• French Voice Actor for Hitch Claims That Hasbro Is Using AI Voice Dubs for Non-English MLP: Tell Your Tale Episodes

    UPDATE: This has most likely been debunked. The VA that reported all of this may have had an unofficial Hasbro contact all along.  See this post for details.  


    We all knew this sort of chaos was coming when AI voices started becoming a thing years ago, but who would have expected it to happen so quickly for actual official content? The French voice actor for Hitch has apparently been told by someone at Hasbro that dubs of the show are now being done with AI voices outside the USA. A lot of people suspected this was going on due to a dip in quality, but this is the first time we've had confirmation.

    Apparently it was doubly confirmed by Nathalie Stas, an artistic director and actress who recently did an interview on a radio station called RTBF We are still waiting on a translation for that one though to find out exactly what she said about it.

    For now at least, it seems like Hasbro has done what a lot of companies are doing, sneak AI into their overall workflow as they shed human talent. We will see how that works out for them in the long run. I should note that some non US dubs are confirmed for being legit still, including over in Thailand and Brazil.

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