• Art: Drawfriend Stuff #4

    Wow, tons of this stuff while I was gone today! Enjoy!

  • Ponies Officially Bannable

    Nathan recently got slammed with the ban-hammer for creating a pony thread.  Looks like the mods might be cracking down on the extra threads.  He was able to successful appeal it, but it's still surprising that it happened in the first place, especially with such a harsh 12 14 (he served 2 before taking this I guess!) day one.. ouch.  I've been banned for ponies before, but it was reasonable (trixie thread :x).  It's kind of scary that they would ban for normally legit threads. 

    The best thing YOU can do is email Moot. He does actually read most of the emails despite what people believe.  He probably won't respond, but if enough of us send something we might be able to avoid this junk in the future.  New episode tomorrow, so it's pretty much a guaranteed 6 remakes every time a thread hits autosage, so hopefully they will delete instead of straight up ban if we appeal it with Moot.
  • McDonalds Ponies Part 3

    I think I tested the limits of McDonalds today.  They really don't have any customer service at all, but I can't really blame them working at McDonalds.

    Here are some tips to get ALL ponies, not just 2 at a time.

  • New Toys, Screw McDonalds!

    Looks like they are finally releasing GOOD toys for FiM.  A while back these popped up as a 4 pack on /co/, but aside from the image nothing else ever came of it.  Looking on the hasbro website, it looks like they will be releasing each one separately for only $1.99 each.  I'm down for that! (thanks to Legion Maximus for finding these over at the allspark.com forums.) Links after the line break thing! (click read more)

  • Story: Derpy on the Dark Side

    Why are Derpy stories so entertaining?  I hope they never add her to the show and ruin all her awesome canon.

    Derpy on the Dark Side
  • Story: A Pinkie Surprise

    [Grimdark] Do they still actually make glue out of horses?  I'll have to look this up...

    A Pinkie Surprise
  • Comic: Apocalypse Pony

    I always did wonder what would happen if they woke up one day and had some ridiculously evil or lame cutie mark that they were stuck with for the rest of their lives.

    And this comic answers that.
  • Art: OC ponies #2

    Glasses, spikey hair, and black with white belly?!  That's not Mary Sue at all!  Pie Symbol the Pegasus. There was an entire thread about these last night, so I figured I'd just compile some of them Rarity-OCD style.

  • Art Archive

    The Art Archive, where everything goes when the side bar looks ugly due to clutter.  Presented by the Great and Powerful Trixie of course.  I'll add categories once it actually needs it.

  • Pony Post Statistics, Presented by Pinkie Pie

    These last 3 weeks barely even scratched pony domination.

    I'm glad too, what would this blog be without armies of bronies?!
  • Art: Drawfriend Stuff #3

    Yay drawfriends, doin requests and keeping ponies interesting even though there hasn't been a new episode in 3 weeks.

  • Video: Derpy Hooves in MY Minecraft?!

    It's more likely than you think!