• Discussion: Do You Create Any Pony Content or Just Consume it?



    Do you actively contribute to the fandom, or do you just enjoy the content?  If you do, even if you consider your contribution to be small (like just making a few pictures for fun on your free time, organizing some small events, etc.), what is it?

    Honestly I mostly just consume the content.  There's some really talented people in the fandom that make great art and music, and some very dedicated organizers that make all the cons and meetups happen.  I definately appriciate all that work and because of it we are still here nearly 15 years after the beginning.  As for me, I don't think my contributions are particularly large.  What I do is post a few things here and help keep things in check on the Discord.  It's not a huge amount, but it keeps me busy and makes me feel like I am doing something meaningful while procrastinating for something else more important :P.  I do like interacting with y'all though so it's a fun task to have taken up.

    What about you?  Discuss Below.

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