ponyville and conquer all of Equestria! Can the Doctor and Bright Eyes overcome the Cyberponies and defeat their mysterious leader, the Robot Unicorn?

    [Shipping] Make Me Better Boutique
    Description: Pinkie Pie invites her friend to a new shop called the Make Me Better Boutique after a long, tiring day of cloud-busting. Grudgingly, Rainbow Dash agrees. Will she be able to lift Rainbow's spirits?

    [Grimdark] Equestrian Revolution
    Description: Still needs an Official one as well! Lots of Pony wars and Military stuff in here!
  • Story Archeology Event

    Friendship is Magic has grown exponentially since I started this blog back in January.  A lot of the really old content here was pretty much ignored. People didn't use the comments section, and the star rating didn't even exist.

    Every week, I will take recommendations for old stories that have 2 things in common...
    1.) They must be at least 2 Weeks Old
    2.) They must have fewer than 10 Star Ratings

    Recommendations will be gathered in a post similiar to this, and fall into 3 categories...


    Two stories from each section will be chosen via poll from the pool of entries and given a second chance at life via a new blog post highlighting them at the top of the blog over night. (Or late night--> noon on my awesome sleep schedule)

    I will probably modify this as time goes on, but for now lets see how it plays out. 

  • Story: This Story Has No Title (Updated Part 2!)

    [Shipping] Some G-rated Dash/Applejack shipping. /b/ is a bit behind on the times when it comes to stories.  Here is a screen cap at least...  Still needs a title too.
    Description: Rainbow Dash feels bad about what happened during the Running of the Leaves, and Applejack tries to cheer her up.
    Screencap After the Post Break
    And Part 2 :The Night Comes Down
  • complaint post

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  • Episode 21: Over A Barrel

    Looks like an Applejack Episode is scheduled for the far future. 

    Episode 21: Over a Barrel
    Synopsis: The ponies mediate a land dispute between the Apple-loosans and a herd of buffalo
    Air Date: March 25, 2011
  • Elder Scrolls Pony Trailer Pops Up EVERYWHERE

    I always love seeing ponies spread to various big name websites/gaming blogs/ect.  This is pretty awesome.

    Now someone go hack the Justin Beiber Twitter page and post about ponies so we can corrupt the next generation with them too.

    Apparently escapist jumped on it too.

    Inb4 I apply for a gaming website job in the future and get turned down because they know about this pony obsessed website. 

    (lol gaming websites really do just copy eachother)

    PC Gamer's Ponies
    Kotaku's Elder Scrolls Pony 
    >Pony series currently running on Cartoon Network
    If only...
    GameInformer's Elder Scrolls Pony Report
    Escapist Magazine Elder Scrolls Ponys 
  • Poll Results: Best Rainbow Dash Ship?

    I thought for sure Pinkie would win.  Color me Surprised.
  • Statistics: Post Per Pony Per Day

    The Ultimate in Popularity Contests!
  • Story: Ships That Pass In The Night

    [Shipping][Sad] I honestly have 0 Big Mac/Twilight images in my folders, maybe I'm missing them.. they are overflowing pretty bad.
    Description: Love doesn't always find a way
    Ships That Pass In The Night
  • Script: Bubble Beam's Best

    [Normal] I honestly don't really know what to file this under, so I'll toss it in story.  It's essentially a fan-made script for a Derpy Hooves episode, and pretty well done at that if I remember anything from middle school drama script reading. 

    *Edit* Link should be good now :3

    Bubble Beam's Best
  • MLP Season 2, More Proof of Confirmation

    The guy that voices Big Mac released a statement on his wall... 
    "Gotta get my eyups and nnopes warmed up for Wednesday."
    "MLP called. They want their slow-talking horse character back on the 10th of March! Hooray! Because that's me!"

    And also confirmed the correct spelling for eyup!

    Or is this Season 3 confirmation? Surely they have started a season 2 by now...

    Whatever- it's good news anyhow.  You can find Big Mac's Facebook page below.

    Peter New on Facebook

    Sibsy on Deviant Art 

    Also more proof

    And have a Celabratory AMV. 

  • This Blog is NOT Hosting Pony Raids on /b/

    So...stop emailing asking me to make a raid post, and go figure out how proxies work on your own. 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #33

    What ACTUALLY happened after Sonic Rainboom (you sick bastards) edition.

  • Wakfu Download

    Don't Worry, I'm not turning this into a Wakfu blog.  I may have a new waifu every other day, but I'm loyal to ponies as a whole.

    I am however going to have a download section for Wakfu season 2, since I love Wakfu. 

    Episode 1 is out, on the side bar, Hardsubbed in standard definition.


    For those interested, check out Season 1 below.  This show uses similar animation to MLP so I thought you guys might enjoy it.

  • Story: The Offer

    [Normal] Alright enough 4chan garbage.  Here is a Fluttershy story to cheer everyone up.
    Description: Fluttershy has a secret -- something very special that she thought nopony else knew about. But she was wrong, and now she will have to make a choice that will affect both her life, and the future of one of her friends.
    The Offer
  • 4chan Mod Calls for Raid on Ponychan...?

    The poor website couldn't handle it apparently...Lets just hope this doesn't leak over to our /co/ again.  I love you /b/ronies but you really do know how to stir up the bees nest. 

    I'm starting to wonder if Moot is even aware of all of this.  Usually he's the voice of reason when his mods go on rampages.