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    My Little Pony: Maretime Mysteries Issue 2 Cover A My Little Pony: Maretime Mysteries Issue 1 Cover B

    ♫What's that sound?♪

    ♫Misty's Weird Mysteries.♪

    ♫What is going on in this town?♪

    ♫AMisty's Weird Mysteries.♪

    It gets harder to adapt that themesong to Pony from there.

    For one thing, Misty isn't a redhead.

    Anyways, we have a new comic today! Were once again our favorite G5 ponies investigate the…

    …spirit who cast a spell over maretime bay without any assistance from the Princess Detactive herself, Zipp.

    This is definitely worth checking out via the usual links after the break!

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    Cover A by: Abigail Starling
    Cover B by: Shauna Grant

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    My Little Pony: Maretime Mysteries #2/b>
    Stephanie Williams (w) • Abby Bulmer (a) • Abigail Starling (CVR A) • Shauna Grant (CVR B) • Valentina Pinto (c)

    Gloomy critters, floating objects, and, ugh, no cell service?! Something's ahoof, all right. Maretime Mysteries is no ordinary board game. It's home to a spirit who's cast a spell over Maretime Bay, and the only way to get rid of it is to play! For the first puzzle, Misty, Sunny, Hitch, and Spike put on their detective hats and search every nook and cranny for the magical item used to cast the enchantment.

    FC • 22 pages • $3.99