• My Little Pony: Maretime Mysteries #3 Revealed - Covers, Synopsis, Artists, Writers!

    MAretime Mysteries joins Set Your Sale #5 in reveal this morning. Head on down below for everything you can expect out of this issue!

    My Little Pony: Maretime Mysteries #3

    Writer: Stephanie Williams
    Artist:Abby Bulmer 

    Synopsis:"Now that they've tracked down the mysterious object used to cast the spell over Maretime Bay, Misty and her friends take on the board game ghoul's next challenge: solve the riddle to uncover the object's origin and break the enchantment! But the sand that once filled the mischievous spirit's hourglass is running scary low… Can Misty, Sunny, Hitch, and Sparky find the place "where history's secrets hide and tales of old reside" and save their home when time is not on their side?!"

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