• Mario Paint Composer Song Compilation+ 3 New!

    All of the Mario Paint Composer pony songs from Tekaramity will go in this post! New releases will be embedded; older stuff will merely be linked. All after the break!

    New releases:

    Hop, Skip, & a Jump (unreleased ver.):

    Pinkie Pie ice skating:

    Pinkie's psychotic breakdown:

    Previous releases:

    Equestria Girls
    Hush Now, Quiet Now
    Hush Now, Quiet Now Ponybeat
    Art of the Dress

    Singing Telegram
    Photo Finish's music
    Evil Enchantress Ponybeat
    So Many Wonders
    Cutie Mark Crusading
    Friendship is Magic theme
    Buttering Up song
    Grand Galloping Gala