• The Legendary Discord (Remix) Get a Vinyl Release in "Internet Childhood" LP

    The Living Tombstone has popped up a new LP with some of his most popular songs for kids on Youtube. Within the tracklist of every trendy concept over the past decade is the famous Discord remix, giving everyone that loves that song a chance to listen to it on Vinyl.

    Go check it out over here.

    And full track list below.

    Track List:

    1. Discord (Remix) - TLT & Eurobeat Brony
    2. No Mercy
    3. Baldi's Basics
    4. Alastor's Game
    5. 1000 Doors
    6. My Ordinary Life
    7. Five Nights at Freddy's
    8. It's Been So Long
    9. Die In a Fire (feat. ElieMonty & Orko)
    10. I Got No Time
    11. I Can't Fix You (feat. Crusher-P)
    12. This Comes From Inside

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