• Pony Roundup #1544 - Podcasts, Analysis, and Minor News!


    Praise the moon I say. She brings you roundup goodies, including podcasts, analysis, and other miscellaneous things that happened around the fandom! Go get it all below as always.

    General Minor News  and Fandom Project Recruitment 

    MLP Comic Read Order Guide

    Something neat if you haven't read the comics yet! Description:

    I put together a spreadsheet detailing what order the MLP IDW comics should be read in. I want to share it so others who want to read the comics can use it to help navigate the different series (Friendship is Magic, Micro Series, Friends Forever, Legends of Magic, etc).

    Find it here.

    Neat Big Mac Tattoo

    Misc Videos

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    Face To Face PMV by LunaTi

    [3] Source
    ''But at least I've got you in my head '' 。.:*♡ RariTwi by MartaPD2

    [4] Source
    Turnabout Storm REDUX Episode 1 - Rainbow Dash by Deathfirebrony

    [5] Source
    (SHORT PMV) Fluttershy - Losing My Mind by TheBluishPony

    [6] Source
    TCB, NeverLastStanding & loophoof Live at HarmonyCon 2024 by loophoof

    [7] Source
    El fandom de MLP G4 vs. G5: La actual guerra de generaciones | Voces del Fandom 09/04/2024 | LNMLP by Las Noticias MLP

    [8] Source
    My little pony tell your tale opening (fanmade) by Sugarflake

    [9] Source
    Excerpt Of "Closure" (Dub) (Special message at the end!) by Jackson Lennox

    Podcasts / Analysis

    [1] Source
    The Gap Between Generations by Grimm Wolf

    [2] Source
    Finding My Little Pony by Tootsie4ever

    [3] Source
    The Legion Of Doom Do Not Deserve Reformation by MV

    [4] Source
    My Little Pony Lore - Is Princess Celestia Evil? And Why Twilight Destroyed Most Of Equestria by Arch

    [5] Source
    The MBS Show Episode 533: A closer look by The MBS Show Podcast

    [6] Source
    The MBS Show Episode 532: There is a lot of toys this week. by The MBS Show Podcast

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