• Where Are The Comic Reviews?


    Been a while since a comic review got posted. What's with that?

    I'll give an explanation and announcement after the break!

    Hello everyone and thanks for checking out this post. Those who follow my comic reviews have noticed a lack of postings after each of the new mini-series IDW has put out over the past two months. I wanted to give an explanation and announce my plans moving forward.

    I once tried doing video reviews of the comics in 2021 as part of an effort to find a balance between social media sites. If I spend an afternoon or evening putting together a comic post, that's time not invested in making a video. So at first I thought it'd make more sense to lean into YouTube. Yet several commenters noted their preference for written reviews and I quickly derailed after the death of my family's pet. I was out of it for a long while and when I finally came back I relied once again on written reviews. 

    Once IDW finished up G5's normal line of comics and switched to mini-series, I thought to try this tactic again with the modification that my video script would also serve as a written post; thus serving two parties. What I didn't know is that IDW meant to have several series running concurrently, and that I would miss an issue as I celebrated my friend's wedding in Scottland. Combine that with several demands in my offline life and I've done a poor job of keeping pace. 

    I enjoy my video reviews and getting to look deeper into ideas that aren't often explored. I'm doing some research now for a fresh topic, but today's comic release reminds me that my split focus causes a lag. I'm proud of having the opportunity to share my thoughts on all of G4 and some of G5 comics, but I need to make a change in order to better focus my efforts.

    So I'm looking to pass the baton on to another writer, and I have a candidate in mind. We're working behind the scenes to get the setting ready. I'm grateful for everyone's comments, insights, and the journey overall. I'm not done with pony by any means, but I need to better direct myself to still be a contributing member in this community. 

    Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for reading!