• Community Soapbox: The Rise in Trans Bronies, The Fall of the Brony Music Scene, and More!

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    • What Happened to the Brony Music Scene?
    • Is the Brony Fandom More Trans than Other Fandoms?
    • AI and Future Revival of G4
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    What Happened to the Brony Music Scene?
    By: Corifix

    The brony music scene, once a vibrant and integral part of the fandom, has been experiencing a notable decline in my opinion. During its peak, artists like WoodenToaster, The Living Tombstone, and Aviators produced memorable songs that united fans and celebrated everything about pony. It seems like around 2016 we saw a shift though as the old guard left.

    I think part of it is the listeners fault. We stopped dogpiling new people. We got picky. Back in the day you could be pretty avrage and get a huge following. These days only a handful of people get any attention and they are on another level of skill.

    To revive the brony music scene, it's crucial for fans to actively support new musicians. Dig through open music and give critiques to people here, or just search pony music on youtube (for how useful searching on youtube is these days, but that's another soapbox). Please do your best to make sure the best ones in get some love and can grow!

    Is the Brony Fandom More Trans than Other Fandoms?
    By: Furious

    It surprises me that it no longer surprises me when "horse famous" people I've known for years suddenly swap genders. In the pony fandom, becoming trans is almost commonplace at this point. Especially among the content creators.

    This is fascinating, since I'm also involved in the furry fandom. Over there, a lot of people just end up gay. It's pretty rare to find someone go trans. I wonder if the cartoon for little girls just appealed to people that were on the fence years ago and they took a few years here to finally accept themselves. It would be fascinating if someone would do some real scientific analysis of the two fandoms and figure out why furries are so gay and bronies are so trans!

    Anyway, just some thoughts. What do you all think?

    AI and Future Revival of G4?
    By: MachinamaF

    Am I the only one excited about the future of AI?? G4 is something most of us still obsess over here and we have a new technology that might bring it back! OpenAI announced their SORA model a while back which looks a little terrible right now, but when it comes to AI we already know things improve 10 fold every year. We already have pretty passable pony voices that haven't seen the current world of AI voice work for those improvements yet, and plenty of data to train off of thanks to fanfics and everything else.

    Of course we can't ignore the human factor. Lots of amazing creators in the fandom have brilliant ideas in their heads but no place to really get them made outside of fanfics. Can you imagine some of the greatest of all time getting full on G4 tier series? As much as I love the animators in the fandom, it's pretty much impossible to get anything going there due to how long it takes, so AI really can bring everything back and even give us a season 10! I'm really excited. I doubt we will see anything significant for another two years or so, but the technology is moving so quickly it would be very surprising if people aren't making episodes of their favorite series in the future, especially since a lot of it is open source and unfiltered. Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think ~M

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